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My Movies for Windows 7 or 8 Media Center - Changelog

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.07

Added: Marking of unidentified discs in dashboard
Added: Personal Data API calls
Added: Monitoring of TV folders now handles multiple files with same episode by ignore and possible message through Collection Management.
Added: Support for licensing of branded mobile applications

Change: The software can now operate on a My Movies 5 license, meaning that installers can now purchase My Movies 5 licenses to avoid license upgrades.

Fix: The "GetEpisodePlayOptionsForDune" returns that id is invalid, when it in fact was not.
Fix: Dune meta-data storage could not handle multiple elements having the same title.
Fix: Storage of meta-data for MP4 files needed an adjustment to place movies into iTunes movies directory.
Fix: Change in the GetTitleList API XML could cause problems for remote control drivers.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.06 Build 2

Added: Now displays MPLS file numbers when editing TV Episodes, allowing for easier mapping of Blu-ray TV Series.

Change: Debug was enabled by default, which gave performance issues for users who have a virus scanner that scans the log file.
Change: The event handler default templates was out of date.

Fix: The title list could in some situations jump to an unwanted location.
Fix: The export package for iPhone and iPad was broken.
Fix: The client would in some situations upscale lower resolution person photos when contributed.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.06

Added: WakeOnLan option, to wake NAS devices or PC's at launch of My Movies or on Playback (Requires 2500 points).
Added: EventHandler functions for remote control volume up, down and mute, when using mobile application as remote control for Windows Media Center (Requires 2500 points).
Added: EventHandler for volume control on IP controllable receivers from Onkyo, Integra, Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer and Marantz.
Added: Remote Event Handler for JVC D-ILA Projectors.
Added: Mi Casa Verde Event Handler for Lights and Curtain Controls.
Added: EventHandler functions for reacting to remote green button presses, power on or off, or when powered on from remote device.
Added: Event handling functionality updated for handling of power scenarios, main movie and credits start handling for device power and light control functionalities.
Added: Sony Remote Control handler for volume controls
Added: Mouse control commands to data service, for new mobile applications.
Added: Remote Bridge option, where a My Movies server can act as bridge between our mobile applications and Dune players, allowing for Event Handlers to catch power, play and volume events.
Added: Philips TV Remote Control handler for volume controls
Added: Extended logging to help debug an OutOfMemory usage issue that some users are having.
Added: New API commands for TV Series and improved support for browsing interfaces.
Added: Option to edit mobile locations for a title.
Added: Option for event handlers to receive aspect ratio on playback

Change: Blu-ray titles did not mark chapter reading as improveable, despite you have been able to read these for a while.
Change: Higher timeout on refresh rate changing in configuration, as some screens did not display before it reverted.
Change: The view in Media Center now updates when disc is inserted or ejects, without leaving and re-entering the application.
Change: The backdrop fade in is now disabled by default.
Change: Order of players used by "Play Disc" in menu changed to TMT6, TMT5, PowerDVD.
Change: Improved speed of calls for download of converted titles.
Change: Cover options stored is changed and requires a re-creation process.
Change: AnyDVD handling have been changed due to changes in AnyDVD
Change: The prompt that you cannot install from a user account with same name as machine name is now moved to not affect upgrades.

Fix: Check for Server Essentials gave installation issues on Windows XP.
Fix: The update status dialog, and the import folder result dialog could have issues with large lists.
Fix: Space did not work in text boxes in Windows Media Center.
Fix: Audio key on remote did not work when ArcSoft TMT was playing.
Fix: DVD Menu button sent top menu button, now sends popup menu button as original remote when TMT is playing.
Fix: Folder monitoring had a problem with removing and re-adding titles on USB drives.
Fix: Importing actors from IMDB was broken.
Fix: Collection Management install did not add firewall exception for data service.
Fix: Facebook login after unannounced facebook URL change.
Fix: Mobile paths with ' characters could cause issue when updating profiles.
Fix: DTS-HD logo did not display on some meta-data templates.
Fix: There was a problem reading the state of ArcSoft TMT in some situations.
Fix: TV Series update check now handles season and backdrop images correctly.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05 - Build 6

Fix: Issue preventing saving personal data on some machines with specific regional settings.
Fix: The installer was not being blocked on Windows Server 2012 Essentials, which could cause problems for the Home and Essentials product.
Fix: Adding categories to titles inside Windows Media Center did not automatically synchronize to the online service.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05 - Build 5

Added: Update to API commands.
Added: Online locations are now sent to the server, but not sync'ed down.

