News History

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 - Celebration Sales - Half Price!

The My Movies online service have reached a milestone with 1,000,000 titles on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD, and we are celebrating with a sale, 50% off all products.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 - Update on Service Operation, Windows users, please update!

Due to many users upgrading to version 2.20 on iOS and Android at the same time, our service have the past days been under a higher pressure than normal. We are very sorry for the trouble, and believe that things overall is now back to normal, with the exception of Windows clients from version 5.20 to 5.22, which should be upgraded to 5.22 Build 2, where the prior versions still can see some interruptions.

The situation have been identified to be caused by a collection sync call that when called by hundreds of users at the same time adds up, and creates a spiral where the calls start taking longer and while calls build up, and ultimately ends up in response times that are higher than the clients timeout values.

To avoid this situation, we have implemented a limitation on the number of users who can make this full sync call at a time, where others gets a message to try again later. Mobile apps and Windows apps have received separate limiters, and currently no mobile app should any longer see the limitation message, as calls are much lower than the allowed.

On Windows, we have identified that when automatic synchronization is enabled in clients from 5.20 to 5.22, the clients makes this full Collection check call every two minutes - it does this to ensure that it can also retrieve profile updates, should there be any. The full call of the clients collection is not needed when "Automatic Profile Update" is not enabled, and when enabled, it is not needed every two minutes. The 5.22 Build 2 version changes this, and while still checking for collection changes every two minutes (if "Automatic Synchronization" is enabled), it only makes the full collection call once an hour, and therefore dramatically reduces the full calls to the online service.

To ensure your own stable operation, and to help release the pressure on our servers, we therefore recommend everyone to upgrade to 5.22 Build 2, or alternatively disable "Automatic Synchronization" in the application in versions from 5.20 and up.

AUGUST 29, 2016 - Service operation

Due to many users upgrading to version version 2.20 on iOS and Android at the same time, our service is currently under pressure, and responds slower than normal.

We apologize for the situation, and expect things to settle to normal within a few days.

If possible, it may be preferable for yourself and others to wait a few days before you upgrade.

JULY 16, 2016 - Help us translate!

On working with Pre Releases, such as the upcoming 2.20 version for iPhone, iPad and Android, which is currently in Pre Release, it is often string translation that holds the final version back from being released.

In general, we only use translation agencies when absolutely needed, as we believe that daily users of our applications have a lot better knowledge about the applications, and therefore also the strings and words used in them. On top of that, the cost of using translation agencies is funds we would much rather use on improving the applications functionalities.

Therefore, we are always seeking help from as many of our users as possible, who would like to help translate the applications. You can help translating the applications by clicking here.

On the translation page, you can also subscribe to a language on one of more of the products, and you will then get an e-mail when new strings are available for translation.

Thank you for your help with this!

JULY 14, 2016

It is not a secret that more and more people are using streaming services, and people collecting movies becomes fewer and fewer.

My Movies have what we believe to be the biggest and most complete service of DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD titles available, and it is important for us to that the population of data in our service continues.

The My Movies online service have since its beginning mainly been based on data contributed from our Windows or Mac software by our user community, and in the process of ensuring a continued high data quality, the next step is to allow users to also contribute to the service from our mobile applications.

We have therefore today released Pre Releases of My Movies 2.20 on iPhone, iPad and Android, including a new "Add Missing Data" functionality, as well as filter abilities to filter to titles missing specific data options.

Users on Android can install the Pre Release by joining our beta program by clicking here

Users on iPhone or iPad may send an e-mail to, including their Apple Id e-mail address, requesting access to the Pre Release. We will then will add them as testers, letting them install the Pre Release from the TestFlight app in the app store.

Thank you to all the contributors to our service, and we welcome new contributors from our mobile applications to the service.

Before the final release of the 2.20 versions of the applications, we are still in need of translation help - users who would like to help translate can do so by clicking here.

Thank you!

JULY 4, 2016

My Movies for Windows is now available in a new 5.22 version.

See the change log from the downloads page for details.

JUNE 24, 2015

My Movies for Windows is now available in a new 5.13 version.

See the change log from the downloads page for details.

December 12, 2014 - The wait is over!

My Movies 2 for iPhone & iPad is now available in the app store. Click here to see more.

September 4, 2014 - Seeking translators for My Movies for iOS 2.0

We are working hard on My Movies for iOS 2.0 (iPhone and iPad).

