Why a My Movies 2 Upgrade Price?

My Movies 2 is now available as a new application for Android, which is introduced as a new application with significant updates over the existing 1.9X version. The application is not an update to the existing application, and must be purchased separately - it is offered with a half price upgrade and introduction price, but only until December 31'st 2015.

Knowing that this concerns many of our users, it is important for us to give some details as to why we ask you to pay for an upgrade, when you have already paid for the existing application. Initially, and most important is that the 1.9X version will continue to function as it always have on your current devices and operating system version. The existing application won't receive further updates in terms of functionality, while we plan to provide bug fix updates for significant issues for an unknown period - updates to new operating system versions, and new device models cannot be guaranteed. You can therefore continue to run the 1.9X version of the application on any existing device, and expected also your future devices (however without guarantees on future devices and operating systems) - upgrading to version 2 is optional.

My Movies was introduced for Android in December 2010, and have since then been receiving frequent free updates, with many significant feature additions. Before the mobile devices and the app stores, software was typically sold where users purchased the current version of the software, receiving only minor updates for free, and then could purchase an upgrade with each new larger version introduced. The app stores unfortunately do not allow developers to charge for upgrades - you either provide free updates, or create a full new application.

Since 2010 where My Movies was introduced, we expect that all of our customers have purchased new devices, and many have purchased several new devices, and have freely been able to transfer the My Movies application to them. This means that while device manufacturers have secured income through sales of many new devices, also for existing customers, we as developers have only been able to secure income through new customers.

It is very important for us that we continue to provide a quality service around our applications, both in terms of the operation of our online service, but also through labor cost intensive services such as reporting of missing titles and correcting of incorrect data reports, as well as continued development of the application, including support for new devices. This requires continued stable income, which is difficult in combination with providing free updates for more than five years.

Lack of options in the app stores leaves us without options for creating paid-for upgrades, or providing rebates for existing users only - our best option is to a limited period where we will be offering the new 2.00 application at an upgrade and introduction price - the half price upgrade and introduction price will be available only until December 31'st. Upgrading is naturally more attractive for users who purchased our application five years ago, over users who purchased up to the release of the new application, which is unfortunate for the users of the last group, but we lack options to do this differently.

It is our hope that you will understand and support our way of handling the situation, even if you do not find yourself upgrading to the new application. Knowing that a new application will cause some bad reviews on the app stores, which is problematic for future sales, and therefore future support, we hope that you will leave an honest review on the store based on the quality and features of the application, rather than the fact that we were unable to create this new version as a free upgrade.

Remember! Your entire collection follows your user account onto the My Movies 2 application when upgrading, and should you have problems, we are ready to help if you e-mail our support on support@mymovies.dk.

Thank you for your support,

Brian Binnerup,
CEO, My Movies