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Posted: Monday, September 14, 2020 11:20:16 PM
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MacOS 2.11.4

In the "personal" section of each movie, one can select who watched the film.
Clicking "Add watched" opens a new window, where you can can add a new name or select one of the names you have used before.

Apparently I am good in making typos and this list has become quite a mess.
Usually I use it from my iPad, although I do not work with names from my address book, I rather create my own definition: Me, You and We (well translated versions of this) - as this is the combination of watching films in a 2 persons household ;). Sometimes, when friends are visiting and we decide to watch a movie together, I'll add their names to my 3 definitions.

So, as said, I would like to clean up that list, but haven't found no way to do this. (Either on MacOS or iOS)
Also by default, "add watched" always starts with "Me", but I rather like to start with "We" as most films we are watching together.

Am I just missing some option or is there even access to this list in some file?

P.S. Of course, before cleaning up I have to double check by filters to see if there are any movies connected with the wrong entries.
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