Contribution and Purchased Points in Details



Some features in My Movies requires that your user account has gained a specific amount of purchased or contribution points. While My Movies is in it's basics a free product, we would like to reward users who contribute to the software development either by purchasing points, or by participating in building and improving our data service. You can see which features requires points by reading this page.

If you would like to evaluate one or more of these features, you can request a 21 day trial of 2,500 points - notice though, that you can only use this request feature once per user account. Please see this page for details.

Purchased and contribution points will never be required for essential features of the default My Movies Client or Server/Client product, however it will often improve existing features, or serve as a purchase option for other products. As a user you then have three options; either you can use the features with the limitations they have, you can purchase the points you require, or you can contribute to titles on the WebService to improve your amount of contribution points. And, you can of course, combine contribution and purchased points.

When purchasing or contributing, the points rewarded to your account will also gain you a rank on the My Movies WebSite, when participating in forum discussions, and on the user ranking page. Purchased and contribution points are ranked equally, and your earned points can be a mix of both. You can always see the amount of contribution and purchased points on the My Movies forum, by logging in, and clicking the "My Profile" link. Notice that an earned rank never affects your ability to receive free support on our forums.

The ranks are as follows, on a 0-10 scale:

: 0-99 points
: 100-249 points
: 250-499 points
: 500-999 points
: 1,000-1,749 points
: 1,750-2,999 points
: 3,000-4,999 points
: 5,000-9,999 points
: 10,000-14,999 points
: 15,000-24,999 points
: 25,000-> points


Purchased Points

Purchased points is an alternative to contribution points - by purchasing points you are helping to ensure the continued development of the software packages and quality of the hosted service.

Point purchases are made via. PayPal, and does not require a PayPal account, but can be made from most major credit card companies.

Customers within Europe are charged $0.8 + 25% Danish VAT/Taxes ($1 total) per 25 points, while customers outside Europe are charged $1 per 25 points (VAT/Taxes not required). This ensures that all users pays the same amount for their purchase.


Contribution Points

Contribution points are rewarded by contributing to our online service - this is done by either adding new titles that are not already in the online service, or by improving existing titles in the service. Be aware that reporting titles missing from mobile applications is not considered a contribution, and is not rewarded with contribution points.

The following contribution points are rewarded for the different profile types:

Disc Titles: 30 plus a 12 points bonus for completing a profile to 100% (42 in total). Movies: 30 points. Movie Collections: 20 points. TV Series: 30 points. TV Episodes 20 points.

And for graphical elements (Posters, Backdrops and TV episode images):

Movie Graphics: 10 points each. Movie Collection Graphics: 10 points each. TV Series Graphics: 5 points each.

International users can also earn contribution points by translating string used in the software through our localization page:, where one contribution point is earned for each five words in the translated strings, but minimum one point per string, for strings with less than five words.

Preferably contribution points should be gained by improving titles in your own movie collection - all titles in your collection will have a complete percentage, based on the information added to the profile - the complete percentage is shown with an icon in the applications which turns from full red for an empty profile to full green for a fully complete profile:


Please refer to the Contribution Introduction page for details on how contribution points are calculated.

All titles that are not completely green can earn you contribution points when improving the profile with the missing data. In the Collection Management program you should pay attention to the icon on the full left of the title list - and, you can even sort by the complete percentage by clicking the gray bar above the complete icons, allowing you to see which profiles you can gain additional points for. When editing a title, the top part of the editing screen tells you the titles complete percentage and tells you what's missing for it to be complete.

When contributing to the service, it is very important to follow the guidelines in the contribution guides. If you do not, your account will be at risk of being closed, either temporary until you contact us at, for us to ensure that you know what was not correct on your profile, or permanently, if you previously have had your account closed for the same reasons, or if our staff finds that the incorrect parts were done on purpose, simply to gain points.

Along with the improvement of the service, the amount of incomplete titles will become fewer and fewer, and over time this may result in situations where you cannot improve your own collection enough to gain the amount of contribution points that you would like to. In this situation it is recommended to improve other titles on the service by adding them to your collection, improving them, contributing them, and after that deleting them from your collection again.

There will always be titles on the service that require improving, meaning that you will never run into a situation where you can't contribute your way out of a program limitation, or a rank that you would like to gain. To help users who can't find profiles to improve, we have created some auto-updating lists of titles you can improve, where you can choose what to contribute in order to gain points. Fast typists can choose to type descriptions, users with a scanner and access to missing covers can scan covers, or you can simply choose the general lists with titles with lowest complete percentages.

Click here for lists of disc titles to contribute to