My Movies XBMC Scraper


02.pngUsing the My Movies API, you can now access the high quality My Movies meta-data from within XBMC using your My Movies account. The service can be accessed either by purchasing an API access ($20 + VAT 25% in EU), by contributing data to our service up to where you have 2500 points on your account, or you can create a 21 day trial for the 2500 points, to evaluate the scraper.

Notice that the "scraper" is a partly commercial option, as you can choose to purchase access or contribute data to access the service. The scraper is created for users who do not want other programs than XBMC itself to maintain the meta-data. You can as an alternative download and install My Movies Collection Management or My Movies for Windows Home Server to freely store My Movies meta-data for XBMC into your movie folders, or you can combine the usage of the scraper and the software.

01.pngScraper Definition

The "scraper" is actually not a scraper in the traditional way, as XBMC does not "scrape" a website, but instead accesses the My Movies API service directly, to process XML data, which is imported into XBMC's library. Along with the speed and stability of our servers, this process makes the My Movies "scraper" much faster and reliable than any other scraper for XBMC, at the same time as providing you with the best available meta-data.

Configuration Details

There is a more in depth description and configuration guide available in our documentation section, including a comparison with competitive scrapers. Click here to read.

Try or Purchase

By creating a My Movies user account on our forums, and using the below "21 day trial" button, you can try the My Movies XBMC Scraper for 21 days. If you would like to purchase the required API Access you can use the "Purchase" button below.