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My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution - Changelog

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.15

Added: Unidentified discs is now marked in the dashboard.

Change: The software can now operate on a My Movies 5 license, meaning that installers can now purchase My Movies 5 licenses to avoid license upgrades.

Fix: Storage of meta-data for MP4 files needed an adjustment to place movies into iTunes movies directory.
Fix: Incorrect text on report of unidentified disc.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.14 Build 2

Change: MKV tools updated
Change: The event handler default templates was out of date.

Fix: The automatic database backup option was broken due to an incorrect DLL version.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.14

Added: Remote Bridge option, where a My Movies server can act as bridge between our mobile applications and Dune players, allowing for Event Handlers to catch power, play and volume events.
Added: Lossless MKV option (Experimental) for video converter, allowing to copy to lossless MKV files.
Added: EventHandler for volume control on IP controllable receivers from Onkyo, Integra, Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer and Marantz.
Added: Remote Event Handler for JVC D-ILA Projectors.
Added: Philips TV Remote Control handler for volume controls
Added: Mi Casa Verde Event Handler for Lights and Curtain Controls.
Added: Title merge functionality, to better handle copying multi-disc titles.
Added: Option of setting disc copier target to video converter, allowing for directly copying to MP4 files, MKV files, or any other file supported by the video converter.
Added: Advanced configuration options to control disc ejections.
Added: Update allowing installer files to contain a display name, in case the company changed name.
Added: Event handlers have been changed to receive 3d and aspect ratio information on playback.

Change: Handbrake updated, which should give support for subtitles on Blu-ray video conversions.
Change: The video converter now features improved internal options for detecting the main movie of copied movie titles based on the running time setting in the profiles meta-data.
Change: The video converter now uses a main movie marking on the meta-data profile when converting movie discs, allowing users to override the automatic detection, and contribute that setting to the online service.

Fix: If a copied disc was not first disc of a title, the online location got added to the wrong disc.
Fix: If AnyDVD was updated, which required a restart, and the server was not restarted, copied discs would be not functional. Now discs can't copy until the restart have been done.
Fix: Facebook login after unannounced Facebook URL change
Fix: Issue with audio discs being handled multiple times.
Fix: Removing media streaming requirement, allowing for support on Server Essentials R2
Fix: Converter now sets mobile paths depending on destination (Local vs. network path).

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.13 - Build 6

Fix: Incorrect check could lead to icon not showing in dashboard.
Fix: Deletion of BDMV folders did still not work correct after video conversion if enabled.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.13 - Build 5

Fix: Sorting on progress didn't work when the field was empty.
Fix: Invalid HTML code caused problems for API access.
Fix: Deleting of titles after video conversion did not work.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.13 - Build 4

Added: Advanced configuration dialog added back in - it have been missing since WHS V1. This allows for configuration to restart server on update of AnyDVD.

Fix: There could be a problem adding video converter jobs to paths on NAS devices.
Fix: There was a problem downloading MP4 files when stored on NAS devices.
Fix: Issue that could prevent the video converter service to stop processing, if automatic backups were enabled.
Fix: Incorrect path could be stored for mobile locations, when videos were converted to external NAS devices.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.13 - Build 3

Fix: Copying of music CD's would fail if Windows Media Encoder had not been installed, which was the case when WMA had never been selected as format on new machines.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.13 - Build 2

Fix: AnyDVD registration was broken.
Fix: Changes to the backup method, to hopefully resolve out of memory errors for some users.

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.13

Added: Option to use external storage devices instead of only internal storage.

Update: Product package renamed to My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution to cover that the package is now common for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

Change: Windows Media Encoder is no longer installed by default, but only installed when selecting to convert to Windows Media format.

Fix: ReFS file system drives is now supported for disc copying.
Fix: In some situations a file could corrupt, and the dashboard icon disappear.
Fix: The application prompted to register AnyDVD when updating, even if already installed.
Fix: MusicBrainz was disabled was a meta-data provider during Pre Release testing, and is now enabled again.
Fix: Music covers was not backed up. 

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.12 (Build 2)

Fix: Issue with incorrect disc sorting

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.12

Added: Better failure information on blu-ray TV Series that cannot be converted because of missing disc mapping.
Added: Facebook login.

Changed: Info on converter profiles in settings is now shown in a popup box instead of as a tooltip.

