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Converting from DVD Profiler to My Movies

If you are currently using DVD Profiler, we will on this page give you some insight about the benefits of converting your collection to the My Movies software suite, and some instructions on how to do so.

Users on Android or Mac OS X will benefit from our applications My Movies for Android and My Movies for Mac OS X, on platforms where DVD Profiler currently do not have any product offerings, but users who are currently using DVD Profiler on iPhone, iPad or Windows can also benefit by switching to My Movies.

Database Statistics

Quality and coverage on meta-data is often mentioned as the primary reason for DVD Profiler users to stick with the DVD Profiler software package. If you as a DVD Profiler user have searched the market for alternatives, you would likely have found that most alternatives are based on harvesting data from the IMDB website, or based on loading content from the Amazon web services, which provides very limited data.

My Movies has, like DVD Profiler, a user contributed database containing DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD titles, and therefore also contains detailed information about the disc title releases, and not only generic movie details, like many competitors do.

The My Movies online service has a better average coverage on data than DVD Profiler. This document was written in September 2012 and, at this time, DVD Profiler contains a total of 598,000 profiles, while the My Movies online service contains a total of 630,000 profiles.

In the period from October 2011 to September 2012, the My Movies online service has increased from 510,000 profiles to the current 630,000 profiles, where DVD Profiler in the same period has increased from 558,000 profiles to the current 598,000 profiles. These statistics show that the My Movies online service currently not only exceeds the DVD Profiler service, but grows three times as fast.

Growing three times as fast also without a doubt means that the coverage of new releases will be much better in the My Movies online service than it is in DVD Profiler. One of the reasons behind the growth is that My Movies combines user contributions with services where our staff helps maintain the data - to ensure that no invalid profiles enter our service. All the profiles must be confirmed by our staff.

Since the profiles on the My Movies online service have an easily understandable complete percentage functionality instructing users what data can be improved on the profiles, combined with the fact that users on all platforms can report incorrect data to our staff, you are likely to find that not only the coverage is better, but also that profile accuracy is better.

Importing Data

Since you likely already entered hundreds or even thousands of profiles into your DVD Profiler collection, the most important part when looking for an alternative application is the ability to import your existing data into this application, and the ability to evaluate everything before you make the switch.

You can easily evaluate all the software products in the My Movies software suite. "My Movies for Android Free" is available in Android Market, "My Movies for iPhone Free" and "My Movies for iPad Free" is available in the iTunes App Store and "My Movies for Mac OS X Free" is available in the Mac App Store. The applications are identical to the unlimited "Pro" versions, with the exception of being limited to only 50 titles.

The "My Movies Collection Management for Windows" software is available for download on our download page, and is available for free.

To import your data into one of the applications, first you must install one of the applications, and create a user account. Your collection will follow your user account through our online service, allowing you to easily synchronize between the various applications. The different versions of our software all contain local databases, and do not require your device to be online to browse your collection - only when making changes to the collection are you required to be connected to the Internet.

After your account has been created, open our import website in a browser on Log in to your user account and follow the instructions on how to import your data from DVD Profiler. Your titles will be converted to profiles in the My Movies online service, and your personal data such as notes, watched status and similar are converted to your account as well.

Since we do not import profile data from DVD Profiler, but only match your existing profiles from DVD Profiler to the equivalent profiles in My Movies, combined with importing your personal data, there can be situations where a small percentage of your profiles cannot be located in My Movies, either because they are registered with invalid barcodes in DVD Profiler, because they are registered for incorrect countries, or simply because the profile is not known in the My Movies service. This means that there may be some extent of manual work involved in converting your collection, but the time spent will be well worth the effort.

Extended Service

The benefit of having an online community on applications such as My Movies and DVD Profiler is enormous, and just as with DVD Profiler, the My Movies online service is contributed to by our users. DVD Profiler however relies on the users as the only option for entering and correcting database data, where My Movies has a staff of currently eight full time employees working on improving the online database.