Would you like to help us translate the application? We are requesting translators for the following languages:

German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Chinese Simplifed and Japanese.

See the post on our facebook page for details:

August 6, 2014 - My Movies 5.10 Pre Release

My Movies for Windows 5.10 Pre Release 1 is now available for users with 2,500 points or more.

Version 5.10 adds the one major function that were planned for My Movies 5.00, but postponed - generic movie meta-data, which also adds backdrop management in Collection Management for disc titles.

The main purpose of generic movie profiles is an alternative to disc titles for digital downloads.

We have created an introduction page, where the download is also available

July 13, 2014 - New Windows Pre Release

There is now a new Pre Release of My Movies for Windows on our download page.

Always make sure to make a database backup before installing Pre Release versions.

July 1, 2014 - Videos on My Movies 5

These days we are working on instruction videos for My Movies 5. Be sure to follow our YouTube channel to see new videos.

June 3, 2014 - My Movies 5 available!

My Movies 5 is now finalized, and available on our download page. Thank you to all of our users who have participated in the Pre Release testing, ensuring the quality and stability of the final product.

An introduction video for My Movies 5 is available if you click here.

At the same time, we have reset all previously created trials, which means that users who have previously created trials on their user account now have the option of creating another trial. Users who currently have a running trial, or a trial expired after June 1'st have had their trial period extended, and have have 21 days still.

We hope that many of you will use the option for a new trial to review all the great features of My Movies 5, such as the fully automated disc copier for movies and CD's, and, the video converter functionality for converting titles to mobile formats, allowing for playback through our mobile applications, or, try the fully automated copying and conversion to lossless MKV files.

May 23, 2014 - We need your help on translations!

My Movies 5 is very close to a final release. The new version adds many new strings to the localization files, and we would like to request your help on translations.

We have created a new online localization tool, where you can translate strings, and earn contribution points for translating - one contribution point for each 5 words in a string, but minimum one point per string.


May 5, 2014 - Updated Windows versions

There is now a minor update to My Movies for Windows Media Center, My Movies Collection Management for Windows and My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution. The update is minor, and is created mainly for professionals, as the software can now operate on licenses for the upcoming My Movies 5.

This change means that installers can avoid upgrading the software license to My Movies 5 later, and instead directly apply a My Movies 5 license already.

April 11, 2014 - My Movies for Windows Phone as "Red Stripe Deal".

The Windows Phone Store team have selected My Movies for Windows Phone to be featured as a "Red Stripe Deal" this week.

This means that you this week can grab the application at $2.99, which is 50% off the original asking price of $5.99.

You can find the application in the Windows Phone Store by clicking here.

March 6, 2014 - My Movies for Windows 8

Designed with Windows 8 tablet devices in mind, My Movies for Windows 8 is now available in the Windows Store for all Windows 8.1 devices.

Using our high quality movie database of more than 800,000 titles on DVD and Blu-ray, you quickly get access to a large quantity of details for the titles in your movie collection, including movie trailers and much more.

Users of My Movies 5 for Windows or My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution can directly play titles converted with the video converter, or download the converted titles to the device.

We look forward to your feedback, and will be ready to help you on with any problem you might have.

See the product page for My Movies for Windows 8 here!

February 2, 2014 - My Movies 5.00 Pre Release 1!

We are now opening up for an early Pre Release of My Movies 5 for Windows to our Windows users with 2,500 points or more on their account, and to our professional partners!

My Movies 5 combines our functionalities on our My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution with our Collection Managementa and Windows Media Center products into one common product.

This means that Windows 7 and 8 users now will be able to use the fully automatic disc copying of both movie and music discs, as well as the video converter option with the option of creating MP4 files for mobile devices, Apple TV, DNLA devices or similar, or create lossless MKV files.

You will now also on Windows 7 and 8 be able to connect My Movies for iPhone, iPad or Android to the Windows server, and playback pre-converted titles directly on the mobile devices.

Users on Windows Home Server 2011 and Server 2012 Essentials will now find that the Collection Management application becomes an integrated part of the software on the server.

During the Pre Release, we will open up for more interesting features, that were not completely ready for this first Pre Release!

Read more here: /how-to/written-documentation.aspx?Page=Getting+started+the+My+Movies+5+Pre+Release

December 17, 2013 - My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.06, My Movies Collection Management 4.06 and My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.14 available!