Fix: Depending on settings, the dashboard could crash when configuring video encoder settings.
Fix: Uncommon issue on WHS 2011, where the reading of audio tracks on a DVD included tracks there weren't set to be active.
Fix: WHS console could crash if you previously had it configured to store MPEG 2 files or folder and MPEG 2 files, which is now part of video converter.
Fix: Monitoring list did not show correct icon for items identified by original disc id.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 (Build 2)

Fix: Some databases could have been updated incorrect.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11

Added: Better messages when attempting to start services without the required amount of points.
Added: Converter now supports ISO files that are coupled to a title as 'Online File'.
Added: better handling of situations where converter hasn't converted the title on a disc.
Added: Popcorn Hour NMJ storage.
Added: Path for converted discs is now stored.
Added: Third and Fourth priority in searches.
Added: Data service API function to retrieve data in external applications.
Added: Back-end support for downloading of converted movies from WHS to mobile devices.
Added: Meta-data storage for MediaBrowser (Requires 500 points).
Added: Meta-data storage for JRiver MediaCenter (Requires 500 points).
Added: Option to specify target directory name for DVD and Blu-ray's, and by that also specify to separate the two when copying.
Added: Profiles for New iPad and Apple TV 3
Added: MPEG2 converter profile added. MPEG2 conversion is now removed from a target to be part of video converter.
Added: Possibity to use mencoder in converter profiles
Added: The system will now check media info for titles where the information for some reason could not be read at the time the title was added or edited
Added: Installers "My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 Integrators" option.

Update: Remote Server API updates, including setting API key in configuration.

Change: Event handling functionality now requires 2500 points or integrator license.
Change: New handbrake version for video converter.
Change: Ability to process unidentified discs have been split into when system was online, available for all, and when system was offline (boat functionality), which is available only for users with 2500 points or installer integrators version.
Change: MPEG-2 option deprecated as copy target, and instead added as part of video converter.
Change: Updated Nimbie drivers for Nimbie NB21.
Change: Rename of Apple TV profiles from MP4 to M4V which should be better handled by iTunes.
Change: Updated SDK for Nimbie, to support latest Nimbie NB21.
Change: Better handling of database upgrades, so that later versions does not need all clients to be upgraded when server is upgraded.
Change: Updated for iOS 1.82 WHS connection options.

Fix: Minor error with empty image list on Collection List.
Fix: Services autostart did not respect users choice when setting it, but instead set it if they were started previously.
Fix: Missing message about required points for video converter.
Fix: Audio lookup on mounted Blu-ray wasn't done on the mounted drive.
Fix: Audiotracks for blu-rays were not in the same order as handbrake uses.
Fix: Video converter only checked for 1250 points, despite it requirering 2500.
Fix: Some requests could time out when downloading from WHS to apps.
Fix: AnyDVD panel did not show for installers when clicking for it.
Fix: If you hit update on your account to update points, it did not always correctly enable the service options.
Fix: Delete after conversion checkbox is now only available when a conversion goes to the same folder as the original.
Fix: Error when new converter profiles are added without the converter was restarted.
Fix: Dune meta-data for TV Series was not stored with a full meta-data update.
Fix: Unidentified discs were not updated as expected.
Fix: Universal video converter profile did not have correct supported devices comments.
Fix: Converter could loop on specific discs, when they were seen as TV Series but no episodes could be found (Blu-ray problem).
Fix: File locking bug when changing cover on copied music disc.
Fix: Special sized DVD's did not copy correct with AnyDVD.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10

Added: Video Converter function to convert copied discs to MP4 files for iPad, iPhone, Android, UPnP and similar. Details:
Added: Notifications are now sent out as e-mails if this has been setup in WHS 2011.
Added: User account log in and out in installer version.
Added: Online Collection configuration.
Added: Apple Lossless format option for music copier.
Added: Report unidentified disc option.

Change: Services now ignores disc inserts of mounted drives.
Change: 1080P backdrop storage to require 1250 points instead of 1000 as per documentation.

Fix: Check for database on startup has been improved.
Fix: AnyDVD reboot required message on WHS.
Fix: Flac files copied with music disc copier did not store album artist, but only artist.
Fix: Some configuration options was not stored correct for Dune.
Fix: The Dutch localization showed Spanish text.
Fix: If a backup database failed, it could be left in an invalid state, which could give issues.
Fix: AnyDVD controls was not hidden by default on installer installations as it should have been.
Fix: Media Center MetaData Connector compiled in X64, it now compiles as AnyCPU for X86 also.
Fix: Better handling of databases in incorrect states.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.00

- Initial release.