My Movies for Mac OS X

My Movies for Mac OS X

Expand Your Movie Experience

The top rated My Movies for Mac OS X allows you to catalog your entire movie collection from our high quality online data service containing data for more than 700,000 DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD titles from various countries. The application supports Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.

Use My Movies for Mac OS X to easily create a large collection, and get a great overview of your collection by simple search and advanced filter and sort. If a title is missing in our database, you can contribute it and thereby gain contribution points. My Movies for Mac OS X not only catalogues your titles, it is also possible to launch the movies directly from the application, and the option to store metadata expands the use of your collection even further.
Keep track of who loans your movies, and never forget which movies you have watched and when you watched them. Customization and personalization makes the application your own, and the password protected parental control secures your children. Share your experience through social media or display your collection list through PDF or your own online collection list. My Movies is available for several clients, but you only need to create one account to access your collection on all clients. Your collection is stored on our servers and you can create a backup, therefore you never risk losing your collection. If you are currently using another application or if your collection is stored in a text file, our importer makes is easy to switch.

My Movies for Mac OS X is available for download through the Mac App Store.

My Movies Pro


My Movies Free


Price: USD 19.99, EUR 19.99, GBP 14.99, Incl. VAT

Price: Free

My Movies for Mac OS X is available in two versions: an unlimited Pro application, and a Free application. The Free version is identical to the Pro version and allows you to fully evaluate the software before buying the Pro version, however your collection is limited to only 50 titles, a limitation that can be lifted either through contribution points or purchased points. Read more.

Easily Add titles to Your Collection
The My Movies for Mac OS X allows you to easily catalog your movie collection by searching for movies, either by title or barcode, from our online data service of more than 700,000 DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD titles, as well as offering a camera barcode scanner that allows you to scan multiple barcodes and automatically add titles to your collection using your webcam. Use the barcode scanner on a phone client to add movies the fastest way possible. See product pages for My Movies for iPhone and My Movies for Android for more information.

Great Overview of Your Collection
The application allows you to quickly search through your collection to find a specific title or you can divide your collection into groups such as owned, wished or rented. For more personalized overview of your collection you can create personal categories. Besides from groups and categories the application offers advanced filtering and sort features. The advanced filter feature makes you able to create custom filters to view your collection through, and the sort feature gives you the option to sort your collection according to a variety of details.

For each title in your collection you can add personal data such as rating, purchase date and price, notes and tags. You can furthermore rename the groups and create personal categories. My Movies for Mac OS X also gives the option to locally change the retail data and create offline titles that will not be synchronized with the online server. To ensure that you do not lose your personalized data you can back up your local database and restore your collection if needed. To customize the application to suit your needs you can change the toolbar to contain the functions you use the most.

If you find incorrect or missing information on a title you can either report the incorrect data or you can contribute with the correct data. Contributing with data awards you with contribution points that are used to lift the limitations of the free version, as well as contributing to give all users a better experience of their collection. Before contributing please read the Contribution Guide.

One Account - Multiple Clients
My Movies for Mac OS X requires you to create a user account, or log on to an existing My Movies account to be able to use the application. The My Movies product suite contains applications for different clients, but your collection will follow your user account through our online servers, allowing you to switch between the different clients without ever losing your data. If you log in to an existing My Movies account, your current collection will automatically be synchronized to My Movies for Mac OS X. Users of My Movies for iPhone, My Movies for iPad or My Movies for Android will automatically have their collection synchronized between My Movies for Mac OS X and your mobile devices. Because your collection is stored at our servers you will therefor never lose you collection and always have access to it from different clients. If you create offline titles or locally change the retail data, you will have to upload or contribute this data, before it is available on the mobile clients.

Keep Track of Your Movie Experience
Beside from adding personal data to your titles you also have the option to note when and who watched your movies. And if you loan a movie to a friend you can note this as well, so that you at all times have an overview of where your movies are.

Easy and Convenient Launch Pad for your Movies
If your movies are stored locally or on a server you can import the folders or through easy drag-and-drop to existing titles, create a link to your movie and launch them directly from the My Movies application using VLC Player. Thereby your collection becomes more than just a catalogue of your movies, it becomes a launch pad for your movie experience.

Expand the Use of Your Collection with Metadata
My Movies for Mac OS X gives you the option to store and maintain metadata about your titles to browse through your collection in another context, as well as saving the front cover in the movie folder. It is possible to store data in MP4 files, or create metadata files for XBMC 12 (or later), DViCO TViX units (TViX.jpg) or Mede8er units (about.jpg). Thereby you can build and maintain your collection in My Movies for Mac OS X and use it in other applications. Mede8er meta-data storage on Mac XBMC Meta-data storage on Mac

Import Existing Data from Other Applications
If you a currently using a different application (such as DVD Profiler, Collectorz, Delicius Library, DVDPedia or similar) you can import your collection through our Importer and move your collection to the My Movies application. The Importer can also convert your collection if it is stored in a text file of barcodes or IMDB id's.

Share Your Experience
My Movies comes with an online version of your collection which you can share with others. Enable your My Movies Online Collection and share a list of your collection with friends and family - and if your online collection should not be available for anyone to see, you can even password protect it. See Demonstration collection. You can also create a PDF with a list of your collection that you can share with others or keep for documentation of your collection.
Keep your friends and family up-to-date, with the titles you add to your collection, or titles you have watched, through Facebook and Twitter.

Parental Control
To secure your children you can activate the password protected parental control according to the rating standards. Thereby you never have to worry whether your children will have access to a movie they are not old enough to see, or you do not want them to see.

Getting Started
Use the Beginners Guide for Mac OS X to get started.

Limitations in the Free Version
The application is available in a version for free download, which is limited to 50 titles. This title limitation can be lifted by contributing data to our online service, for which you will receive contribution points. The limitation of 50 titles will be lifted by one title for each 10 contributions or purchased points on your user account, when you have 2,500 points in total, the limitation will be lifted fully. This means that if you have 500 points, you will have access to 100 titles (50 + (500 / 10)), if you have 1,000 points, you will have access to 150 titles (50 + (1000 / 10)). There are no functionality differences between the Free and the Pro version of the application - the only difference is the limitation, the application name and logo.

To allow you to contribute data for your full collection of titles through the Free application, you may add titles even after having reached the title limitation, and you will also be able to synchronize an existing collection containing more titles than the title limitation -titles above the title limitation will instead have several limitations applied to them, which means you are unable to preview the data, edit personal information and similar - you can however still edit and improve the title profiles, contribute your improvements, and by doing that earn contribution points to lift the title limitation.

Notice! Contribution points and purchased points do not lift the 50 title limitation in My Movies for iPhone, iPad or Android.

Screenshot Gallery
The below screenshot gallery goes through the My Movies for Mac OS X application and describes each part of the application in details. The application contains several more features that are not included in the screenshot.