Movie, Movie Collection and TV Serie Posters


Movie Posters is the original movie poster(s) of a movie, or a reproduction of it.

Posters for Movie Collections and TV series often does not exist, and can instead be custom artwork.


The movie posters should be theatre posters only, while Movie Collection and TV series posters may be custom artwork. You may not contribute scans of DVD or other disc covers, or custom artwork for movie titles. Even if a movie does not have a poster contributed, you still may not contribute a poster that is not a theatre poster. The reason for this is that the system itself, when movie posters are used, can revert back to DVD covers instead - it is therefore important that the movie posters are actual theater posters and not DVD covers.

Aspect Ratio

The default one-sheet movie poster is currently 27" x 40" (68.58 x 101.60 cm), where it prior to 1983 was 27" x 41", or some recreations where ranging from 39.5" to 40.5" with a 27" width. While there are different movie poster types than the one-sheet movie poster, these are not allowed into the system.

When uploading movie posters, the system will itself validate that aspect ratios of the uploaded poster is near to the various sizes of a one-sheet movie poster. This means that when uploading a different aspect ratio movie poster, your upload will automatically be blocked.

The reason for not allowing other poster sizes into the database, although these are valid movie posters is because of the way the posters will be used in the interface. Instead of having differently scaled posters in the interface, they will all be slightly scaled to match a specific default size, and should the poster not be near the required aspect ratio, the poster will be scaled to an incorrect look.