Version 1.95 Build 8:

Fix: Issue with returning lend titles.
Fix: Various minor incoming issues.

Update: Barcode scanning library updated.

Version 1.95 Build 5:

Fix: Issue reported by some users where the application keeps asking for sync after adding titles.

Version 1.95 Build 4:

Added: Information message when selecting filters that used to filter by group.
Added: Informational message for Italian users, who due to localization issues might have their titles in "Previously Owned" group.

Fix: Issue where original titles were displayed instead of local titles if sorting by Collection Number.
Fix: Crash when viewing person profiles.
Fix: Various minor crashes.

Version 1.95:

Added: Remote Control option for XBMC, including the function to remotely start playback if using My Movies for Windows or My Movies for Mac OS X to maintain meta-data.
Added: Full Mouse & Keyboard controls when using remote control for My Movies for Windows Media Center.
Added: Option to start Windows Media Center from the remote control. Previously, remote control for Windows Media Center only worked if Windows Media Center was started.
Added: Wake On Lan and Power Handling in relation to My Movies for Windows Media Center. Along with new Event Handling functionality, the remote can now turn on and off and switch inputs on many devices.
Added: Remote Bridge functionality, allowing for using Event Handling function in our Windows software packages to send volume commands to receivers or TVs.
Added: New "Group" functionality, where you now easily can switch between "Wished", "Owned" and similar. The entire collection is no longer displayed as one entry, but instead only "Owned and Rented" is by default displayed, giving a better separation for a wish list.
Added: Direct playback of converted MP4 files from My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution.
Added: Direct group display button, defaulting to only display owned or rented titles. Allowing for better separation of wish lists.
Added: Reset/clear database option.
Added: Prefer original title option to display original title over normal title. 
Added: New fields on list customization.

Fix: Various minor issues and incoming crash logs fixed.

Version 1.94:

Added: Simple or Medium options for the Dune remote.

Change: No longer alerts user about already having a TV Series.
Change: Checks if user have latest version of a profile before allowing an incorrect data report.
Change: Buttons in trailers and releases area updated.

Fix: Various minor issues fixed.

Version 1.90:

Added: Extended watched functionality to keep track of watch dates and who watched.
Added: Extended functionality for use with My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011.
Added: Option to save filters.
Added: List customization option to specify yourself which information to show on the lists.
Added: New sort options to sort by genre, director and other options.
Added: Additional movie details, and additional filter options.
Added: Out icon on titles that are lend to others.
Added: Title text on wall and cover view for titles without a cover.
Added: Wodden wall graphics in Interface Customization section.
Added: Option to have personal details section open all the time through collapse personal details setting option.
Added: Don't use sort title option, to sort titles by their title and not sort title (The Title vs. Title, The).
Added: Links to Mac and Windows software on settings page.
Added: Link on settings page to rate app on Play Store.
Added: Letter seperator on lists to avoid onscreen letter while scrolling on Android 4 devices.
Added: Coverflow view option on tablets.
Added: Swipe option on movie details page to swipe between titles.
Added: Title and person count stamps are now back for Android 4 devices under "Interface Customization" section.

Update: Various UI updates aimed at Android 4 devices.

Change: Interface customization put into separate area in settings.
Change: Title in collection opened from an a search result in the Add dialog now opens the movie details page, and not a search result page.
Change: Autodiscover function update for Windows Media Center remote.

Fix: Some trailers did not work after an update on YouTube.
Fix: Better support for interface on Kindle.
Fix: Incorrect sorting with umloud for German users.
Fix: Barcode scanner did not work on HTC Desire HD after a firmware update for it.
Fix: License check changes, allowing for the device to remember up to a month that it's license have been confirmed. Avoids license issues on offline usage.
Fix: Interface did not look correct on Nexus 7.

Many additional minor fixes!

Earlier versions:

Change logs have been made available in the Google Play Store.