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My Movies for Windows Vista Media Center - Changelog

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.25

Added: Encryption and decryption of the My Movies XML files. Due to compatibility issues, installations made by our registered installers currently does not encrypt the file.

Change: Internal security change in online service communication.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.24

Fix: Special sized DVD's did not copy correct with AnyDVD.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.23

Fix: Folder monitoring could stall due to checking for ignore files on UNC root paths.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.22

Change: Folder monitoring now checks if titles on UNC paths that no longer exists have the above folder existing, and if so, removes the title, where it previously was kept.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.21

Fix: ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre update broke playback using this player.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.20

Fix: Added support for "Online (Folder Content)" in Dune remote control playback.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.19

Added: Media Center start menu configuration section
Added: Option to set the contenttype of disc to movie, documentary, tv serie or other.
Added: Option to match a TV serie to a disc release and hereafter select which chapter that contains which season and episode.
Added: Better determining on Blu-ray vs. DVD media type during import.
Added: Detection of Blu-ray titles with ".bluray" endings used by YAMJ.
Added: Support for TotalMedia Theatre 5
Added: Scrollbars to allow a lower minimum screen size
Added: Popcorn Hour NMJ meta-data storage

Update: MediaInfo library updated
Update: iPad export package version to match 1.50.
Update: Online Collection dialogs to avoid users from uploading an empty collection by mistake.

Fix: Remote control on iPad and upcoming iPhone did not open ports for media center extenders.
Fix: Issue with points check that could take a log time in Media Center
Fix: Remote control issue sending events only to Media Centers window
Fix: Issue causing a lock-up on cover row and details view.
Fix: Cover issue when export to Android Pro application
Fix: Contribution button issue in person editing dialog.
Fix: Username letter casing mis-match could cause remote server to not accept user account.
Fix: Folder monitoring could import a BDMV folder as STREAM
Fix: In some situations media info was not read for BDMV folders
Fix: MediaInfo could in some situations not be re-read.
Fix: Import folder was shown in dialog with change title source
Fix: CM installer did not show progress downloading SQL Server
Fix: Issue with media info on Blu-ray titles where the media has fewer audio tracks than the meta-data.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.18

Added: Media Information in Windows Media Center
Added: Silent installation. Installation can be started with parameters "/standalone", "/serverandclient" or "/client", or, it can be set to "/silent" if the installation is an upgrade.
Added: Option to mark 3D Blu-ray titles
Added: LentTo overlay icon
Added: Folder import option added to add titles dialog
Added: Option to index titles on discs directly connected to the Dune over the network.

Change: New edit person dialog, with the option to contribute higher resolution photos. (Contribution Points is given to improve pixel count of current images).
Change: Update to Dune index to become auto-updating
Change: Larger buttons in add titles dialog to support different languages.
Change: Updated program icon in Media Center to include My Movies product name. The title of the strip is now named to "Movies" and is localizeable.
Change: Relocation of cover and data panels in CM
Change: New minimum size of Collection Management
Change: Forces an update of media info to ensure it's in sync.

Update: New language icons
Update: Import status dialog looks and instructions.
Update: New looks of various dialogs in CM.
Update: Dune and TViX template for better fileinfo icons

Fix: Ratings did not prioritize to personal ratings
Fix: Issue where you could get a message that the system could not contact the server to check points
Fix: Personal titles could get lost over collection upload and download
Fix: Special settings when applying configuration could cause it to not store.
Fix: Import folder status error
Fix: Problem with moving title to different group.
Fix: Adjustments of templates for Dune and TViX for some text overlapping.
Fix: IMDB import issues after a site change
Fix: Moved some labels that could be placed incorrect in Collection Management
Fix: Issue importing from DVD Profiler

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.17

Added: Background code for remote functionality
Added: Mede8er meta-data storage
Added: Option to install and/or update AnyDVD when copying discs in CM.
Added: Edit personal information option, with lent to function, personal titles and other things.
Added: Check to ensure Dune structure updates can't run on top of each other.

Update: iPhone Export package updated for Pro version 1.1.
Update: Dune interface improved.
Update: TViX interface improved.

Fix: HDI Dune issue if some covers were not found.
Fix: HDI Dune generate error when connected to WHS.
Fix: Issue with disc type not being imported from DVD Profiler
Fix: Vista background add-in could fail.

Change: Improvements to MediaInfo reading.
Change: Changes to some icons, fonts and dialogs in CM.
Change: Better message to what goes wrong when Dune index fails to create.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.16 Build 2

Fix: Incorrect file reference that could cause a crash in the background add-in on Vista.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.16

Change: NFS handling for Dune is now changed to allow the user to specify the full NFS path, as they differ based on equipment
Change: Dune configuration so that it can be used with direct attached drives.
Change: Persons in cast & crew library now only shows persons in titles that are not blocked by parentalcontrols
Change: "Play movie" option now tries to detect TV series DVD's to go to menu's on these, and not play a random episode.
Change: Image files can now be copied to UNC paths and network drives without problems.

