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My Movies for Windows - Changelog

My Movies 5.40

Note! My Movies 5.40 was released as 5.32 Pre Release, but since both 5.31 and 5.32 added a lot of new functionality visibly, we decided to upgrade it to a version 5.40.

Added: Navigation bar to let you select which element types you would like to work with.
Added: An extra "Switch to Edit Mode" right click menu item have been created to help users who have problems locating the switch buttons.

Change: When importing actors or crew, the dialog will now search directly for the id instead of searching for the title.
Change: The import imdb dialog now uses the exact title search imdb has.
Change: Adjusted the graphics of the horizontal splitter, to make it more obvious that this can be opened and closed.
Change: The Sony media center and the following input switcher DLL files are now included on non-Windows installations, and essential installations, to allow third party front-ends to make use of this functionality.
Change: The installer can now be localized and will be updated with the different languages when strings are translated.
Change: Some language translations have fallen too far behind, and we therefore have made a change so that a language can only be used if it meets a certain percentage of translated strings, to avoid an interface with a mix of languages.
Change: The buttons between display mode and edit mode have been switched.
Change: If a user accidently got the splitter between the cover/card view and the display and edit area dragged so that the display or edit area was hidden, the app now resets this if switching between display and edit mode. Change: If a manually created disc title was unsuccessful in uploading as a personal title to the online service, we reverted the creation to fall back to creating an offline title. The process is now failed instead, as these offline titles gave various issues. 

Fix: The add titles dialog was supposed to save last used selections for type, but did not due to a bug. 
Fix: When editing a title, the cover view scrolled to the top instead of scrolling to where the selected title was. 
Fix: When opening TV Series episodes from the display area, the wrong title could be selected. 
Fix: If a movie was part of two movie collections, loading the movies would fail. 
Fix: The size for when a cover is accepted as high res have been adjusted, as some 300 dpi scans did not get seen as high res as they should. 
Fix: Minor adjustment to cover split sizes. 
Fix: The add titles dialog showed results for all countries when searching for a barcode for a specific country.
Fix: The season overview of tv series did not display text when using dark display mode.
Fix: Copy of crew on disc titles were broken.
Fix: Only disc titles debug html files for editing templates were created.
Fix: Episodes could show an invalid 1700 first aired date, if the date was not specified on the profile.
Fix: Child titles were not assigned a collection number when imported using the import box set child titles dialog.

Removed: Support for Microvision Flic and ROV barcode scanners. These were ancient, and had a problem on X64 devices, indicating that no one was using them any longer. The solution to use mobile apps to scan is much better, and therefore we decided to remove the implementation.

My Movies 5.31 Build 2

Fix: Some users of 5.30 had the upper cover view panel collapsed, and then it was difficult to determine how to switch to edit mode.

My Movies 5.31

Added: There is now an option to select a dark mode on the top cover view.
Added: Option to the cover view in Collection Management to display movie posters instead of disc title covers.
Added: Flow view and card view as alternative to the cover view in Collection Management.
Added: Option to select if you want to display movie posters in the cover view, card view or flow view, instead of disc title covers in Collection Management.
Added: "Count As" box on disc title profiles, which can be overwritten with an own preference in the personal data dialog.
Added: Optional titles and "always display of hd graphics" to the cover view in Collection Management.
Added: The movie collection import dialog will now contain a "missing" and a "percentage" column to make it easier to see how many titles from a collection is missing, and how many percent you own. It has also been changed so that this can be sorted by.
Added: New option "Use same cover on child titles" for box set parent titles. This is to make it easier to maintain covers where box sets has the same cover for both parent and child titles. Added: It is now possible to add movie profiles to disc titles as an alternative to creating full box sets with disc title child titles. Change: The left side list no longer shows complete icons for titles that are fully complete. 

Change: The rating control have been re-written and now allows setting of ratings from 1-10 instead of 1-5. Added: Display mode option where you can switch between display mode and edit mode, for a more presentation friendly look of the Collection Management app. This change includes a lot of re-coding to move the app into where it is not dependant on the edit areas for various other tasks.
Change: Incorrect data for box sets are now checked in the client, to avoid the roundtrip to the server to get the information.
Change: Renaming of "Series/Box Set" to just "Box Set". 

Fix: Moving around using the keyboard in the cover view could lead to the focus being moved outside the control. 
Fix: Disc titles with "Unrated" / Not specified setting calculated a wrong complete percentage internally, causing them to sort wrong in the title list when sorting by complete percentage. Notice! The titles affected needs to be re-saved for the value to be updated in the database. 
Fix: A timings issue on when UI was updated and data was read could cause random errors in complete percentage display, affecting director and writer on disc titles, which could be listed as missing, even when they were not. 
Fix: Could not check just one title when importing collections. Fix: Users with older personalized data on a title could receive a sync error. Fix: When searching, child titles of box sets were not shown. Box sets are now flattened in search results.
Fix: Database upgrade issue for some users.
Fix: The new search function did not search for original titles.
Fix: In some situations movie connections were not maintained correct for titles with the new movie assignment option.
Fix: The complete icon in the title list was not displaying correct on box set parent titles with no video standard set (as it should not have).
Fix: & character was missing from titles in movie collections.
Fix: Many titles were marked as "Online" in the API despite this not being the case.
Fix: The API dates on some personal elements could go back in time due to differences in time zone conversions of the dates.
Fix: The assign tv series button on disc titles was broken.
Fix: The complete percentage calculation did not take discs marked as digital copies into account and saw those titles as lacking disc ids.
Fix: There was a problem with a profile saying it was missing director and writer when not running English language.

