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Multiple copies of the same film Options · View
Posted: Saturday, June 20, 2020 4:05:06 PM
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I'm new to this software so this feature may already exist & I haven't found it yet.

I've been a movie collector for the last 30 years or so & over that time I have ended
up with multiple copies of the same film (usually after forgetting I've preordered then ordering again!).

When I'm adding my movies in the app I can only add 1 copy whereas I'd like to add 1 copy as owned,
for keeps then the others as owned, for sale or trade.

Hoping someone who's more familiar with this app can help, thanks.

Posted: Sunday, June 21, 2020 12:50:46 PM

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It is a limitation we are aware of, but changing it means a complete change of the sync model across platforms.

You can have a disc title profile at the same time of a movie profile, but only each disc title or movie profile once.

We hope that at some point in the future, we can at least for the movie profiles allow it for different types of media, but it is not close by.

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Posted: Monday, July 27, 2020 3:02:47 PM
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Please consider improving the software to allow that as a feature, having more than one copy of the same title.
Here's a specific example: I have an original copy of a movie on DVD or Blu-ray. I end up getting another copy as a digital download.
Today the software won't let me add the second copy by selecting from the list of known movies in your master database.
The software will let me add the title as if if was a movie that I made up on my own, but then I don't get the benefit of all the wonderful things in your master database, like the cover art, list of actors, etc.
Posted: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 5:28:40 AM

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Actually your specific example is the thing you can and always have been able to do. You cannot add the exact same disc item or standalone generic movie more than once but you can have a DVD, a Blu-ray AND a standalone generic movie profile all at the same time, the disc items will also have the generic data as a sub layer but that doesn't stop you also adding it as a standalone item. So if you own a disc version, then get a separate digital version you can add the generic movie profile as a separate item as well as the disc title.
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