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Meta-data, Storage paths, yellow indicator - can't save Meta-data Options · View
Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020 2:44:25 PM
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MyMovies 2.09.1 on Mac OS X 10.15.2. I'm on a danish version of MyMovies so references to menu names are my best guesses.

A little about the setup.
All movies are stored on two NAS servers called NAS01 and NAS02. On each NAS server the movies are stored in a shared folder called "Film". This folder contains subfolders named A to Z. And these again contain subfolders with the movies name which also holds the movie files. So for instance the Movie "Baby Driver" would be in "Film" - "B" - "Baby Driver"

I have difficulty getting green indications on storage paths. In the menu I select "Settings" (Indstillinger) under "My Movies 2". I then select the right most menu item "Meta-data". All the paths to the two NAS servers are present and presented as "smb://NAS01/Film/A", smb://NAS01/Film/B" and so on. All paths are marked with a yellow indicator on the left.

I click "Configure" (Konfigurér) on a path and is prompted to enter access information for "SMB". I put in the NAS server administrator username and password (which has access to all folders) and saves.

I then click "Get access" (Få adgang) and a Finder window pops up showing the correct folder on the NAS server. I click "Open" (Åben) and the window closes. For a very short while there's a little spinning wheel (indicating the program is working/thinking) but it quickly disappears and the yellow indicator remains.

I've checked the access rights on the two NAS servers and they should be set up correctly.

When I try to create/save Meta-data for a movie, it fails (Nothing happens).

Any ideas that could help me get green indications on the storage paths and hence be able to store Meta-data?

Additional info: I have a couple of windows based computers also running MyMovies 2 and connected to the same NAS severs. They have no problems saving Meta-data in the folders.

Ill see if a can attach a couple of screendumps after posting this...

Regards Johan Ohrt

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