Fix: Issue with MediaInfo MPEG-2 video in some situations.
Fix: Add of standalone TV Episodes is now again synced to server automatically.
Fix: SQL Server 2008 R2 installation would not work on some Windows 8 machines. It have been updated to SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2. Users already affected by this problem, please use our uninstall tool.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05 - Build 4

Fix: Actor and director information could be mixed when importing crew from IMDB.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05 - Build 3

Fix: Genres did not import from IMDB due to a site change on IMDB.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05 - Build 2

Fix: Incorrect lent due value could cause an exception.
Fix: Issue importing crew from IMDB.
Fix: Changes to the backup method, to hopefully resolve out of memory errors for some users.
Fix: Issue with queue management, blocking for upload of collection.
Fix: If Collection Management process was killed during a backup, it could stop various processing in tray.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.05

Added: View history option on persons.
Added: Option to set volume in remote API.
Added: Additional music commands for remote API.
Added: Support for ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6
Added: Transcoding profiles to registry, allowing for better debugging.

Change: Mede8er about page is now stored in 1080P for higher quality.
Change: Better media info for BDMV folders.
Change: Users Collection changes in regards to TV Series on disc titles are now handled by the server. The client has been changed to work correspondingly.
Change: Automatic refresh rate changing avoids changing 3D Blu-ray's, which are changed by the player automatically.
Change: Adjustment of delay when reverting refresh rate after TMT or PowerDVD starts.
Change: Better support for Daemon Tools auto-detection.
Change: Update of actor data can now be done at all times.
Change: Uploading an empty collection to the online service will now produce an error.
Change: Updated about page graphics.
Change: Installer now prompts user if they are installing for personal or professional usage, to avoid continued problems with professionals being in violation of license.
Change: AnyDVD version check removed, as it now is expected to always be required version, as prior version is more than four years old.
Change: Better messages if the application could not connect to the database.

Update: Added 48 Hz as option for 24P in automatic refresh rate changing.
Update: Update to Mede8er meta-data storage.
Update: Using newest collection methods on webservice to be able to distinquish versions.

Fix: Collection sync now works with information regarding if a episode is belonging to a disc or not.
Fix: Calls to update online collection has been updated to work with the new "server" controlled episode management.
Fix: The data service API did not work correct on Collection Management installations.
Fix: Minor issue with logging of connection open and closes.
Fix: Prevent installation on machines with same username as machine name. This will give SQL Server install error.
Fix: TV Series did not sort by sort title.
Fix: SQL Server install exit code 3010 indicating a reboot required came up as an error message.
Fix: Increased timeout when uploading user collection.
Fix: Extended the timeout time for box set contributions
Fix: Installation on Windows 8 could fail for some users due to SQL Server checks.
Fix: Avoid clients to update collection statuses, media info updates and info storage, to avoid both server and clients to process the same things at the same time.
Fix: Media Player Home Classic would in some situations not be closed on X86 systems.
Fix: IMDB search did not work after an IMDB site change.
Fix: TV Series was not deleted when owner disc title was deleted.
Fix: Language is now set correctly on newly added TV episodes, when collection is synced from server.
Fix: Box set contribution now show better messages when some or all of the covers in the box set are locked or unchanged.
Fix: Moved event handler launched event, as it was not fired in all situations.
Fix: Change of point check to ensure quicker launch in Windows Media Center.
Fix: Support for Sony XL1B Media Changers updated, and hopefully now Works in Windows 7 SP1. These no longer works in Windows 8 Media Centers native movie library, and through the Media Center SDK, where they are broken by Microsoft.
Fix: AnyDVD could be disabled in situations where drive was not ready and the disc id could not be read. 

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.04 (Build 4)

Fix: Issue with incorrect disc sorting
Fix: Issue with media information reading that kept going, sometimes preventing standby.
Fix: The Bonjour host name for the remote was invalid.
Fix: Re-download of TV Episodes could fail in rare situations

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.04 (Build 3)

Fix: Due to a bug fix that was not done correct, storing chapters could fail when adding a title to the database.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.04 (Build 2)

Added: Option to embed meta-data into MP4 files.
Added: Third path for Media Player Home Classic.

Change: Include of debug files in Collection Management.

