My Movies releases movie collection app for Windows Phone

Aarhus, Denmark - 9 September 2013 - My Movies completes its movie collection application offerings on all popular consumer smartphone platforms, by releasing My Movies for Windows Phone in twelve languages, in addition to the already available offerings on iPhone and Android, as well as iPad, Windows and Mac OS X.

Collectors of DVD, Blu-ray or legacy HD DVD titles on Windows Phone can now benefit of the unmatched coverage and quality of the My Movies online service, containing more than 750.000 titles worldwide.

Easy collection management

Managing a movie collection is easy and convenient - adding titles by batch scanning of barcodes using the phones camera makes it quick to add even large collections of thousands of titles, and advanced filtering, sorting and search functions makes collection management a breeze.

Having a large movie collection often comes with the frustrations of accidently purchasing the same movie twice, or loosing track of who watched the individual titles, and when. Families who allow friends or other family members to loan titles often ends up with titles that is suddenly missing without anyone being able to remember where they are – all of these scenarios is now history.

Multiple devices

My Movies requires a user account, through which the collection follows across platforms and devices, allowing all household members to be instantly updated when changes occur, no matter which device type the individual household members has.

Solution integration

The entire My Movies software solution is brought together through integrated remote control options for My Movies for Windows Media Center, including the option to remotely launch titles on the Media Center from the mobile devices.

Planned functionality also includes integration to the My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution, allowing for downloading titles onto the mobile device, or directly playing titles from the media server on the device.

My Movies for Windows Phone is available now from the Windows Phone Store:

Additional Information

Additional information about My Movies for Windows Phone is available from the My Movies website:

My Movies for Windows Phone product page

About My Movies

From Aarhus, Denmark, My Movies delivers high quality home entertainment software for enthusiasts, with base in our unmatched database of DVD and Blu-ray titles, expected to be the most complete of its kind in the world. The My Movies software suite ranges from the basic collection software’s to advanced Media Servers and software’s for playback devices, delivered to private individuals or professional home theater integrators.



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My Movies for Windows Phone

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