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Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 10:17:46 PM
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Hi MyMovie-fans

As a new user of My Movie software I would like to suggest some possible software/documentation improvements from my newbie perspective: (I am talking about the Windows version of the Collection Manager software)

The percentage calculation for Box Sets should be different to the DVD/Movie percentage counters. The fields which should not be filled in like: actors, crew, production year etc. should be greyed out and unaccessible. In a 56% Box Set unexperienced users like myself are motivated to fill in all data until it reaches 100%, so you are motivating wrong data input…
A Box Set should reach 100% when all fields required for Box Sets are filled in and when all DVDs/movies are attached. For this a field might need to be added: Number of Discs/Movies in this Box Set, so your software could check whether or not all disks/movies are attached.

I guess most of the users are interested in filling in data correctly. My newbie experience is: it is VERY difficult to do so. I had to watch the How-to-videos, and tediously search for How-to articles scattered on the website, a wiki-site and a forum. Some of these articles/videos are incomplete and/or based on older versions of the software. It's not easy.
My intention was to quickly add my movie collection to 'My Movies'-Collection and to fill in and contribute the data of the movies in my collection, which were not already in your database.
It is a tedious task to find the information on how to fill in data correctly. For example: Cover types. I am not familiar with the different types, so I had to search for info about those. I found an article about the subject, but a lot of pictures are missing.
It would be easier to input correct data, if behind every input field there would be an 'Info-Button' ('i' within a blue circle)
When pressing the button, a flyout window would tell me, how to fill in data in this field correctly, possibly with pictures. Or at least a link to the exact webpage with this info.

As far as I understand it now (I still might be wrong), the concept of the database is: Media (DVDs etc.) and underlying: Movies (as 'children'). A combination of Media or Movies are Box Sets.
You should explain this basic information in an basic introduction article, with screen shots. If this article exists, I missed it…

4. Another basic information: Do not scan Disk IDs when AnyDVD* or similar programs are running. This info is also very well hidden...

So much for the moment. Best regards

* Installing and/or using AnyDVD is illegal in some countries. Users are themselves responsible for complying with local law when installing and using AnyDVD.

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