The final releases of the software versions My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.06, My Movies Collection Management 4.06 and My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution 2.14 is now available.

The package contains many interesting additions, among that a new event handling functionality to use in relation with remote control devices on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Also included is an experimental option to copy to lossless MKV files in the My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution.

See the changelog for My Movies Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management here: /download/windows-7-or-8-media-center/changelog.aspx

See the changelog for My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution here: /download/home-or-essentials-server/changelog.aspx

December 16, 2013 - My Movies for Android 1.95

My Movies for Android version 1.95 is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

The new version contains many new additions, among that much improved remote control functionalities including mouse and keyboard controls for Windows Media Center, a remote for XBMC, and new wake on lan and event handling functionality for use in relation with the My Movies for Windows Media Center software, or Dune players through a My Movies for Windows software acting as bridge.

See the full change log here: /products/my-movies-for-android/change-log.aspx

November 19, 2013 - Updated Pre Releases for Windows

There is now new Pre Releases available for our Windows product suite on our download page.

The Home and Essentials Server Solution software now contains functionalities for fully automated copying of DVD and Blu-ray discs to lossless MKV titles, including multiple audio track and subtitle support, including the support for forced subtitles.

The Home and Essentials Server Solution software now also features the option of directly copying to the Video Converter function, allowing direct copying to MKV or MP4 files.

See the change logs for details.

September 9, 2013 - My Movies for Windows Phone

My Movies completes its movie collection application offerings on all popular consumer smartphone platforms, by releasing My Movies for Windows Phone in twelve languages, in addition to the already available offerings on iPhone and Android, as well as iPad, Windows and Mac OS X.

Collectors of DVD, Blu-ray or legacy HD DVD titles on Windows Phone can now benefit of the unmatched coverage and quality of the My Movies online service, containing more than 750.000 titles worldwide.

See additional details on our product site, or read our press release.

July 18, 2013 - My Movies for Android 1.95 Pre Release

My Movies for Android 1.95 have made available in a Pre Release version through Google's new beta test option in the Play Store.

The Pre Release is available for everyone who join a Google+ Community, "My Movies for Android Beta Testing" on the URL which is Google's requirement to download. Having joined the Google+ Community, you can join the beta from the following this link:

You can see a change log for the 1.95 release here:


Downloading the application from the Google Play Store should now give you the 1.95 Pre Release version.

July 18, 2013 - My Movies for Windows Pre Releases

There are now new Pre Releases on our download page for all of the products in our Windows software suite. See the change log on the download page for details.

July 1, 2013 - My Movies for Mac OS X 1.32 Update

There is now an update to My Movies for Mac OS X available in the Mac App Store. The update brings a number of minor additions and fixes.

June 27, 2013 - Light, Curtain, Power and Remote Volume controls added to Windows Media Center

My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.02 is now available in a Pre Release, which adds event handling functionalities for lights, curtains, power on and off scenarios and passing volume controls to IP or RS232 controllable recivers or televison sets.

See more details about event handlers here:

If you are a hobby or professional programmer, there is source code available for creating remote control event handlers here:


Please contact us if you need help, or have questions in relation to these functionalities, which we are well aware of is mainly for advanced users and professionals.

March 28, 2013 - Minor build update for Windows releases

The software releases for Windows have been updated with a minor build, which fixes a few found problems. See the changelog for details.

March 22, 2013 - My Movies for Mac OS X 1.30 Pre Release

Our team is now ready with a Pre Release version of My Movies for Mac OS X 1.30.

The application is made available as a time bombed version for download for everyone, no matter if you previously purchased the application or not.

Any feedback is welcomed on our forums. Click the below link for details:


May 15, 2012 - Required Update Announcement

Due to security changes in communication with our online service, our users is requested to update their user clients before June 1'st 2012. The software will continue to operate after this date, but will after this date no longer be able to load meta-data from our online service.

Users running My Movies for Windows Media Center or My Movies Collection Management 4.00 or 4.01 for Windows 7 is required to upgrade to version 4.02 or later.

Users running My Movies for Windows Media Center or My Movies Collection Management 3 for Windows Vista is required to upgrade to version 3.25 or later.

Users running My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 is required to upgrade to version 2.10 or later.

Users running My Movies for Windows Home Server V1 is only required to upgrade if client PC's are upgraded to a version that requires a later version on their Home Server.

Users running My Movies 2 for Windows Media Center 2005 will for now not be required an update. However, we strongly recommend getting these systems upgraded to Windows 7.

