Media Center MetaData Connector


01 - Library Overview.pngMy Movies for Windows Home Server not only functions as a data provider for My Movies Clients, but also functions as a data provider for other Media Center front-ends, one of them being Windows 7 Media Center's built in "Movie library", Vista Media Center's built in "DVD library" and Media Center 2005's "My DVD's", which will be referred to as "Movie library". Using this itegration, you will be able to get high quality covers and meta-data, such as movie descriptions, director and cast information, production years, running time, genres and parental level, and not just in english, but the language you prefer for your titles.

Operation Method

The "Media Center MetaData Connector" is a single executeable program shipped with My Movies for Windows Home Server, that is automatically made available on your home server, in the share "Software\My Movies\Media Center MetaData Connector" - before running the executeable, copy it to a local folder, such as your local desktop on the client machine where you want to connect the "Movie library" to, as the UNC network share is seen by Windows as an unsafe location for an executeable to run from.

When connected to the Windows Home Server, the "Movie library" on the local machine will automatically, without any additional manual processes display high quality meta-data that was provided for your titles, either by the Movie Monitoring function or the Movie Disc Copier available in our home server software, both of which uses advanced identification methods to automatically identify your movie titles. If you would like to change, edit or improve data, you can do so by connecting a My Movies Client to the home server.

03 - DVD library Connector.pngWhen running the "Media Center MetaData Connector", you will be able to either create the connection directly to the home server, where all meta-data is read directly from the server (Vista only), or you can by installing a My Movies Client have the meta-data cached to your local machine automatically in the background when changes occur on the home server (Vista or Media Center 2005), for faster access to the meta-data, which speeds up the "Movie library".

The "Movie library" is by default disabled in Windows Media Center, and, if you have not manually enabled it yet, the "Movie library Connector" will ask if you would like it to enable it for you automatically. You can at any time use the "Media Center MataData Connector" to remove the connection to the Windows Home Server to restore the "Movie library"'s default operation.

The "Media Center MetaData Connector" will when creating the connection to the home server ask which method you would like to use - please see the descriptions of the different methods below on this page. Notice that you can at all times remove the connection, and re-create it using the other method to try which method suits you best.

Advanced Meta-Data

The advanced, and high quality meta-data made available to the "Movie library" is provided from My Movies own WebService, our community build data service, where thousand of users takes part in ensuring accurate and high quality data. Data is downloaded from our multiple highly stable and very fast professional servers, hosted in Denmark, by our high quality professional hosting partner Fuzion to ensure that you always get the highest quality meta-data at all times a day.

By connecting a My Movies Client to your Windows Home Server, you can yourself take part in the community, and further improve meta-data, not only for your own titles, but for all users of our service.

02 - Movie Details.pngDirect Connection

The direct connection operation model, which requires Windows Vista, will automatically link the "Movie library"'s meta-data folder directly to the Windows Home Server, without the need of any additional tools running on the client. Since the data in this method is loaded directly from the home server over network, it operates a bit slower than the local caching method.

If you have a small library, or you do not want any additional software on the client machines, this option will be your preference.

Local Caching

The local caching operation model, which can be used on either Windows Vista, or Media Center 2005, requires a My Movies Client 2.51 or later, as the local caching is created and maintained by the My Movies Tray application included with the client.

When the tray application starts, it will detect any changes made to the meta-data area on the Windows Home Server since it was last started, and update the locally cached version of the meta-data with these changes - it will then start to monitor the meta-data area on the Windows Home Server, and automatically detect any changes in the meta-data, and cache these locally.

This method ensures that your local meta-data area always contains the latest and updated data directly on the local machine, which makes the operation of the "Movie library" very fast, even on large collections.

If you have a large library, or high operation speed of the "Movie library" is a important to you, this option will be your preference.


The "Media Center MetaData Connector" is part of My Movies for Windows Home Server, and is free. The meta-data is provided by the free My Movies Monitor function, or the My Movies Disc Copier function requirering 1,250 contribution or donation points - please see details on the individual product pages.