Fix: Issue causing trailer library to not be re-loaded when parental control was locked or unlocked
Fix: Issue causing persons listing to not show item counter and details
Fix: Issue exporting to iPhone
Fix: Spelling mistake in installer
Fix: Issue where connect to server could try to access local machine through network paths
Fix: Issue that could cause a crash when copying titles that took long time to copy

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.15

Added "Lent to" fields to database as preparation for iPhone Pro software.

Change: iPhone PC sync method.
Change: Re-enabled direct play option for Windows 7 SP1

Fix: Issue that could cause a crash in tray, making it unable to save meta-data in folders.
Fix: SQL errors.
Fix: Issue where online (folder content) was not seen as online when filtering.
Fix: Issue where background service could crash.
Fix: Issue causing copy disc searches to not appear on Vista.
Fix: File types not registered as video files in Windows was not passed for playback.
Fix: Issue with barcode scanning using webcam

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.14 Build 2

Fix: Issue causing the restore database function to fail.
Fix: An issue causing a problem with Collection Management package when installed as "Standalone".
Fix: Dune index issue with lower case characters in alfabetic part of index.
Fix: Disc insert notifications did not appear.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.14

Added: iPhone export. Preparation for My Movies for iPhone Pro.
Added: Option to set movie details view to disabled, to force direct title playback.
Added: Russian translation.
Added: Option to search for titles in Copy Disc guide.
Added: Default backdrop
Added: Touch screen arrows on genre and category lists
Added: Rating images for New Zealand
Added: The option to configure a default sort in configuration

Change: Changes to code structure to prepare future support for SQL Server Compact.
Change: Moved Dune, TViX and Xtreamer meta-data templates to user configuration area.
Change: Added "History" button to title updates screen
Change: The CM client now asks before upgrading the database on a server.
Change: The folder browser dialog is now a Vista/Windows 7 model on this systems. This gives a better option to type in network locations.
Change: Better details of changes when sync'ing with iPhone or Android

Fix: Issue created in 3.13 on TViX and Xtreamer storage.
Fix: Issue with re-occuring logins created in 3.13.
Fix: Issue causing an overlap with shared video port
Fix: Issue with textbox cursor position in search
Fix: Problem with using Media Changers
Fix: Stopping disc insert notifications from appearing when media center runs.
Fix: Navigation menu opener visible although menu was disabled.
Fix: Cleaning left behind tbn files for XBMC
Fix: Re-added missing event handler files.

Update: Langauge files. 

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.13

Added: Option to import movie theater poster into the front cover
Added: Sort title to XBMC nfo files
Added: Event handling for title additions, to be used for programs such as Facebook integration, ect.
Added: Preview image when importing from IMDB
Added: Option to syncronize online collection both ways
Added: Now also stores dvdid.xml files for BDMV folders.
Added: Print Report option (Improved report templates will come)
Added: Option to upload personal titles to be able to have home movies in online collection

Fix: Issue with Daemon Tools Lite not being detected in some situations.
Fix: Issue where users could not change barcodes of a title, even if that title was not connected to the WebService
Fix: Belgium and Netherlands were missing a 9 rating option
Fix: Issue where unlocked parental controls still blocked search results
Fix: Categories and Genre lists now looks at parental controls to see which items to list
Fix: Exempt was misspelled in Australian ratings
Fix: Incorrect storage of MPAA rating in NFO files for XBMC and Popcorn Hour
Fix: Issue with installation that looked stalled.
Fix: Director displayed instead of Studio in NFO files
Fix: Issue causing the program to not be able to read disc id's from AnyDVD
Fix: Issue with IMDB import due to an IMDB site change
Fix: Issue with Media Center's pop up not displaying meta-data correct when playing VIDEO_TS folder.
Fix: Attempt to have service set higher timeout during login if handshake creation fails.

Change: Trailer section now defaults to "Currently in cinema" instead of "All trailers"
Change: Trailers is now also following parental rating
Change: Behavior of default selected title in CM.

Removed: HD WMD format

Update: Event Handler plug-in functionality

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.12

Fix: Issue causing folder montoring to not add new titles in some situations

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.11

Fix: Overlapping issue created on "Covers Centered" view
Fix: Issue preventing copy of Blu-ray folders
Fix: Workaround attempt for issue with going fullscreen after starting playback

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.10

Added: View "Cover Row" / "Cover Row and Details" dependend on configuration.
Added: View "Cover Strip", Media Center Movie Library a-like view.
Added: Flow layout style for new cover row view.
Added: Option for users to create non-default cover looks, aka. "Cover Profiles".
Added: Included "Plastic" cover style as included "Cover Profile".
Added: Intro and Trailers option, allowing users to play custom intros or trailers before the movies.
Added: Option to block collection management access using parental controls
Added: Seperate configuration settings for each view. Also includes additional options for existing views.
Added: Option to select if backdrops should be updated automatically in the interface. This will speed up browsing, since the service will not be checked if a backdrop already exists.
Added: Additional step in optimize database task that checks all online locations, and marks titles with non-existing locations with a red color in the title list
Added: Video file extention list to allow easier adding of extentions to monitor. This gives users the option to add extentions without registering as perceivedType=video.
Added: User warning when a language translation is not fully up to date.
Added: Touch screen navigation butttons.
Added: Event Handler dll functionality to receive events when playback is started, ect.
Added: Warning message when switching to a view where navigation is hidden by default