Fix: The export package for iPad failed with an error.
Fix: RS-232 changers failed as an attempt to fix another issue broke it.
Fix: There was an issue with the back cover on the exported package for iPhone and iPad.
Fix: Neutral language was option that could be selected when editing TV Series, which was not the intention.
Fix: Poster images in the image rating control was not centered correct.
Fix: Discs were not always sorted correct.
Fix: Installer version could crash on the copy disc guide in Windows Media Center.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.04

Added: DunePath for TV Series are uploaded to server to prepare for TV Series in mobile applications.
Added: The 3D Blu-ray checkbox was not shown in the title preview.
Added: Command line option /sql2008 for installer to install SQL Server 2008 R2 on Vista or Windows 7, which normally installs SQL Server 2005.
Added: Option for installers to replace Windows Media Center logo in copy discs dialog.
Added: Contribution history on TV Series images.

Update: MediaInfo.dll files updated to newer version.

Fix: The "Do not show again" on the functionality details form did not work if you clicked the "Later" button.
Fix: Titles starting with "." character was not visible on Dune's due to folders starting with . is by default hidden on unix based systems.
Fix: Error when mapping side b of a disc with TV episodes.
Fix: Category is now saved on series UpdateEpisode.
Fix: Issue if you created a filter to show titles either with or without audio tracks.
Fix: Audio tracks and subtitles could in some situation loose their sorting.
Fix: RS-232 based changers did not work correct with the input switchers.
Fix: RS-232 changers did not work if first played from WMC, then from iPad.
Fix: Issues with export package on iPad.
Fix: Sort by episode added did not work correct.
Fix: You could get a prompt to save data on a TV Series even when nothing had changed.
Fix: Issue where download of title from WHS could fail if folder contained ' character.
Fix: TV Series poster was not closed when storing Dune meta-data, which could give issues.
Fix: Minor error in CM when deleting a TV Series - the Series node wasn't removed from the title list.
Fix: Optimize database could warn about missing paths on titles that no longer existed.
Fix: TV series and season images was deleted when changing language, if the same images just needed to be used.
Fix: Making changes on a TV Series removed items from the episode structure.
Fix: The "All Titles" on season and episode view loaded all series instead of all episodes in current location.
Fix: Cover row and details view could lock up in some situations.
Fix: Episode Image changing didn't work when there was more that one picture for the episode.
Fix: Facebook login did not function on Windows.
Fix: Incorrect message about disabling tray when applying settings for extenders.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.03 (Build 3)

Fix: The add titles dialog could error out when adding titles manually.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.03 (Build 2)

Fix: Move of TV Episodes could cause an exception when checking if multiple episodes were moved.
Fix: Some databases could have been updated incorrect, causing an exception when editing disc titles.
Fix: Android export could fail.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.03

Added: If a directory contains a "Trailer" or "Trailers" subfolder, the trailer will automatically be loaded from this directory. If there are multiple trailers, all are played as part of a playlist.
Added: Option to add directly to a category from the movie details page.
Added: PowerDVD 12 added to external players.
Added: Data service API function to retrieve data in external applications.
Added: Feature table dialog for users with less than 2500 points.
Added: Meta-data storage for JRiver MediaCenter (500 points required).
Added: New Media Player Classic Home Cinema edition with updated path.
Added: Option in "Movies" settings section in WMC to hide offline play options on playback if there are online play options.
Added: When you change episode paths, it now checks if other paths are changed as well.
Added: Sort saving for title list in the Collection Management dialog
Added: Box sets are now contributed to the online service, and can be added as full boxes from service. Please pay attention to new guidelines for contributing Box Sets: /how-to/written-documentation.aspx?Page=Contributing%20Box%20Sets.
Added: Automatic refresh rate changing (Requires 2500 points). Please read details on We would like your inputs on how this works on your setup.
Added: Meta-data storage for MediaBrowser (Requires 500 points).
Added: Option to log in with Facebook.
Added: Backdrop fade in time configuration added to Windows Media Center settings.
Added: The system will now check media info for titles where the information for some reason could not be read at the time the title was added or edited
Added: Show digital copy information in HTML preview.
Added: Image contribution number on banners, posters and backdrops of TV Series.
Added: GetTitlePlayOptionsForDune API call.
Added: Data service command to start Windows Media Center.
Added: TIFF besides TIF as cover file option.
Added: Remote Server API functions for Windows Media Center music control.