My Movies 5.30

Added: Updated search functionality in the Collection Management app.

Added: Cover view option by closing the treeview. 
Added: Movie Collection type to track collections of movies. 
Added: Sort button to extend sorting options in the title list. 
Added: Support for LaserDisc with the disc title profile type. 
Added: Support for movie profiles as personal items, which means manually created movie profiles are now directly uploaded to the online service, and updated when edited. 
Added: Import box set child titles dialog 
Added: Right click option on TV Season to contribute all added episodes in one go.
Added: Option to add multiple episodes to a TV Series at a time.
Added: Option to sync customized groups which have been added to iOS 3.16.
Added: The incorrect data function have been updated to be able to accept an evidence photo, in case this is needed to handle the report. 
Added: Date stamps for the GetCollection API call when not sending browsing interface parameter as true.

Update: The API have been updated with support for movie and movie collection profiles with new API commands "GetMovie" and "GetMovieCollection" taking the guid as id. The "GetCollection" call and the "GetCollectionChanges" calls are updated accordingly.

Change: Full cover scan import is now more intelligent in terms of using the cover type setting to better split cover scans. 
Change: The import full cover scan function have been updated to better handle the difference between the Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD keep cases and keep case slim. 

Fix: Fix to avoid locking of titles table. 
Fix: Updated person check left unclosed connection to database. 
Fix: An incompatible SQL server version was attempted to be installed on Server 2014.
Fix: Issue where an orphan leftover entry in a discs table could cause problems for batch move of title paths.
Fix: ElementWatched API command did not honor its "name" parameter and always stored the logged in username in Windows.

My Movies 5.25

Important! Disc Ids for DVDs read on Windows 10 after October 2018s update reads an incorrect id. This version changes the reading from reading from Windows to reading from the file system. Please read our information on this issue, and a similar issue for Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD titles when reading though AnyDVD:

Added: Option to assign TV Series episodes on disc titles to the disc title itself, instead of through the disc structure. This will be used to easier mark which episodes a title holds, even though it will not be able to be used for direct playback of episodes, nor by the video converter to convert episodes on tv series discs. It is an option that is intended to be used only when it is not possible to assign the episodes to the structure.
Added: Supports directly volume control to event handlers.
Added: Option to create a PDF report of titles displayed on screen, in the order displayed. Allows a user to create a PDF report of a filtered set of titles, or a specific group. 1250 points required. Added: mk3d as file type option for monitoring and import, when file is not recorded as perceivedType=video in Windows.
Added: More meta-data for person profiles, including ability to handle different persons with same name.
Added: Reporting of more information when editing titles, such as if a title is waiting for moderation, if another title with same barcode and country is, or if a box set is waiting for merge confirmation.
Added: HDR10+ option on 4K Ultra HD titles.

Change: Due to a change/bug in a Windows 10 update, disc ids can be read differently. The software now reports the cdrom driver version along with disc ids for us to get an overview.
Change: PDF report function now automatically logs in on website.
Change: Updated percentage calculation on disc titles to include new data options, and award points for high. res covers.
Change: The bridge device handler interface have been updated to be able to provide better error feedback.
Change: The Oppo bridge functonality was updated to use a different communication protocol for remote control, with better power state feedback. This also includes experimental support for remote playback.
Change: Persons now holds an internal online service id instead of just a name, which allows for moderators to add another profile to a person with the same name, and users can select between the persons if two exists.
Change: If a barcode is not found in the country searched for, the app now ask if you want to see results for other countries.
Change: Movie and TV Series searches are now simplyfied without language selection.
Change: App now prompts to use inherited cast and crew when entering an imdb id on a disc title.
Change: The software now installs SQL Server 2014 SP3 on fresh installs. If you want to upgrade to SQL Server 2014 SP3, uninstall, use our clean tool (search uninstall on and re-install.
Change: IMDB Id can now be 8 digits. Update: MediaInfo updated to latest version, and adjustments made to make use of changes. Update: 4K Ultra HD graphics was not included for Dune and Mede8er meta-data. Update: Various changes for the Oppo remote playback event handler. This handler is in experimental stage.

Fix: When mapping episodes, the episodes added though direct disc edit was not cleared.
Fix: Issue with remote play paths for movie profile elements not being stored correct for online service.
Fix: Video converter attempted to handle unsupported media as VIDEO_TS iso files. It is now giving a better error message in such situation.
Fix: The add to group and categories in add titles dialog displayed incorrectly when window was resized.
Fix: Issue with reading disc id from disc with "FAB" folder.
Fix: If only the rating was changed on a disc title, it was not stored correct when saving.
Fix: Importing cast and crew from IMDB broke
Fix: The confirm all cover scaling factors prompt for box sets did not work.
Fix: The software was unable to read media info on 4K Ultra HD iso files.
Fix: The Nimbie DLL file was placed wrong on Home and Essentials Server Solution which caused an error.
Fix: Issue with Kodi meta-data storage handler not creating files in correct directories.
Fix: Updated handling of audio tracks in Mediainfo gave incorrect reading of channels.
Fix: Save key did not enable when clearing or setting release date to current day.