Users running systems installed by a licensed professional My Movies installer will also not be required to update unless they are also signed into a user account, which is optional on these installations.

If you are in any way have problems with upgrading, or is unsure how to do this, please contact where we are able to help you.

Notice! The latest versions of the My Movies product suite have it's internal "mymovies.xml" files encrypted. If you as a professional partner, or supplier of non-competitive software solutions rely on these files, you may contact us on, where we will be able to suggest optional alternatives.

The files were originally encrypted due to the fact that other software products were creating these files considered internal by My Movies, causing problems for My Movies installations. One of the softwares that until recently was using the "mymovies.xml" files is MediaBrowser, which have since changed their used format to "movie.xml". The encryption of the "mymovies.xml" files is known to have caused problems for users of both My Movies and MediaBrowser, and we will as of My Movies 4.03 (from Pre Release 4) be offering an option to store "movie.xml" files for use with MediaBrowser. This option will, as MediaBrowser is a partly paid-for competitive software require 500 contribution or purchased points, which equals $20 if purchased.

March 2, 2012 - Maintenance Releases

My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.03 Pre Release 1, My Movies Collection Management 4.03 Pre Release 1 and My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 Pre Release 1 is now available. See the changelog for details.

December 24, 2011 - Christmas Present

The My Movies team would to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We have created a Christmas present for all of you, which is a new online collection. The online collection is available on - for direct access, write your username in the end, such as, where you replace "demonstration" with your own username.

For users of My Movies for Windows, the new online collection includes your TV Series as well as your DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD's. You must synchronize your collection from My Movies 4.02 for TV Series to be available - do this from the the "WebService" menu, "Syncronize Online and Mobile Collection".

You can in the upper right corner of the online collection log in with your username and password, and configure various display options such as if you would like personal categories displayed or not, how TV Series on DVD should be displayed and similar.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See our greetings video here. (Sorry for the bad sound quality).

October 5, 2011 - My Movies for Mac OS X

My Movies for Mac OS X 1.00 is now available in a Pro version in the Mac App Store, or as a Free version available for download on our website. Please click here for details.

We are this October celebrating the release with a 40% discount on our iPhone and iPad applications.

May 24, 2011 - My Movies for Android 1.50

My Movies for Android 1.50 is now available in Android Market. The new version brings personal data (notes, tags, title editing, personal ratings and more), Dune player remote control, adjustments for tablets and various fixes. Remember that you can try the full feature set for free by installing My Movies for Android Free.

April 5, 2011 - My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 Pre Release 1

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 Pre Release 1 is now available. The release brings the functionality from My Movies for Windows Media Center to the new 2011 platform, previously known under it's codename "VAIL".

You can download and read a lot more about the release on our Getting Started page.

March 25, 2011 - My Movies for iPad 1.50

My Movies for iPad 1.50 is now available, and with it comes a "My Movies for iPad Free" version, with identical functionalty but limited to 50 titles, only 10 items in trailer and release lists and limited usage of the remote control. This free version allows you to try all functionality before you buy. The update includes personal data, facebook integration, Dune remote control and a few other things.

March 1, 2011 - My Movies for Windows Media Center 4 Pre Release

It is with great pleasure that we can invite users with 2,500 points or more (trial points not included) to the Pre Release of My Movies 4.

This release adds extended TV Series support to My Movies. You can download and read a lot more about the release on our "Getting Started" page.

February 10, 2011 - My Movies for Android Free

My Movies for Android Free has been released to Android Market. This version will replace My Movies for Android Light.

Where My Movies for Android Light have been feature wise limited compared to the Pro version, the Free version is identical to the Pro version with the exception that it is limited to 50 titles and only 10 items in title release and trailer listings. If a user has more than 50 titles in their collection, only the first 50 titles are synchronized.

This allows users to evaluate the full functionality of the Pro version before buying.

You can find the application on Android Market.

September 13, 2010 - Facebook

You can now follow us on Facebook. We will be using Facebook to send information about My Movies related topics, and have a closer communication with our users. See the Facebook box on our front page to the left, just above the news section.

September 3, 2010 - New Pre Releases

My Movies for Windows Media Center 3.17 Pre Release 1, My Movies Collection Management 3.17 Pre Release 1 and My Movies for Windows Home Server 1.60 Pre Release 1 have now been released.

