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My Movies for Android

My Movies 4 for Android - A significant upgrade to My Movies 3

My Movies 4 is significantly improved new version of the My Movies 3 application for your Android device. My Movies 3 have received free updates for three years, and My Movies 4 is an upgrade that must be purchased - click here to read details on why My Movies 4 is not available as a free upgrade.

This page is created to give our existing users an introduction to the new features in My Movies 4. Upgrading is optional, and the existing applications will continue to be supported - there just will not be any further updates, which also means that we cannot guarantee operation on new devices or OS versions. Users of My Movies 3 can purchase My Movies 4 in the Play Store, and log in using the same user account that they used in the previous applications, and their entire collection will seemlessly synchronize to the updated application.

By installing the free version of My Movies 4, users of My Movies 3 will be given a 21-day grace period where the application can be evalualted with the entire collection - after the 21-days, the application will fall back to a limit of 50 titles. We are certain that users will love the new My Movies 4 application, but we hope you will try for yourself using the limited free My Movies 4 application. The details of some of the most significant updates are available below.

Movie Collections

Movie collections, also known as movie sequels is something we all love, and most of us have at least half, if not all of the James Bond movies in our collections - but it can be difficult to get a good overview of the various collections, to remember the order of them, and to ensure that you are not missing one in the middle of the set.

With the movie collections feature, you can add and see the movie collections you have movies for in your collection - by using the discover feature, you can choose just to add the ones you have complete in your collection, or add also those where you are missing one or more title from. You can also use the discover feature to get an overview of which movies you have in the various collections, and which ones you are missing.

Once a movie collection have been added to your collection, you can open the details page for them, and see which movies the collection holds - those that are not in your collection are dimmed, making it easy to get an overview of what you are missing.

The functionality even gives us the option of sending you a notification when a new movie is released for a movie collection you owe.

With the movie collections feature, you are ready for the next Harry Potter movie marathon with your friends and family!


Lists are lists of movies, being personal favorites in a category, a list of movies within a universe, or basically anything you can think of that you would like to base a movie list on.

The lists can be created as ranked or not ranked, and can be extended or changed by the list owner along the way - lists is considered a social thing, where you can create the list as public, allowing others to discover and like your lists, or add your lists to their own collections and follow your list.

You can also use the share function to share your list on your social media of preference.

Using lists, you can share all your favorite movies of a genre or topic with all the other community members.

Additional Person Details

The persons details page, opened either from the "Persons" section in the left side menu, or from the cast or credits section on the details page of a title have been significantly improved, and now features a "Starring In" section where the full filmography of the person is now available in a separate sections, and not only for titles in your collection as present in prior versions of the app.

The existing section for titles the person stars in have been changed to "Titles In Collection".

To avoid extensive scrolling on this page, the biography of the person have been truncated, and the full biography can be read by clicking on the biography section.

The addition of the filmography should make it easier to get an overview of movies from a specific director or actor, and allow easier additions of the title to your "Wished" group, as one example.

Improved Searching

The search functionality, when searching in your local collection have been re-written, and significantly improved with support for fuzzy searches, ensuring that can be sure to locate the exact title you are searching for.

The new and improved search is much more robust when searching for strings that does not specifically match the title names, both in terms of mis-spelling, but also when your search string does not exactly match the title on the profile - as one example, when searching for "Singing in the rain", you would not see a result with the prior search model, as the correct title is "Singin’ in the rain", whereas the new search functionality is able to identify the differences, and even highlight the words causing a result in the search. The updated search functionality is a very strong functionality update, and we hope that you will give it a test-run.

Filters in Menu

Filters is one of the most powerful tools in the My Movies mobile applications, letting you filter between almost all available data on your profiles, letting you see only your Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD collection, only the titles with a 7.1 channel soundtrack, or a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, or the ones featuring Dolby Vision - there almost is no limits with filtering.

With the new version, we are introducing an option to mark your stored filters to be directly available in the left side menu, where the application for popular filters will show an icon matching the content - this lets you have a "Blu-ray" icon in the left side menu showing just your Blu-ray titles, or an iTunes one showing all your iTunes titles.

Anything you can create a filter for, you can now have a quick selection icon in the main menu for.

Pre Release Countdown

The various groups in the application can be used to maintain both a wishlist, by using the "Wished" group, and a list of your already ordered future releases, by using the "Ordered" group - with the new pre release countdown markers, we now display a small number as a countdown in days to when the title is released, allowing you to see what you can look forward to, and how long time there is remaining.

The functionality also affects the "Releases" section, where you also can see the number of days remaining for the release to become available.

Media Details on Digital Copies

When collecting disc titles, each title is unique with their own barcodes, and the barcodes relates directly to that specific release, which means details such as video resolution, HDR information and similar can be directly specified as part of the meta-data.

When collecting digital copies, or media in other formats, this is more difficult, because one movie profile should be able to cover a title, no matter if it from iTunes, HBO, Netflix, VUDU or a movie recorded from television - therefore media details cannot be part of the global profile, because the details differs across the service, and neither we, or anyone else can maintain a full catalog over all titles on all streaming services and which media details they have on the various services.