My Movies 5.24

Added: Guide to create box set titles easier. The guide is available by right clicking a title.
Added: Option to select to inherit actors and crew from movie profiles on disc titles. This means that actors and crew does not have to be maintained on all individual disc titles.
Added: Option for additional countries, which was not supported, such as Thailand.
Added: Option to add and contribute information about HDR on 4K Ultra HD titles.
Added: Option to add and contribute region code information to disc titles.
Added: Support for PowerDVD 17.
Added: Option to confirm cover warning dialogs for all titles in a box set at once.
Added: Checkbox on the add contribution comment to supply an evidence photo with a box set to show other potential issues such as descriptions in other places. Prompted only if having not already supplied an evidence photo in relation to covers, and when contributing covers along with data.

Change: Data and covers are now contributed through one call, to avoid problems where one part did not make it through. Change: Copy and paste of discs on titles now copies all data on a disc, including chapter structures, making it easier to copy discs from a box set parent to child titles, and remove the ones not affecting that child.
Change: Fresh installations now installs latest Service Pack of SQL Server 2014
Change: Disc copy and paste function was not available for end-users.

Fix: Some invalid episode data could lead to sync issues for a very small amount of users.
Fix: Deleting of a TV Series episode could fail.
Fix: The lock when editing a disc title could revert when changed, if nothing else was changed.
Fix: Updated mkv merge software due to some discs failing conversion.
Fix: Attempt to fix a lock when deleting titles.
Fix: Kodi requires a different naming for VIDEO_TS folders when storing meta-data.
Fix: Shorter temp dir on video converter to avoid some errors.
Fix: Changing IMDB id on a title could lock up.
Fix: Box sets were not sorted correct in the XML when contributed, causing them to get blocks based on sort title strings.
Fix: Remove of some excessive logging when syncing.
Fix: Automatic sync could occur while restoring a backup, causing a data problem afterwards.
Fix: Categories did not get saved if no global data was saved when editing a disc title.
Fix: Files where not deleted when deleting a title in Windows Media Center, and requesting to delete titles.
Fix: Numbers on episode images was not displayed.
Fix: Improved handling of determination of TV Series vs. TV Season folder, in relation to meta-data storage.
Fix: Attempt to change how folder monitoring can receive invalid changed events from WMI when using unsupported storage pool software.
Fix: Issue when contributing a TV Series episode.
Fix: There was an issue installing fresh on Windows 10, due to an incorrect link to SQL Server 2014 SP2.
Fix: The copy title function now directly creates title as a personal title, as it should be.
Fix: Filter issue with movies and tv series with no ratings internally being filtered out, when they should not.
Fix: Issue with movie profiles and some ratings stored as invalid values.
Fix: The copy title dialog included the neutral country, which it should not.

My Movies 5.23

Added: Adding of default element types to database for movie profiles.
Added: Meta-data storage provider for Zappiti
Added: New advanced configuration options for the disc copier, to not accept similar disc lookup, and alternatively to prioritize similar disc lookups lower.

Change: Offline titles are now always directly uploaded to the online service.
Change: The Nimbie support is updated to support new device builds, and to support Nimbie under X86 devices.
Change: 3D can now also be marked for 4K Ultra HD titles, when it is a multi-disc release.
Change: Improvement of progressbars in Collection Management.
Change: The working dir of the MKV conversion made shorter to avoid issues with long filenames.

Fix: Better handling of invalid paths in database.
Fix: The external server credentials now logs in with a domain to avoid issues on Synology devices.
Fix: Some indexes added to the internal database for better search performance.
Fix: Box set contributions could time out with contributing a large box set.
Fix: Element types of the movie profiles were not listed in order.
Fix: When contributing covers, the profile was still listed as edited.
Fix: DVDFab could have "Install" button when already installed, but not running.
Fix: When watching a title in Windows Media Center, the software would continue to update watched status against the online service, which could give unwanted sync issues.
Fix: Avoid extra login when opening the add titles dialog, which makes the check against the server quicker.
Fix: The API checked for custom buttons of an non-existing player on WHS, meaning it was slower to respond than it should when using bridge devices.
Fix: A database change broke the "Play Disc" option in the Windows Media Center.
Fix: Issue with some left over TV Series data which could lead to a sync issue.
Fix: Issue which could lead to titles being removed by sync in situations where the disc copier added two of the same titles, and later merged them.
Fix: Database upgrade issue on some devices.
Fix: Advanced configuration did not have multi-disc limit set by default to 5 for users with 2500 points or granted installers.
Fix: Filtering on "None" on Media Type did not work correct.

My Movies 5.22 Build 3

Added: Option to send messages to client from the online service..

Fix: Avoid locking on retrieving images. Caused a locking on title change..

My Movies 5.22 Build 2

Added: Right click menu for deleting multiple titles when different types are selected.
Added: Progressbar on deleting multiple elements.

Change: Copying to ISO files will fail if the user has Stablebit DrivePool software installed. The error message when the disc fails have been changed to inform.

