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Windows Home Server - Notice! Legacy software.

Legacy Software

The software for Windows Home Server is deprecated, and no longer maintained or supported. It is recommended to use the My My Movies 5 software with a Windows Home Server 2011 or Windows Server 2012 Essentials instead.

Important Information

My Movies for Windows Home Server operates as database back-end for My Movies clients in multi-zone environments. My Movies for Windows Home Server 2.00 operates as back-end server for My Movies 4. Users of My Movies 3 can download a legacy version on the Windows Vista Media Center product page.

The My Movies for Windows Media Center or My Movies Collection Management products can be downloaded and installed on client PC's to maintain movies in the database on My Movies for Windows Home Sever.

My Movies may not be pre-installed on commercial products, nor in any way redistributed or provided to end-users by installers that is not part of our installer program.





Release date:



My Movies for Windows Home Server



Windows Home Server

June 28'th 2011

36.10 MB

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