Therefore we have added the option for you to specify the media details for the title you have, directly in the personal data of the movie profile - this allows you to add information about video resolution, high dynamic range, audio format and channels, allowing you to both see this on the profiles afterwards, but also allowing you to have the titles included when you filter titles by that favourite "Dolby Atmos" audio format.

Cross Device Favorites

The favourites functionality was added to the application with My Movies 3, allowing you to click and hold a number of titles, and add them to a favourite listing, which you can later pull up, as an alternative to creating categories and filter by these - a quick and easy list of your favourites.

These favourites was originally stored only locally, but with My Movies 4, we are extending the feature to synchronize the favourite listing to the online service, allowing them to synchronize between devices. Your therefore no longer have to maintain a favourite listing on each of your devices, but will have access to the same on all devices.

The storage of favourites in the online service have also been added to My Movies 3, but only for uploading, allowing you to upgrade to My Movies 4, and have your favourites transferring with you.

We are looking to extend the favourites functionality with a later update to My Movies 4, to allow you to have multiple favourite listings available.

Cross Device Settings

With the very extensive set of functionalities in the My Movies mobile applications, there are also bound to be a lot of configuration options, letting you define how you would like things displayed specifically for your collection.

Many of the configuration options also affects what the counter displays for currently displayed titles, such as preferences for box set nesting, which groups you include for display and similar, and this can lead to confusion when having multiple devices, when you end up making different configurations for each.

By giving you the option to synchronize your settings across our online service, we ensure that you can always view your collection the same way.

The storage of settings in the online service have also been added to My Movies 3, but only for uploading, allowing you to upgrade to My Movies 4, and have the same settings transferring though your user account.

Additional Minor Functionality

Besides the individually highlighted features, many other improvements is available in My Movies 4, with some examples below:

- Default for the details page is now a "Top Cast" and "Top Crew" instead of displaying the full cast directly on the page (displaying crew is new). These sections are designed with a "Show more…" button, to see the full cast and/or crew of a profile. Users who prefer to always see the full cast and/or on the details page can remove this "Top Cast" and "Top Crew" sections, and add the "Cast (Complete)" and "Crew (Complete)" sections instead from the configuration screen.

- You can now sort specifically by personal rating. Sorting by rating, which is the option present in My Movies 3 will sort initially by your rating as preference, with the global rating used when not present. Sorting specifically by your personal rating will also give a better overview of which titles you have not rated. Remember! We recommend rating as many of your titles as possible for use with future suggestion features.

- The added date of a profile can now be edited. In some cases, the date you actually added a title may not be the one you wanted to track as the actual adding date, and you can therefore now choose to change this date.

- The details page now features a section for "Crew", including directors, writers and more, where My Movies 3 listed the primary director only. Users who prefer to display only the director on a separate line can in the details page customisation for fields order choose to add the "Director" field, and can optionally remove the "Top Crew" section from the sections configuration.

- There is now a "Count As" field on the profiles which can control how box sets and other collections count. If you disagree with the count of the global data, you can personalize this to your personal preference in the personal data area.

- You can now in Box Set Settings control if you want collection numbers added to box set child titles, and if changing this preference, the app prompts if you want to change this also for box sets already in the collection.

- The application now monitors when box sets have had child titles added in the online service, and prompts you every once in a while if you would like to add these to your collection if you only have the box set parent title added.

- The group selection in the application have until now been limited to one group, or the default "Owned, rented and digital" group selection, which unlike "All groups" is not including titles in groups where you do not have the title in possession, such as the "Wished" or "Ordered" groups. However, some users may have created custom groups, and would like to specifically display multiple groups at the same time, which can now be done using the multiple button added to the group selection dialog.

- For disc titles, you can now though the add missing data function mark which movies a box set title contains, as an alternative to creating a full box set with child titles.

- Similar, for disc titles where the disc structure cannot be altered on mobile applications, you can add episodes to the disc title to mark which episodes of a TV Series the disc title holds.

- For TV Series, you can now directly create and contribute new episodes to the series.

- The social media sharing options have changed, so that you can now share a title on any social media service you prefer.

- The fact that My Movies includes the actual cover as part of the meta-data is a great benefit compared to many other applications, but some users prefer the typically very clean look of movie theatre posters instead. With the new functionality to display movie theatre posters instead of the disc title covers, users who prefer that can now configure this.

- The world of streaming services are rapidly changing, and we have updated the icons for many services, and have added icons for a number of new services, allowing you to get a good overview of where you have your digital copies.

- Several other minor changes to improve usability have been added.

Future Support and Updates

There will be a minimum of three years between paid-for upgrades of My Movies, offered to existing customers at half price in a limited period - while still supported, the prior applications will not receive further updates once a new major release is released. Users of the prior applications can continue to use the applications as they do now, on their current device and OS versions, but while all services around the applications continue, it is not guaranteed that OS updates or new devices will not break functionality.

By using the latest version, you ensure that you can continue to use the application on upcoming OS versions and on new devices, and you support our continued development and service around the solution. Thank you for helping us to ensure that our services unlike many competitors are still here for years to come!