Fix: Right clicking a title and choosing update could result in titles saying there were always an update.
Fix: In some situations, the "Save" button did not enable after changing locations on discs for a profile.
Fix: If copying directly to the video converter, the copy would fail as it would attempt to update a not yet existing title in the online service.
Fix: Fit did not work on Movies TV Series and TV Episodes images.
Fix: Image thumbnails were missing in actor and crew lists.
Fix: Server error messages on sync check was not reported to user as it should be.
Fix: Change to automatic sync to offload servers some. With automatic sync enabled, and automatic profile updates, the service now only check for profile updates every 60 minutes, and then checks for collection changes every two minutes, where previously, there was full checks every two minutes.

My Movies 5.22

Added: DVDFabPasskey option to messages of having a decrypter.
Added: Support for PowerDVD 16 through external players integration.
Added: Bridge Devices can now be added as plug-able dll files.
Added: Oppo bridge device, for remote control from My Movies mobile apps only. Remote playback not supported.

Change: Covers on disc titles can now be contributed to the service in 300 dpi.
Change: All functionality regarding SlySoft AnyDVD are now changed to RedFox AnyDVD. Be aware that if you do not want auto-update to install RedFox updates of AnyDVD, you must disable automatic update of AnyDVD.
Change: Disc Ids on Blu-rays can now be read when DVDFab Passkey is running.
Change: If DVDFabPasskey is installed, but not running, discs are failed when attempted to be copied, as DVDFab cannot be started through a service. It is therefore required to be logged in on the machine.
Change: MKV 3D titles will now send a 3d signal to event handlers.

Fix: Some differences in date formatting could result in changes to disc titles within a few hours could lead to not updated profiles.
Fix: Converted paths was not stored in the online service after a successfull conversion.
Fix: Issue that could cause incorrect transcoding of side b titles.
Fix: If users only changed the personal data locations of discs, the system would still mark that as an "Edited" marking on the profile.
Fix: TV Series missing from the collection could cause a sync error.
Fix: Release date could show as changed when it was actually not.
Fix: Issue with categories that could get lost during import due to a missing transaction.
Fix: Avoid spending time on counting subfolders of VIDEO_TS and BDMV when importing titles.
Fix: Issue with ids that could prevent titles from being imported correct.
Fix: When changing external server credentials, or when changing dune path configurations, the changes were not synced to the online service.
Fix: Issue with Mede8er images for atmos and dts:x.
Fix: Monitored folders could loose their "Strict" setting based on incorrect storage in settings.
Fix: Issue with deleting title in Windows Media Center
Fix: The video converter could convert an incorrect main movie depending on casing in the stored path.
Fix: Command line database backup did not work, as it was blocked by a dialog to clean files.
Fix: The "Remove from category" link in Collection Management title list did not work.
Fix: 4K Ultra HD titles could disappear as part of sync after being added.
Fix: Titles could be identified as TrueHD when in fact Atmos.
Fix: DTS:X did not detect correct.
Fix: Playcount set to 0 can cause tv episodes to not show as being watched in Kodi/XBMC.
Fix: Crash occuring when storing TV data.
Fix: Unselected information in the JVC event handler could lead to a crash.
Fix: If an event handler threw an exception, the settings for other handlers would not be stored.
Fix: When using the 'Download all episodes' function, the episodes were not added to the user collection online, which could give unwanted results.
Fix: Mark all episodes watched and unwatched did not work correct in Collection Management in relation to Windows Media Center.

My Movies for Windows 5.21

Added: The manual copy disc functionality have been added back into the application, with the option of choosing which copy method to use when inserting a disc.
Added: There are now information avaialble if the title is locked.
Added: Support for DTS:X.
Added: Support for DTS Headphone:X.

Change: The API which have since My Movies 5 been exclusive to professionals is now available for end-users with 2500 points or more.
Change: The option where discs that was unidentified during copy because the online service was not available is now also available to end-users. This option is designed for usage on boats or similar situations where the device is not always online when copying.
Change: Update of media info DLLs.
Change: Better informations on database state message.

Fix: Dune path issues causing sync issues.

My Movies for Windows 5.20 Build 4

Fix: An incorrect change to path handling could cause problems for paths used by Dune players and others.
Fix: Some changes in relation to 4K Ultra HD caused chapter names to not show as improveable on all titles.
Fix: Some path with // characters could cause crashes.
Fix: When contributing, and including an evidence file, the evidence file was not uploaded to the correct API location.
Fix: In some situations, titles was not marked as watched when watching.

My Movies for Windows 5.20 Build 3

Fix: One of the changes in synchronization in 5.20 Build 2 contained an implementation error, that could lead to sync errors on some devices.

My Movies for Windows 5.20 Build 2

Added: High debug logging option in dashboard Added: 4K Ultra HD format for collection management features specifically. Handling of 4K Ultra HD discs in other ways are to be determined when the format is available.

Change: Synchronization now reports direct sync errors that are not communication errors as sync errors.
Change: Automatic synchronization checked a little bit too often. It now checks every two minutes for changes.

