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Posted: Monday, May 14, 2018 3:19:55 AM
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hart2hart wrote:
spl147 wrote:
hart2hart wrote:
spl147 wrote:

the uhd template forces the use of the 4K icon, the HEVC icon, and the 2160P resolution

both templates use:
<Image Height="103" Width="168" Y="980" X="1662" Missing="AudioType-DTS-X.png">AudioType-{MediaInfoAudioType}.png</Image>

to fix the DTS:X issue as DTS:X ALWAYS Shows as Missing, so i forced DTS:X to be used for missing

the blu-ray template forces the 1080P resolution as it is not usually set properly

the following is a work in progress and not yet working, it was the end of the day yesterday:
-<Image ContainProportions="True" PositionY="46" PositionX="14" MaxHeight="270" MaxWidth="241" Type="4K Ultra HD">




-<Image ContainProportions="False" PositionY="46" PositionX="14" MaxHeight="283" MaxWidth="251" Type="Selected-4K Ultra HD">




Had little more time and I can see your 1080P and 2160P lines in the template. Could you describe how this is working specific to each resolution and what issue you were working around? I've got a few DVDs and they usually register as NTSC. With all the other icons, the naming convention is Prefix-"specific_value".png, Does the resolution work another way? I can't find any png files that have other resolutions such as 720P, NTSC, PAL such as Format-1080P.png or maybe Resolution-1080P as I can see that Format- is used for another purpose for example Format-DIVX.png and Format-MPEG.png.

I'm certain the reason DTS:X has to be worked around is that : is not valid in filenames so AudioType-DTS:X.png is not a valid file name. To fix this all they would have to do is change audio selection to DTS X or as you compensated with DTS-X. I know its not correct but that : limitation goes all the way back to DOS file names and other operating file systems. Usually a designator of drive letter.

With file types, does the iso file for a UHD title get read as simply a BluRay ISO when you select it as a online file? No big deal but could they determine it was UHD ISO when reading the file?

i am only storing mkv from blu-ray disc and uhd disc so these 2 templates encompass all my storage needs

the resolution icon is dynamic and is written on save to the blank.png there is no specific .png

DTS:X is not a naming restriction, it's just not implimented properly in mymovies, it never did work. and i was told it's not a priority

my blu-ray template forces the bluray icon because i like it better then the mkv icon...LOL

i don't think they have uhd implemented at all. i don't use iso so i could not comment on it's usability

the changes for the icons along the bottom are ALL here:

<Image X="732" Y="980" Width="186" Height="103" Missing="Blank.png">FileType-Blu-ray.png</Image> as you can see the blu-ray.png is forced

<Image X="918" Y="980" Width="186" Height="103" Missing="Blank.png">Format-{MediaInfoSimpleFormat}.png</Image> this is the codec format

<Image X="1104" Y="980" Width="186" Height="103">Blank.png</Image> this is the black.png the resolution is written on
<Text X="1104" Y="1013" Width="182" Height="103" FontFace="Arial" FontStyle="Bold" FontSize="30" Color="White" TextAlign="Center">1080P</Text> this is were 1080P is forced

<Image X="1290" Y="980" Width="186" Height="103" Missing="AspectRatio-Other.png">AspectRatio-{MediaInfoAspectRatioSimple}.png</Image> this is the aspect ratio.png

<Image X="1476" Y="980" Width="186" Height="103">Blank.png</Image> this is the blank.png the FPS is written on
<MediaInfoFPS X="1503" Y="999" Width="75" Height="80" FontFace="Arial" FontStyle="Bold" FontSize="50" Color="White" Split="." SplitDisplayNumber="0" TextAlign="Right"/> this is the large 2 numbers in FPS
<Text X="1567" Y="999" Width="25" Height="80" FontFace="Arial" FontStyle="Bold" FontSize="50" Color="White" TextAlign="Right">.</Text> this is the . in FPS
<Text X="1575" Y="1006" Width="75" Height="80" FontFace="Arial" FontStyle="Bold" FontSize="20" Color="White">Fps</Text> this is the letters FPS
<MediaInfoFPS X="1584" Y="1026" Width="186" Height="80" FontFace="Arial" FontStyle="Bold" FontSize="20" Color="White" Split="." SplitDisplayNumber="1"/> this is the 3 numbers after the . in FPS

<Image X="1662" Y="980" Width="168" Height="103" Missing="AudioType-DTS-X.png">AudioType-{MediaInfoAudioType}.png</Image> this is the Audio codec, forced to DTS:X is missing
<Image X="1830" Y="980" Width="94" Height="103" Missing="AudioChannels-.png">AudioChannels-{MediaInfoAudioChannels}.png</Image> This is the audio channels, forced to object based if missing

Also you NEED to select online folder NOT online file

Thanks for all the help. I'll continue working at it. I edited my post above because I couldn't get Dolby Atmos to show up at bottom of screen. Di you have any issue with it?

Thanks again.

never had a issue with it no, post the mediainfo from the file you are having issues with
Posted: Monday, January 20, 2020 5:27:45 AM
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Hi guys-

Appreciate this post is a little old now, but did either of you end up finishing a working TomX Template for 4K Blu-ray titles?
I'd love to have it as I'm (finally) starting to rip 4K titles.
The above seemed to have been a work in progress at the time...
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