On mobile applications such as Android, iPhone and iPad, it is not ideal to give users the option to contribute titles, as this would result in a lot of photos of covers rather than high quality scans, and it is also difficult to ensure that users read detailed contribution guidelines. This means that in both DVD Profiler and My Movies, users must contribute titles from the Windows applications, or with My Movies, also from the Mac OS X application.

Users of My Movies therefore have the option from the mobile applications to report a title as missing to our staff. They will then create it, and ensure that it is available in the online database within 48 hours. Users can also choose to create their own personal titles directly from the mobile applications. Neither option is available in DVD Profiler.

If users find data in our online service that is incorrect, this can easily be reported to our staff through a "Report Incorrect Data" option - our staff will then correct the data to ensure the quality of the service. Users of DVD Profiler do not have this option, and is forced to correct the data themselves through the Windows application, something My Movies users can also choose to do, of course.

Other Benefits

There are many benefits in converting from DVD Profiler to My Movies, some of which we have outlined below:

  • DVD Profiler does not have software available for Android, where My Movies has highly rated applications available for both Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • DVD Profiler does not have software available for Mac OS X, where My Movies has a highly rated application available in the Mac App Store. Users of Mac are left to run the DVD Profiler application through a virtual machine running Windows, which is far from ideal.
  • Included with all My Movies applications is the My Movies Online Collection, which we believe is both visually and in usage of much higher quality than the available offering through DVD Profiler, which as many other DVD Profiler parts have not been updated visually or functionality wise for years. You can compare for yourself by opening the demonstration collection of the My Movies Online Collection:
  • DVD Profiler on iPhone and iPad has not been updated for 18 months (as of September 2012), and is known to have many problems on the latest versions of the iOS software, causing many crashes, leaving the application very unstable or useless to its users. During the same period, there have been multiple updates of the My Movies for iPhone and My Movies for iPad software.
  • DVD Profiler does not currently have support for the high quality graphics options on the New iPad's Retina display. My Movies were updated for Retina display a few days after the release of the New iPad.
  • DVD Profiler does not currently have support for the larger screen on iPhone 5. My Movies were updated for the iPhone 5 one day after the release of the iPhone 5.
  • The DVD Profiler software on iPhone and iPad is available only in English, where My Movies for iPhone and iPad is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech and Russian and Japanese.
  • If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, you can contact the My Movies support team, which will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours. You can also follow My Movies on Facebook or through Twitter, allowing you to always get the latest news, or to communicate directly with our staff.


If you need help with evaluating our service, or if you have any problems, we are available either on our forums, or through our support e-mail

Your feedback is also much appreciated, no matter if you choose to switch to My Movies, or if you choose to continue using DVD Profiler. We would love to hear why you have made whichever choice you did, and where you feel we can improve our applications for your benefit.


The following facts have been collected for the content of this page. The information was collected on September 9th 2012, and could potentially have changed since. Should you find that this page contains any invalid information, please contact us on

  • Profile count have been collected through the "Add DVD to Collection" dialog, in the "By title" section, where "Total DVDs" are shown. This information was gathered in October 2011 and again in September 2012, and is the foundation of the calcuations on this page.
  • The fact that DVD Profiler's database is solely user contributed is assumed by the fact that there are no visible options in the DVD Profiler applications to report incorrect data in the service, and no option to report titles as missing besides creating and contributing these manually.
  • The information about the last update of DVD Profiler for iOS was taken from the iTunes App Store, which lists the application as being updated on March 7th 2011. The available languages for DVD Profiler for iOS have also been found through the iTunes App Store.
  • The fact that no software is available for Android or Mac OS X is based on no such product being mentioned on the website, and no products from Invelos have been found on the widely used Google Play Store for Android and Mac App Store for Mac OS X.
  • The fact that DVD Profiler for iOS is causing crashes, leading it to become unstable or useless to users, was gathered from multiple written reviews on the iTunes App Store by users of the application.