Fix: Loading extended watched data in the start of the sync change dialog loaded full profiles, which was not needed. It needed to download personal data only.
Fix: An issue could prevent the JVC remote handler configuration to open.
Fix: Updating a TV Series with new episodes would cause it to update the personal data on the series, causing it to get other clients to say that a change was made to the collection.
Fix: If the machine contained an invalid setting of the US culture, it could affect sync abilities.
Fix: The system could be checking for media info for titles that was offline.
Fix: Depending on how episodes had personal data changed, it could lead to extra checking of TV Series during sync.
Fix: If automatic synchronization was enabled, it did not have an effect until after a reboot.
Fix: The client performed more checks than needed when automatic sync was enabled.
Fix: Synchronization could fail if the same title was in the collection twice.
Fix: Backup cleaned files double, which caused it to take some additional processing time.
Fix: The music disc copier had some checks that could cause a block when clearing the database.
Fix: An invalid path for a title could cause a sync error.
Fix: TV Series that was incorrectly not registered with a country could fail synchronization.

My Movies for Windows 5.20

Change: The way the application synchronizes with the online service have been changed. All changes are now made in real-time with the online service, which replaces the current upload/download functionality.
Change: User accounts is now required, also on professional installations.
Change: The search boxes in the dashboard is now delayed, so that it does not start searching until you stop typing, to improve performance.

Added: Dialog warning about an AnyDVD update that requires a reboot.
Added: Ability to search for child titles in the Collection Management app, and search for paths (\\server\path or X:\path)
Added: Edited icon on profiles, allowing you to see that you have edited a profile.
Added: Option to revert edited profiles to server data.
Added: Clear database function.
Added: Option to enable high debug.
Added: UDP service advertising to support a better auto-detection of the server on Apple TV, without the need of Bonjour or iTunes installed.
Added: Option to request a force of DB upgrading through registry.

Change: The database server used on new installations is now SQL Server 2014, as SQL Server 2008 R2 was not officially supported on Windows 10. Users who would like to upgrade to SQL Server 2014 can uninstall, use our clean tool, and re-install.
Change: Save button on discs, movies, tv series and episodes only available after change of data.
Change: Mobile locations are now referred to as converted locations.
Change: Ability to resize the filter dialog.
Change: The title filter textbox in Collection Management is now delayed, so that performance of seaching is better.
Change: Filter now also searches sub nodes of box sets.

Fix: The "Play disc" option was displayed in situations where it should not be.
Fix: There was a button that should not be there in the progress dialog.
Fix: There was some processing that ran before the database was upgraded.
Fix: The temp dir cleaner did not clean directories, only files.
Fix: Transcoding NTSC titles with subtitles did not work.
Fix: Error could occur if you cleared images on a disc title and then saved the title.
Fix: MP4/M4V meta-data was not stored for converted files in same dir as primary.
Fix: Complete percentage on loaded movies.
Fix: Lend due was not synchronized as part of movie personal data.
Fix: Price and worth value was * 100 after syncing over service on movie personal data.
Fix: TV Episode watch status was not synced.
Fix: Movie types was not synced.
Fix: Mobile paths for episodes couldn't be set in Collection Management.
Fix: Mobile paths for episodes is included in synchronization.
Fix: Year value could be displayed as 0 or 1900 when no year is applied to a title, in the search results dialog.

My Movies for Windows 5.13 Build 2

Fix: There was some kind of build error causing the Collection Management program to be unable to start. We are sorry for the trouble.

My Movies for Windows 5.13

Added: Import of movies now uses collection numbers from personal data, when possible.
Added: The alert viewer have been added to the Collection Management application, as many users use this as their primary interface.
Added: Option to track digital copy types in the meta-data.
Added: Compare on movie updates. Currently only for data, and not images.
Added: Compare on TV series and episodes
Added: Checkbox on disc chapter editing where you can indicate that chapter names is not included on the release.
Added: Check for new data before contribution of TV series and episode
Added: Ability to track more than one type on a title.
Added: Mobile location editing for TV Episodes.
Added: Ability to configure iTunes to start under the My Movies service.
Added: Personal data for TV Series
Added: Convertion of Disc titles with mapped TV Episodes now adds paths to the episodes.
Added: Option to pause converting before next job, in Converter Tasks.
Added: Import/Monitoring of movie/disc titles files in a folder and its subfolders.
Added: Option to pause/resume converter in Dashboard
Added: Support for PowerDVD 15 in external players.
Added: The dashboard now remembers column width changes.
Added: Dennon remote handler have been updated to allow for adding custom buttons.
Added: JVC remote handler have been updated to allow for adding custom buttons.
Added: Preparation of 2160p video format.
Added: Hungarian language
Added: DLNA server for serving pre-converted MP4/M4V and MKV files to various devices.

Update: Kodi/XBMC meta-data storage handler have received many updates, now storing tv series, tags and set information on box sets.

Change: The complete percentage of box sets now reflects that various data should not be added on box set containers.
Change: The system now stores mymovies.xml files for TV Series
Change: Personal data is now stored in the mymovies.xml file.
Change: MP4/M4V meta-data tagging now moved to a separate storage handler, and now tags both movies and tv episodes also.
Change: For improved stability, the back-end service now checks the state of the SQL Server service, and starts it if it is not started, giving better details on screen for clients if there are problems.
Change: The music disc copier function now had the option through the MP4/M4V meta-data storage handler to add copied tracks to iTunes.
Change: Updates to media info reading, to read more information for multi-disc titles and mobile converted titles.
Change: Keys are now mapped to PowerDVD supported keys when using the My Movies remote control apps, as PowerDVD cinema does not respond to using the default WMC ones. Use the green button to return to WMC when playing.
Change: The mymovies.xml file is no longer encrypted, and can again be used by users for personal reasons. The file includes a comment that we consider the format and filename internal, and that other applications should not store files in this format.

