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How to handle Battlestar Galactica: The Definitive Collection Options · View
Posted: Wednesday, June 7, 2023 4:57:46 PM
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I own a copy of a box titled "Battlestar Galactica: The Definitive Collection". This box contains a total of 36 discs and includes the original 1978 movie, the original series from 1979 (with Lorne Greene as commander Adama), the 1980 sequal (9 discs total for 1979/1980 labeled "The Original Series"); the 2004 reboot series, as well as the spin-off Caprica. Moreover it includes the three tv-movies belonging to the 2004 reboot and Caprica. The discs for the three tv-movies are in one keep-case.

What is the correct way to enter this in MyMovies for contribution to your service.

I'm inclined to create a box-set for the various items, but normally it is forbidden to enter a tv-series as a box set. It seems to be the only way however, considering that there is no way to specify more than one tv-series on a disc-title entry.

Posted: Saturday, June 10, 2023 8:47:14 AM

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TV series box sets are permitted when dealing with multiple different shows just not seasons/episodes of the same show, note the box set is based on the content not the packaging so would use a child for each series.

So this would have 4 TV series child titles for:

The original Battlestar Galactica series
Galactica 1980 the sequel series, although this has been syndicated as a second season of the original series in the last decade or two it was not and is not season 2 of the original show but a separate series and should be treated as such
The 2004 reboot series

The TV movies for the reboot and Caprica are parts of those series as TV movies that form part of or continue a tv series and should be available in the season 0 data as specials and would be mapped within the child titles for those series and not as separate items.

The only issue is the box set functionality was not created with intentional support for mixed media movie and TV series sets. It sort of works but not completely.

The easiest option is to just map the 1978 movie as a season 0 special of the original series and just have the parent item be a TV series item with the 4 tv series child titles and if desired add a separate generic movie listing to your library for the movie.

Arguably it would be valid to create a fifth child item with the movie media type for the movie within the box set. The difficulty this creates is the parent can only be a tv series or 'other' for the mixed media and other places the parent in the movie list.

As the parent can only be one or the other this means when viewing as disc titles the parent disc item will only exist as either a TV series or a movie so either the TV series disc or movie disc items will not be accessible in the library because the parent is not in that library depending on the type selected which should really be other for mixed making the TV series disc titles unavailable for direct viewing as discs in the library.

This is mitigated somewhat in that the TV series data will be available in the tv series library if viewing as tv series data, provided the episodes have been mapped to the series data even if its parent disc item is set to other and so in the movie library.

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