Change: Ignore "Trailers" and "Trailer" directories in folder monitoring.
Change: The remote server is now prepared to be open for third parties.
Change: Online collection link to new URL.
Change: Changed Server and Standalone installations on Windows 8 to be based on SQL Server 2008 R2 rather than SQL Server 2005, which have compatibility issues.
Change: Internal replacement of menu and toolbar components.
Change: Event handling functionality now requires 2500 points or integrator license.
Change: Added functionality for folder monitoring to recreate watchers if they get lost due to host reboots.
Change: Some internal component parts where replaced with others for the UI in Collection Management.
Change: Different handler for DVP-CS777ES disc changer.
Change: Filter limitation removed from Collection Management, and now only applied in Windows Media Center.
Change: All titles are no counted, even box set container titles.
Change: Better handling of database upgrades, so that later versions does not need all clients to be upgraded when server is upgraded.
Change: Do not include series/box container title in Media Center option deprecated, is now always true.
Change: "Is Box Set" checkbox removed, and box sets moved up under global data rather than personal data, as preparation for upcoming box set functionality.
Change: Show digital copy in HTML preview.
Change: Media Center Background service updated to later API version

Update: Database package to iOS 1.80 and above.
Update: Remote Server API updates, including setting API key in configuration.

Fix: Error was generated when pressing OK in export to android without a target destination.
Fix: Minor error generated when selection change in title list hit a title without a media type.
Fix: Issue with ignore file check that could go down one folder too many, causing a delay in import on some setups.
Fix: Issue that could cause slow import times on Windows Embedded.
Fix: Search did not function properly on TV Series in non-English languages.
Fix: Issues with folder monitoring when running against a My Movies server as standalone.
Fix: Installer issue on Windows 8.
Fix: Dune issue that could cause an empty playback on local drives.
Fix: DVD chapters structure was not set in the order specified by the PTTs on the disc.
Fix: Blu-ray's without AACS was not identified as valid Blu-ray's.
Fix: Special sized DVD's did not copy correct with AnyDVD.
Fix: There was a problem with categories loading when browsing a local drive.
Fix: There was a problem with the 3D Blu-ray icon.
Fix: RS-232 changer could load disc in wrong changer.
Fix: Increased waiting time for RS232 changer, solving a problem where it would not play a requested disc.
Fix: Title synchronization could fail in some situations due to an invalid date.
Fix: Attempt to clean memory better when building Dune index.
Fix: Changed how directory content was checked for being in use. It could cause media info to not be read on some files transferred to another server.
Fix: An issue with an already open database connection when updating backdrops.
Fix: Issue could occur with HD DVD file structure playback if different players were set for HD DVD and Blu-ray file structure.
Fix: An error could occur saying that you do not have player capable of playing Blu-ray or HD DVD file structure, even when you have.
Fix: The sort title box was not limited to 100 characters as it should be.
Fix: Minor fixes to better handle non-AACS Blu-ray's.
Fix: TV Series on Discs did not always have their episode coupled to owned episodes.
Fix: Double click on an episode on the season listing under a disc title now jumps to the right episode.
Fix: "Online titles" option did not include titles of type Online (Folder Content).
Fix: Issue with TV Series on DVD and category list.
Fix: SageTV properties file could continue to be stored by folder monitoring.

Various other minor fixes and changes.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.02

Added: Check for TV Series with lost connection to disc title.
Added: Handling of discs that were unidentified during copying. Upcoming functionality for Windows Home Server.
Added: TV Episodes and disc titles that have only been partially watched now have a partially watched icon rather than a watched icon. This is only supported when using the internal Media Center player, and not on ISO files.
Added: Rolling backdrops is now functional also on TV Episodes.
Added: TV Series configuration section in Windows Media Center.
Added: Various setting options in Windows Media Center.
Added: Option to select main movie on DVD's. This will later on be used in situations where the automatic selection fails..
Added: Mapping of TV Series on Blu-ray discs. It is not yet possible for us to provide instructions on how to see what is playing in a player.
Added: Contributing of chapter titles on Blu-ray discs
Added: In add titles, pressing <enter> while typing in a search field, will now start the search. 
Added: Support for launching ISO files and drive playback for devices where autoplay in Media Center have been configured to be disabled.
Added: Option to debug playback by adding DWORD "PlayBackDebug" in HKLM\Software\My Movies and setting it to 1.
Added: "certification" node to NFO XML for YAMJ
Added: TV Series are now synchronized to and from the webserver.
Added: Only added/deleted/changed titles are updated on database sync.
Added: Option to mark a disc as being a bonus disc. This is to be used for TV Series mapping instructions and for future option of displaying bonus discs in Windows Media Center.
Added: There is now a digital copy checkbox in the discs dialog. If discs are marked as such, they do not require a disc id for the title to be complete.

