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Disc Contribution Guideline: „Edition“ Options · View
Posted: Friday, October 8, 2021 5:47:06 PM
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Edition contains the edition of the DVD, to be able to distinguish different releases of the same film, such as “Widescreen Edition”, “Full-Screen Edition”, “Unrated” and similar. The edition of the film, if any, is typically printed on the front of the DVD cover. If no edition is printed on the cover, then do not enter any information in this field.

Please, I find this to be a problem. There is quite a few „Editions“ out there which dont identify themselves on the cover.
So, as with audio and subtitles: if its there, but not mentioned on the cover, I think it needs to be included and not forbidden to include.

Posted: Sunday, October 10, 2021 4:08:09 PM

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The problem here is to identify which edition a release is, if it is not written on the cover.

There are a lot of users who wants to add "Steelbook Edition", ect. on the edition field, and that is not an edition, but a cover type.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 7:37:56 AM
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The crazy thing is that some Editions do just that: they identify themselves as „Limited Steelbook Edition“ on the cover.
I do see the problem here. But I think the official MyMovies rules should allow a user to fill „35ème Anniversaire Edition“ in the Edition field, even if thats not printed on the cover. See the example below:


Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 1:06:29 PM

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The issue there is what retailers choose to call something is an arbitrary choice they make and if it is not on the packaging users can enter anything on anything with little to no means of verification available to moderators and also not always even correct or reflective of the item. Retailer naming often causes issues here because they themselves are not consistent from one retailer to another for the same item and will pick something they think indexes or searches best over correctness.

Its is similar to how we get requests to retitle items because of how an item is titled on IMDB. Many perhaps most don't realise that the profile title on IMDB is an arbitrary list title they choose that may or may not match the actual, full or original title, and it is still a major annoyance that IMDB will list what they say is the title and then also the actually correct complete/full title. If it is not the full title how is it correct, though this rare it crops up a fair bit due to leading names which most of the time should be omitted from titles as they are just something slapped on the cover because a director/author/studio has a following but there are cases where it is an actual part of the film title and so should be there if on the covers. Hence our titling standard is based on what is on the cover and it is the same for the editions.

We get so much stuff added to the edition field that shouldn't be even with the rules specified against adding it, essentially what you are asking for would make that field enter anything you like. If it is on the cover then entering it is not a problem, but anything else would rapidly become one.
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