Fix: Production companies for movies were not added correctly, when updating data on the movie.
Fix: Disc titles did not get their online id set, right after contribution of a new disc title.
Fix: An empty error message with headline database error could be returned when opening Collection Management right after an update.
Fix: My Movies bonjour interop dll was not added to assembly under WHS 2011 and Server Essentials 2012, which could generate unwanted errors.
Fix: Some log errors could be generated when system was restarting as a drive watcher caught the shutdown.
Fix: Play disc was shown in some situations where it should not be.
Fix: An exception could occur when trying to register AnyDVD.
Fix: Unexpected drive ids could lead to a crash.
Fix: Import of movies set the movie to be standalone if it was in the collection only belonging to a disc title.
Fix: Import/monitoring of movies now uses categories from personal data, when possible.
Fix: On TV Series update the result window only showed one line in the changed field. It now shows multiple lines.
Fix: If disc path is set to BDMV or VIDEO_TS folder, then 'add to converter' now accepts that.
Fix: Copying to WMA format for music discs could lead to a copy error.
Fix: TV Series had their group reset when episodes got added to it.
Fix: TV Series update will now add new episodes, and update names on existing ones, even when the series is locked.
Fix: Personal titles for movies were not shown correctly, for movies under disc titles.
Fix: Meta-data for movie profiles were not stored when running a combined meta-data update in settings.
Fix: Some wrong path handlings could cause various issues in the video converter.
Fix: Disc copy direct to video converter had some problems setting the correct destination path.
Fix: Known TV Series mapping was not used when converting directly from disc
Fix: Issue with MKV and TV Series episodes not mapping correct.
Fix: Various things using a randomizer was not truly random.
Fix: Cleanup in local database had created a problem with some of the sorting in WMC.
Fix: Some issue with categories that could block storage of TV Series
Fix: Minor issue where update of personal data on a movie could miss the data from the type field.
Fix: Personalized titles for movies were not always used in the title list
Fix: Starting data servers (API) after 10 seconds rather than instantly after service start, to avoid missing global assemblies on install.
Fix: iTunes process was started in a way that caused Apple TV to be unable to see it.
Fix: Mobile path wasn't cleared when changing between episodes
Fix: Convertion of side B of a disc was not already mapped correct, and mobile paths could be set wrongly.
Fix: Copy Disc directly to converter only worked with one convertion profile. It now also uses the second profile if one is set.
Fix: Rare sql bug that made Collection Management open with an empty title list.
Fix: Episode count in bottom of Collection Management was not set correct.
Fix: Copy/paste of actors into a generic movie didn't save the sort order of the actors.
Fix: Import/Monitoring would sometimes add side b of a disc, if the disc id couldn't be found.
Fix: Import/Monitoring could end in an endless loop when checking folders with disc titles.
Fix: Indication of movie year inside () or [] in folder or filename was not used correctly.
Fix: Categories for movies wasn't saved in client when doing sync down from webservice.
Fix: If an external player launched a second process internally, our external player handler would not close the player when WMC is restored. This affected PowerDVD.
Fix: If the machine was not connected to the internet, loading of covers could be slow.
Fix: If the machine was not connected to the internet, loading of person photos could be slow.
Fix: There could be some issues on which client that picks up which job when having multiple clients converting videos.
Fix: Location type could be incorrect when syncing collection from online service.

My Movies for Windows 5.12

Added: Title list icons for boxsets.
Added: Option to show all languages when viewing posters and banners for TV Series and Movies.
Added: Support for Media Player Classic - BE in external players.
Added: External players how have a separate configuration for Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, in case you want to use perhaps ArcSoft TMT or Cyberlink PowerDVD for Blu-ray 3D, and other players such as MPC-HC for ordinary Blu-ray titles.
Added: The external player configurations now supports direct launch of DVD chapters, allowing for support for direct launch of TV Series on DVD episodes in external players that supports it.
Added: The external player configurations now supports direct launch of Blu-ray BDMV folder MPLS files, allowing for support for direct launch of TV Series on Blu-ray episodes in external players that supports it, and for using My Movies' meta-data to determine the main movie before playback in players not supporting menu's.
Added: The software now prompts the user if they would like to register hotkey changes for MPC-HC and MPC-BE, so that they can be used with Windows Media Center remotes and the My Movies mobile application remotes.
Added: Extended handling of Media Player Home Classic and Media Player Classic BC, allowing them to be used for stop and resume.
Added: Support for KPC packages of MPC HC and MPC BE as external player.
Added: Settings option to disable Windows Media Centers autoplay, for better handling of image files and inserted discs.
Added: Prompt for Play or Copy settings option in relation to disabling Windows Media Center autoplay.
Added: Preview option using MPC HC in Collection Management, allowing for easier tagging of DVD and Blu-ray titles.
Added: Filter functions for media type, mastered in 4k, cover type, chapters/episodes read, credits end start specified.
Added: Tracking of watched marking and progress on "Play all episodes" and other playlist based watching in MediaPlayer Classic.
Added: Option to hide season level on TV Series with only one season.
Added: Remote event handler for Samsung TV's.
Added: Auro 3D audio track types
Added: Option to tag two main movies in the meta-data for disc titles containing two editions.
Added: Check for profile updates before contribution of movies.
Added: New profiles for video converter. Instead of device specific profiles, we are moving towards more universal profiles of various qualities. The new profiles are only M4V and not MP4 profiles, as we believe all devices can handle M4V, where Apple TV will only accept M4V and not MP4. If anyone have devices that does not handle the M4V files, but do handle MP4 files, we would like to hear about it.