Change: "Actions" page is now placed after synopsis for easier access.
Change: The tabs on the details pages is repeated scrollable, which means you can press "left" from initial page to access the "actions" page, avoiding having to scroll though all pages.
Change: mymovies.xml file is now encrypted.
Change: Warning not to set language on items that should have been neutral when setting language on images.
Change: Playing TV Series on DVD episodes now stops playback when the specific episode stops playback.
Change: Series search now uses language search on server.
Change: Folder monitoring now checks if titles on UNC paths that no longer exists have the above folder existing, and if so, removes the title, where it previously was kept.
Change: DVD Profiler import changed to new online import option. This deprecates the option to import just data.
Change: Print Report changed to online option. This deprecates existing print report option.

Update: MediaInfo DLL files updated.

Fix: ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre update broke playback using this player.
Fix: Incorrect point requirement message.
Fix: Depending on DB size, an SQL Sentence could take too long to execute due to a missing index.
Fix: Issue where categories and genres entry pages always opened both movies and tv series when opening a sub category, even when you entered only movie or tv serie library.
Fix: Blu-ray and HD DVD prefixes on folder name to force BD or HD detection were case sensitive, they are no longer.
Fix: Now stores dvdid.xml file inside VIDEO_TS folder, to work around problem where SP1 broke display of meta-data for VIDEO_TS folders in the info screen when playing.
Fix: Special characters in episode names could cause them not to be included in the Dune index.
Fix: Folder monitoring did not correctly identify titles as Blu-ray based on ISO files or media types.
Fix: Sort by title did not make sense on TV Seasons view, and have been removed.
Fix: TV type parental rating showed as normal rating in preview screen.
Fix: Category assign or remove problem if you right click to add or remove categories on a title you are editing, and then save the title you are editing.
Fix: Data for inserted discs did not function as it should.
Fix: Personal title and sort title could remain when using change data function.
Fix: Data for inserted discs did not always follow cover profile looks.
Fix: The "Play All" functionality is now able to mark individual played episodes as watched.
Fix: Adjustments to improve speed of browsing on list and details as well as cover row and details screens, especially on extenders.
Fix: Navigation menu color overlay did not display right on extenders with overscan present.
Fix: Can now read DVD IFO files with errors in cell mapping structure.
Fix: Reading of DVD structure on discs where the index of the discstructure map is missing.
Fix: Not all subtitles were read on DVD discs.
Fix: Main movie detection is now based on time instead of filesizes.
Fix: Wait cursor did not hide when receiving a playback error on TV Series and Seasons.
Fix: Invalid mappings are now removed upon TV Serie data download for discs.
Fix: folder.tbn renamed to movie.tbn for VIDEO_TS folders to display data correctly in XBMC.
Fix: Stop now stops playback correctly instead of leaving playback in lower left corner.
Fix: NFO for XBMC and BDMV folders are now stored differently.
Fix: XBMC meta-data now stores tbn files and not jpg files.
Fix: Connection was not closed, causing load of TV Episodes to be slow.
Fix: Dune index was broken due to some changes in Windows Home Server part.
Fix: Playback with TMT5 did not mark watched.
Fix: Unidentified disc dialog could come up when it should not.
Fix: Issue with automatic update of online collection.
Fix: Exception could occur when uploading collection changes if database became unavailable.
Fix: Exception could occur when inserting a damaged disc.
Fix: Incorrect attempt to display a dialog if user already exited application.
Fix: Exception could occur if network drive became unavailable.
Fix: Error in TVUpdateStatus when changing lock on possible updates.
Fix: Minor error when changing banner on TV Series.
Fix: Season view in CM now shows multiple episodes with same episodenumber, if these are present.
Fix: Not all instructions in 'Report Invalid Data' was visible.
Fix: Some paths could cause a crash when uploading online collection.
Fix: Not owned episodes that have been removed on the server are now removed upon update of a TV Series.
Fix: DiscConnections to TV series are now removed when folder monitoring deletes a title. 
Fix: Better handling of databases in incorrect states.
Fix: Missing check in folder monitoring and updating of TV Series.
Fix: Handshake timeout could time out when synching online collection
Fix: Better error messages when downloading not owned episode.
Fix: TV Series accepts that there is no country information.
Fix: Improved synchronization speed.
Fix: Ensuring that unidentified discs could not hammer service.
Fix: Issue with reset of collection numbers.
Fix: Exception in SQL sentense that could give issues syncing online collection.
Fix: The automatic location changer may have had problems with letter casing.
Fix: Connect to server exception.
Fix: An incorrect date in an XML file could cause an installation to stop monitoring.
Fix: Due to a database change, Collection Management was able to start up even when not being connected to the service.
Fix: MediaInfo did not display correct in some audio channel configurations.
Fix: Titles with mediainfo of 1080 height did not display right if the width was not 1920.
Fix: Ratings for TV Series and TV Episodes are now automatically contributed to webservice.
Fix: Minor sync errors.
Fix: Minor bug when creating connection between Disc Title and TV Series