Change: "Cover Strip" is now default view instead of "Covers Full Screen". This is done so that new users have the menu available all the time.
Change: Debug logging is now disabled by default

Fix: Workaround to problem with special discs that AnyDVD cannot handle for external programs.
Fix: Issue where folders already added with "Online (Folder Content)" would be re-added by folder monitoring
Fix: Issue causing automatic title updates to not work
Fix: Forces tray in X86 mode which prevents a crash when inserting a disc
Fix: Issue where other crew members than director could up complete percentage for director
Fix: (WebService) Swedish trailer feeds did not work.
Fix: Issue with disc copier storing a special - character in folder names that gives problems when transcoding.
Fix: Issue where changing language could fail if install was Collection Management, but it was on a Media Center PC.
Fix: Issue where person photo was not displayed if opened from search result
Fix: Issue where non-default cover profiles could get a wierd looking shadow
Fix: Issue where similar titles could say "No similar titles found" even if there are some, if you move to the page too fast.
Fix: Issue where you in some situations had to exit the application and re-enter for a backdrop to appear
Fix: Issue where you could not scroll all the way to the bottom of a long description on movie details page detailed.
Fix: Changing movie details page view in configuration did not set apply button
Fix: Issue where saving title information to a path where there was no write access could cause a crash

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.05

Fix: Issue introduced with 3.04 that prevented playback of DVR-MS and WTV files.
Fix: Issue with transcoding using wrong parameters when including subtitles.
Fix: Issue with updating actors
Fix: Issue where a database connection was required to use the "Play Disc" option
Fix: Issue where changing some details did not pop up a changed prompt.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.04

Added: Option to from registry increase webservice timeout for users with satellite internet connections
Added: Media Information is now stored in the database for use in 3.10.

Change: Passing correct TV media type when playing WTV files.
Change: Optimize database is now able to re-download missing covers from the WebService, and regenerate missing mid-range covers.
Change: Better scanning with webcam barcode scanning

Fix: Sorting of non-English langauges in add titles dialog.
Fix: Issue where backdrops were not loaded from folders in "Online (Folder content)" situations.
Fix: Layout issues in Windows 7 on 1280x1024 resolution, due to a bug in Windows 7.
Fix: Issue with parental category unblock not saving correctly for extenders
Fix: Issue with folder monitoring if the same title exists in the library twice
Fix: Some broken links to website
Fix: Unmounting of images is removed, at least until we can determine why Media Center's SDK say we are foreground application while we are not.
Fix: Issue with "Include adult titles" not to store in configuration
Fix: Issue causing a jump on the basic view
Fix: Issue where stopping playback exited out of the application in some situations

Fix Attempt: Problems with unicode characters in path when transcoding

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 3.02/3.03

Added: Link in start menu to open My Movies in Media Center directly
Added: Copy disc prompt option when inserting disc
Added: Maintenance page option with remove title button
Added: Additional logging for title deletes
Added: Unmount of image files
Added: Re-added ability to mark or unmark as watched as part of maintenance section.

Change: Minor adjustment to disc directory id's for DVD VIDEO_TS folders and image files
Change: Collection Management install now warns about incorrect edition if attempted to be installed on a Windows Media Center PC.
Change: US rating icons, thank you user stylisticz
Change: Clicking sound changed to Windows 7 style, as we can't have both Vista and Win 7 in same.
Change: 17 again cover replaced by Up on entry icons in Windows 7.

Fix: The transcoding feature that is meant to require 1250 points unfortunately was set to require 2500. It now required the intended 1250 points.
Fix: Copying Blu-ray or HD DVD titles in Windows Media Center unfortunately was set to require 2500 points and not the intended 1250. It now requires the intended 1250.
Fix: Copying Blu-ray or HD DVD titles, or ISO files in Collection Management unfortunately was set to require 2500 points and not the intended 1250. It now requires the intended 1250.
Fix: File downloaded for automatic update does not get cleaned if the download fails
Fix: Sony BDP-CX7000ES changes to wrong disc in some situations
Fix: The transcoding setting had an incorrect string for "Never" (default) that showed as "Always".
Fix: Dune, Xtreamer and TViX configuration dialogs could not be confirmed.
Fix: Collection Management folder import now also checks for invalid My Movies XML files
Fix: Issue where DVD Changers (RS-232) could not be found in registry on X64.
Fix: Installer did not correctly detect My Movies 2 on X64 to inform users to uninstall My Movies 2 first.
Fix: DVD Profiler import did not import to Owned for keeps group, and was not displayed in Media Center.
Fix: Daemon Tools Lite should now also be detected on X64 in the default dir.
Fix: Issue with DVD playback in Windows 7 being stopped to a blue screen.
Fix: Issue with folder monitoring and unicode characters
Fix: Issue where opening "Movie Filters" section did not close menu