My Movies Professional

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The businesses of manufacturers, high-end custom installers and system integrators can benefit greatly by the solutions provided by the My Movies software suite, either by directly providing the My Movies Professional solutions, or by providing custom branded solutions based on the software suite.

It is recommended for small and medium size custom installers and system integrators to become dealers of products from our manufacturer partners, rather than building own solutions. By providing solutions from our manufacturer partners to your customers, the customers are ensured high-quality products which will lead to more sales for your business.

Becoming a provider of the My Movies Professional solutions is a partnership with the mutural goal of ensuring high quality solutions for your customers.

Important Notice

Be aware that the My Movies software solution may only be used professionally if either your company or the manufacturer supplying the products is part of our professional installer program. This requirement has the purpose of ensuring that all customers are supplied quality products from companies with the required knowledge about the solutions.

If we find solutions delivered to customers by companies who have ignored this requirement, we claim the right to protect our software solution by disabling the software solution on the customers machine(s), explaining the providing companies violation of our terms. The customers interests will be taken care of by referring the customer to one of our licensed manufacturers.

Find a Manufacturer

By purchasing My Movies Professional solution products from our partner manufacturers, you ensure your customers to get a high quality product, which is thoroughly tested, and supported, and the manufacturer will serve as a reliable partner, which can help you improve your business.

See our manufacturer page for a list of manufactures of products using the My Movies Professional solution. The manufacturers may provide the solutions under the My Movies brand, or under their own product brand.

If you would like our recommendation of a manufacturer partner in your area, based on the solutions you would like to provide to your customers, you are always welcomed to contact us on

Become a My Movies Professional Partner

Companies who would like to create their own products using the My Movies Professional software solution may join the My Movies Professional Installer program, which grants your company the right to use the My Movies software solutions professionally, and gives your company access to our installer area.

Manufacturers, installers and integrators interested in installing My Movies software with their machines can read more about becoming a My Movies installer by clicking here, or go directly to our sign-up page by clicking here.

Log in to Installer Area

Registered professional installers has access to the installer area where you can purchase and view your licenses as well as find relevant information for professionals. Log in to the installer area here. If you do not yet have a password, you can request a password from the log in site.

For Customers

If you would like what the My Movies product suite offers in an integrated solution, we recommend purchasing a pre-built product from one of our professional integrators. The integrators offer My Movies as a default integration in their products, or as an add-on option when purchasing. Typically, the integrator offer a full product package revolving around home theaters. Visit our integrator site to see an updated list of integrators and contact information of these.