The Media Center and Collection Management releases fixes some issues exporting to Dune, and rearranges some background code to prepare for future functionality, and then it is updated to store packages for My Movies for iPhone 1.1 which is waiting to be released onto the app store.

My Movies for Windows Home Server now supports multi-disc copying from a Nimbie NB11 device, which is a 100 disc DVD/Blu-ray changer.

August 31, 2010 - My Movies for iPad Sneak Peak

You can now see a sneak peak and have some questions answered for the upcoming My Movies for iPad product here.

August 9'th 2010 - My Movies for iPhone Pro Available

It is a pleasure to be able to announce My Movies for iPhone Pro now being ready for sale in the App Store. The application adds a huge list of features from the Light version, and does not have a limitation on titles. You can read all the details about the application by clicking here.

August 4, 2010 - New team member

Rasmus Johansen has joined the My Movies team as a software developer. Rasmus' primary focus will be My Movies for Windows Home Server, and he will be helping with the port of the product to the upcoming Windows Home Server version codename 'Vail'.

Being a long term user of My Movies, and having worked on freelance projects for My Movies, Rasmus have a good knowledge about our product suite, and is expected to become a very important part of the future development of our products.

You will perhaps meet Rasmus on our forum with the username "johansen". We hope that you will welcome Rasmus and accept the fact that it will be a while before he will be able to answer the most technical support topics.

August 1, 2010 - My Movies for iPhone Pro

The My Movies for iPhone Pro application was originally promised to be released on August 1st, where My Movies for iPhone Light would be limited to 100 titles except for users with 2500 points or more. Due to different difficulties with an external library and changes in Apple terms, the release has been delayed, and is for the second time still waiting for review by Apple.

To ensure that no user has problems with the 100 title limitation without the option to upgrade to Pro because of it not being available, we have made a change on our API to trick the software to temporary think that all users have 2500 points or more. This means that we will push the 100 title limitation date to August 15th, or even later should the application not be available by that date.

The application was originally put in the review queue on the 14th of July, but was unfortunately rejected by Apple, because of change of guidelines since iOS4. My Movies have licensed barcode scanning technology from RedLaser, as RedLaser have the fastest and most reliable barcode scanning technology, and is the only one available that supports 3G phones. RedLaser has used an undocumented "UIGetScreenImage" function in the iPhone SDK, which Apple officially allowed usage of in late 2009, with the note that "future release of iPhone OS may provide a public API equivalent of this functionality. At such time, all applications using UIGetScreenImage() will be required to adopt the public API."

This future release was then iOS4, and without noticing RedLaser, Apple from the release day of iOS4 started to reject all applications using RedLaser technology, due to the UIGetScreenImage usage, without giving RedLaser and their customers a period to change their source code. This kind of strange behavior from Apple affected us as well, as we have had to wait for RedLaser to provide an updated API, which they did on Thursday the 29th of July.

The change to our application was uploaded to Apple on Friday the 30th of July, and is now again waiting for review. We are confident that the application will be approved this time, however we do not have a date of availability - we know, however, that it typically takes 7-10 days to review applications.

The worst thing about Apples behavior in this relation is that all applications containing barcode scanning will now be rejected until changed to not use the "UIGetScreenImage" function, which can only be used on iOS4. This basically means that all applications containing barcode scanning, no matter which library it uses will be forced to upgrade the application to iOS4; they cannot create a simple bug fix release if they wanted to stay on earlier versions such as 3.2. My Movies for iPhone Pro uses some functionalities in iOS4, and would therefore be released as an iOS4 application despite this - it will however affect a future update to My Movies for iPhone Light where we plan to include a free barcode scanning library, which again forces us to upgrade My Movies for iPhone Light to iOS4.

We hope for your understanding in this situation, and I can ensure you that we are just as eager to get My Movies for iPhone Pro released as I know many of you are.

July 23, 2010 - GD3 Music Meta Data

High quality music meta-data from GD3 is now included as a default part of My Movies for Windows Home Server. Music meta-data from GD3 have, until now, been available exclusively to our registered installers, but as of today automatically available on all installations of My Movies for Windows Home Server version or later.

GD3 have a huge database of more than 1.5 million CD's with great detail, including high resolution cover art.

The license is automatically obtained by the software from our servers, and it is therefore not needed to upgrade your software if you are already running version or later.