Change: Insert disc prompt in Windows Media Center to contain title and image.
Change: Facebook login updated to support new Facebook API's, to avoid deprecation.
Change: Including AnyDVD's disc.inf file when copying a BDMV folder.
Change: disc.inf from AnyDVD used to play correct main movie when playing titles with MPC.
Change: Opened up for dashboard specific commands in the API for professionals.

Update: MKV tools updated to latest versions.
Update: Handbrake updated to latest released version (0.10.0), adding QuickSync support.
Update: Various changes and fixes to the MPC player implementation.

Fix: The new cover type and mastered in 4K options was not part of the preview.
Fix: MPC-HC was not marked to support BDMV and recorded tv files in external player settings.
Fix: Folder monitoring could keep checking a directory, if it was renamed between an event coming in from it, and monitoring being ready to check it.
Fix: The invalid path check in optimize database could in some situations re-occur with the same message, without being able to correct it.
Fix: The sort order was not stored correct when sorting the three list in Collection Management.
Fix: The title was used when creating set informations in XBMC - instead the sort title is used now.
Fix: European air dates could cause a storage problem when generating TV Series meta-data for XBMC.
Fix: In specific circumstances the reading of a date could fail, when the user was using regional settings that couldn't be parsed as US dates.
Fix: Contribution of production countries for movies could send localized country names causing the contribution to fail on the server.
Fix: On some Blu-ray discs the reading of the chapter durations wasn't corrent.
Fix: Issue with reset collection numbers, that could lead to incorrect numbering.
Fix: Issue with XBMC meta-data storage, where a title having one disc with both side a and b online was not joined into a set.
Fix: Incorrect message about upgrade on client machine.
Fix: Description source was not shown correctly when changing language on a movie
Fix: Contribution comments were not stored correct.
Fix: On some Server 2012 R2 versions, the SQL Server installation failed.
Fix: Reading of blu-ray chapter structure was in some scenarios incomplete.
Fix: Empty directory could cause issues with external credentials connection
Fix: Titles not connected to the online service could fail to store for Dune meta-data.
Fix: A bug in the path check for disc titles could report a change to a title even though nothing had changed.
Fix: Collection number for TV Series wasn't registered on webservices when contributing a new tv series.
Fix: Change source through folder import for TV Series didn't show the correct dialog, and didn't fill in the correct fields.
Fix: Media information was not displayed for discs inserted into drives.
Fix: Time improvement on disc title load in Collection Management. Check of complete percentage is now done in the background.
Fix: Reading of chapter structure on blu-ray had some issues in a few specific circumstances.
Fix: Informative message is now returned, if user tries to add a monitored item to converter, and the item is not in a supported format.
Fix: Disc id not passed correct to edit episodes dialog, meaning that it may say that the disc was not found.
Fix: AnyDVD state was not always read correct on X86 devices.
Fix: The service could crash due to a notification object being run through and added to at the same time.
Fix: Cover type did not display correct in preview.
Fix: Settings could break if a previously selected cover style was no longer available.
Fix: There could be a problem in the response from the API when requesting play options, if title had multiple discs, with one having play options, and the other not.
Fix: columns for episode editing are now set to best fit the content.
Fix: Chapter times for blu-rays needed to be read differently in some scenarios.
Fix: Issue that could cause BDMV playlist folders to be added as video folder.
Fix: Some internal dates on connected movies where not updated on title delete, which could result in an indication that the movie wasn't in sync with the server.
Fix: Empty strings in personal data could cause movie titles to sort incorrectly.
Fix: Movie contribution now changes movie to local, if it wasn't found in the online service
Fix: Connected movies weren't deleted when titles in a box set were deleted.
Fix: Update of all movies could easily timeout. Time limit raised to 60 seconds, and better feedback added to avoid freeze in UI.
Fix: Enter key did not work on remote control keyboard.
Fix: Virtual drives was listed in automatic disc copier settings in Windows Media Center
Fix: TMT5 was not detected correct when image files were mounted and autoplay was disabled.
Fix: Picture mode setting for the JVC X500 models did not work as expected, and could cause issues in communication in general.
Fix: The memory slots above 3 for higher JVC projector models did not work.
Fix: Collection Management on a Home & Essentials server installation could give incorrect message when restoring a database.

My Movies for Windows 5.11 Build 3

Fix: When changing type when editing a disc title profile in Collection Management, the drop-down would change back.
Fix: Debug logging was enabled by default, which it should not have been.

My Movies for Windows 5.11 Build 2

Fix: There was an issue in an SQL Query, causing the TV Series library to come up empty. Sorry for the trouble this have caused.