My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.01 Build 2

Fix: The application could crash when starting in Windows Media Center due to a timing issue.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.01

Added: Ctrl+W and remote "Clear" button now toggles an element to watch status when clicked in lists.
Added: Small and Transparent icon styles.
Added: "By episode added date" sorting added.
Added: Resume functionalities for movies, including VIDEO_TS folders.
Added: Option to contribute Blu-ray and HD DVD covers with non-standard sizes.
Added: Check when contributing that the front and back cover images are of the same size.
Added: Barcode check when contributing covers
Added: Rolling backdrops (requires 2500 points)
Added: Slim view for TV Episodes
Added: Play next unwatched episode feature.
Added: PowerDVD 11 to external players configuration.
Added: Settings page added within Windows Media Center.
Added: Option to include an evidence file when contributing covers where the barcode is not visible.
Added: Transcoding configuration in Media Center.
Added: Navigation button configuration in media center
Added: External Links on TV Series editing.

Change: Debug disabled by default.
Change: Overlay icons changed to match profile.
Change: Last added now sorts by "Episode added date" instead of added date for TV Series and Seasons.
Change: Watched icon on lists are now configurable.
Change: Watched icon on lists are now configurable.
Change: "Specials" are now sorted last on season overview.
Change: Vista style text input boxes changed to Windows 7 style with on-screen keyboard
Change: Point requirements changes to only have four steps (0, 500, 1250 and 2500).
Change: Online collection, high quality now requires 1250 points, previously 1500.
Change: Covers centered now requires requires 1250 points, previously 1000.
Change: Cover row and details now requires 1250 points, previously 1000.
Change: Backdrops 1080P now requires 1250 points, previously 1000.
Change: Filter point requirements changed, 0-3 filters requires 0 points, 3-5 filters requires 500 points, 5-8 filters requires 1250 points and above 8 filters requires 2500 points. Previously, point required was 250 points per filter above 3 (maximum 2500).
Change: If the database is of a newer version and the client cannot connect, it will check for updates to allow updating of the client.
Change: The database can now be updated directly from Windows Media Center, so that it is not needed to load the Collection Management program on updates.

Update: MediaInfo.dll files

Fix: Some TV Series on the Dune's did not play.
Fix: An invalid genre could cause a crash.
Fix: minor error when editing profile pictures.
Fix: Minor adjustments due to incoming crash logs.
Fix: Bug when adding a new TV series without a language specific title and showing it in the title list.
Fix: Print report did not include nodes in series/box sets.
Fix: Null pointer error when trying to get the name of an episode without a name.
Fix: If a title somehow got an empty title, the Dune index could get destroyed by it.
Fix: error in FolderMonitoring when handling queue with directories that has been updated.
Fix: Update of all persons didn't update the date for when the person was last updated.
Fix: Update of TV Series is now done one series at a time, to avoid freeze of progress.
Fix: Decades on Dune meta-data storage could include titles from wrong production years.
Fix: SaveTV properties file included an incorrect running time.
Fix: Resume was missing from detailed view.
Fix: Automatic update works again.
Fix: Issue with resume on VIDEO_TS folders
Fix: Exception from TreeList because of disposed images.
Fix: Image sorting now sets neutral with same level as specific language.
Fix: Chapter/episode titles are now saved as unicode chars.
Fix: Issue with external players on X64 systems.
Fix: Exception when previous selected overlay icon style no longer existed.
Fix: Series overview now merges with info from all languages to make sure all possible episodes are there.
Fix: Total progressbar is now used on database optimize.
Fix: Delete of tv episode in Media Center did not work.
Fix: Updates of TV series and episode images now works better. Lock on images removed.
Fix: Personal data was not remembered on episode updates.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.00 Build 2

Fix: Due to a missing folder, the Collection Management program could open as is it did not have any titles in it. First when using connect to or title list refresh, the titles would appear.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.00

Initial release.