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Long Process for Adding Episode Images - Do I Have it Wrong? Options · View
Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2019 3:59:23 PM
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There's no actual information on episode images on this page: https://www.mymovies.dk/how-to/written-documentation.aspx?Page=TV%20Series%20Contribution%20Guide

So, when uploading, it asked for them to be done in 400*225 size.
The show is in 4:3

The message on uploading was that I should add the bars.

So I took the time to add black bars to each and every image.
Then later on, I saw that on my player system, I also had the bars, however the images were 4:3, so I decided to use the original ones locally.

However, when doing select images, I see that my original upload, had the bars removed!

So, the process is

1. add black bars
2. upload for each episode separately (would be better in bulk)
3. wait a few hours
4. go to each and manually select for each episode the one without the black bars..

There would appear to be a lot of wasted effort in there, unless I am doing it really wrong?
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