June 4, 2010 - My Movies 3.14 Pre Release 1

My Movies 3.14 Pre Release 1 is now available on the download page. This release fixes a few minor issues, and is mainly a release for users of the Dune player index, as well as a preparing for My Movies for iPhone Pro.

There is some preparation in the code for future support for an SQL Server Compact database, which means that there are some larger changes in the back-end system. If this gives any problems, please create a support ticket in the forums.

February 15'th 2010 - License violations

Our product licensing terms prohibits professionals from using the products without being part of our installer program and purchasing a license key for the product. Unfortunately, many professionals choose to ignore this fact, which harms the business for the installers who correctly purchases the licenses, and it harms the development of the My Movies project.

The unlicensed systems can be identified using the "About" page in Windows Media Center, which lists the license as a "Personal Edition". If you have purchased a PC with My Movies preinstalled as such "Personal Edition", or if you see such license used on a professional product in a computer store, on an electronics show or similar, we ask that you send us a tip to including the company name and contact information, and preferably a photo of the product showing the "About" page.

For each confirmed incident, we will reward you with 2,500 points for your My Movies account for your help.

January 20, 2010 - My Movies XBMC Scraper 1.2

The My Movies Scraper for XBMC have been updated to version 1.2. The update includes the option to choose between movie data or disc data, as well as a new option to force loading of a specific tile by entering the barcode in an NFO file. Additional details are available on the My Movies for XBMC Scraper page here.

December 25th 2009 - My Movies for WHS 1.51 and Movies 3.11

My Movies for Windows Home Server 1.51 has been released to include the issue fixes to common files in My Movies for Windows Media Center 3.1x.

One of the changes in My Movies 3.10 created an unfortunate side affect meaning that Blu-ray's could no longer be copied to folders. My Movies 3.11 has been released to correct this issue.

December 21, 2009 - My Movies 3.10
My Movies 3.10.pngMy Movies 3.10 is now available for download. The release brings two new views, one "Cover Strip" that is created to match the look and feel of Media Center's own Movie Library, and a "Cover Row/Cover Row and Details", which lists covers in one row, with or without details. The cover row view can be configured as a flat style, or as a cover flow look.

The release also brings a new "Intro and Trailers" feature, allowing playback of one or more locally stored intros or trailers before the actual movie playback.

Third, is a new "Cover Style" functionality, which gives additional cover looks, and can be customised by the user. Included with the release is a "Plastic" look.

You can see some additional details of the 3.10 release here.

December 20, 2009 - The Digital Lifestyle Awards

My Movies nominated as "Best Media Management Application". Vote here if you think My Movies deserves to win this.

December 8'th 2009 - Server Downtime
There has been a 3 hour downtime period on our services. The servers have been moved to a new location for better future scalability options. Some technical difficulties caused the process to take longer than expected. We are sorry for the trouble it has caused.

November 17, 2009 - Trials Reset

Per request, we have reset trials created prior to My Movies 3, meaning trials created prior to October 22, 2009. This means that users who previously have created a trial to evaluate our products prior to this date are now able to create another trial, to be able to evaluate all functions in My Movies 3. 

November 9, 2009 - My Movies 3.03 and My Movies for WHS 1.50 Build 9

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.03 is now available. This release is a quick fix of an image playback problem introduced with 3.02. Since My Movies 3.03 updates the internal database, My Movies for WHS 1.50 Build 9 is also released to match the same database version, and the same is My Movies 2.58 for My Movies 2 users.

November 6, 2009 - My Movies 3.02 and My Movies for WHS 1.50 Build 8

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.02 is now available. This release fixes and changes a few issues found in 3.01, and re-adds a few functionalites that some users were missing from My Movies 2, such as the ability to remove a title from within the Media Center interface, as well as the ability to mark or unmark a title as watched.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 1.50 Build 8 has been made available at the same time, since My Movies for WHS and My Movies for WMC share some components for folder monitoring, as some changes were made that affects both software packages.

October 22, 2009 - My Movies 3
11.pngMy Movies 3 is now available with a fully redesigned Media Center interface, for Windows Vista Media Center and Windows 7 Media Center.

My Movies 3 is built with focus on reliability, stability and speed. My Movies 3 will easily handle collections up to 5,000 titles, or even larger.

The default functionality in My Movies 3 is free as it was in My Movies 2, and as in My Movies 2, some advanced features require a certain amount of points to be unlocked.

You can either purchase points, or contribute data to our service to receive points.