My Movies for Windows 5.11

Added: Movies now also stores folder.jpg in directories.
Added: Similar movies function for movie profiles.
Added: Kodi/XBMC meta-data storage handler now have an option to put multi-disc titles, where the title have multiple online discs into a set to be grouped together.
Added: Kodi/XBMC meta-data storage handler now also stores data for movie profiles.
Added: Support for Dolby Atmos as audio track option on disc titles.
Added: Option to contribute case type on disc titles.
Added: Option to contribute "Mastered in 4K" setting on disc titles.
Added: Indexes for better performance of searches

Change: XBMC meta-data storage handler renamed to Kodi/XBMC
Change: Meta-data storage handlers are changed to receive a list of video files when storing movie data. All handlers must be updated to be functional.
Change: Meta-data storage handlers are changed to receive a list of video files when storing movie data. All handlers must be updated to be functional.
Change: PowerDVD 13 and 14 integration is now in Cinema mode. If the Window opens in non-full screen mode, maximize it, and PowerDVD will remember this.

Update: External player integration updated to use MPC-HC for BDMV folder playback.

Fix: The current group wasn't grayed out in the right click menu for movies in Collection Management
Fix: Collection Management link didn't work on monitoring tab in Server dashboard.
Fix: Episode icon in title list was sometimes not correct after contributing episode data.
Fix: Monitoring tab on server dashboard didn't show correct identification method, for movies found by IMDB id.
Fix: Removed movie check on disk titles with IMDB id = tt0000000 on update all disc titles
Fix: Folder monitoring now re-initializes after resuming from standby.
Fix: If the system had configured a language that was not supported, that could cause an exception, leading to other issues.
Fix: Local created movies got deleted from disc titles with IMDB id = "" or "tt0000000" if the disc title was saved.
Fix: Incoming exception when stopping general service.
Fix: Production Companies for movies wasn't saved correctly when not running with English UI.
Fix: Updating movies from webservice now doesn't refresh the title list, but instead updates the nodes in the list.
Fix: Playback of VIDEO_TS folders in Windows Media Center could fail in some situations.
Fix: Updating movies and TV Series from webservice now doesn't refresh the title list, but instead updates the nodes in the list. This should keep the current node selected in the list.
Fix: Mede8er meta-data storage functionality was broken.
Fix: Movies could be set to standalone on collection download, when they are only disc connected.
Fix: Download of collection didn't compare movie data correctly, which made it seem like there were changes to movies even though it wasn't the case.
Fix: Some default values for movies were not stored correctly, which could result in a wrong representation of the movies in WMC.
Fix: There was a lot of languages missing for spoken languages selection for movies.
Fix: If reboot of AnyDVD is enabled, it is now set to force the reboot after 30 seconds.
Fix: The new data storage methods in My Movies 5 caused covers for inserted discs to not be downloaded correct.
Fix: Database upgrade messages was swapped when opening My Movies in Windows Media Center, causing incorrect messages.

My Movies for Windows 5.10

Added: New movie meta-data profile type, used for tracking media that is not specifically on DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD.
Added: Through the new movie data profile type, you can now select backdrops for disc titles inside Collection Management, or select your own.
Added: New groups to allow for tracking of digital media and watches in cinema: Digital, Interested, Seen.
Added: The export database to XML function have been updated, and now includes options to export TV Series, Movies and, all graphical parts used in the database.
Added: Toolbar button to store meta-data for the currently marked title.
Added: Option for adding a comment with each contribution to the service.
Added: Collection Numbers on TV Series
Added: Option to download all episodes in a season - right click menu.
Added: Group and categories can now be set when adding monitored folders.
Added: Copy and paste buttons for actor and crew lists.
Added: The "prompt" setting for the automatic disc copier have now been improved in Windows Media Center.
Added: XBMC meta-data storage handler now contains a settings option to override NFO files created by other softwares than My Movies. Please enable if your NFO's aren't updating.
Added: XBMC meta-data storage handler now includes the option of configuring clients that should have a library update request. Notice, this does not update meta-data on existing titles, only adds new (limitation of XBMC)
Added: The application now specifically blocks for usage of mapped network drives, which are not supported in My Movies 5.

Change: The image view dialog now shows the resolution of the image.
Change: Error message about reading sector x failed, now gives information that cause is likely dirty or scratched disc.
Change: Contribution encouragement for disc titles is no longer done through a popup message, but shown in the top of the profile in Collection Management instead. Just as it does with Movies and TV Series.
Change: Canadian parental rating values adjusted.
Change: AddExternalServerCredentials handles upper case vs. lower case in server name.
Change: External server credentials dialog now also contains credentials for configured folders.
Change: Meta-data storage have been moved, allowing it to cast notifications when storage failed.

Fix: Database restore could in some situations not upgrade the database, causing a log in issue after restoring.
Fix: Attempt to let refresh rate changer to produce an error when reverting refresh rates.
Fix: Ratings on disc titles was not handled correct. They displayed the global rating, and stored it as the users own rating when saving the title.
Fix: File existance checks was done in a dumb way, which could lead to issues such as file tagging problems when copying music.
Fix: Files that were read-only could not be picked up by monitoring.
Fix: After creating a new database, you were asked if you wanted to synchronize, but you can't because you are not allowed to upload an empty collection.
Fix: Folder monitoring had problems in various situations with read-only files and root file shares.
Fix: IMDB import did not work on Home and Essentials Server
Fix: Flac file did not get meta-data added.
Fix: AnyDVD not running had a red error state, but it is with current implementation perfectly valid that it is not running until a disc is copied the first time after a reboot. Fix: AnyDVD is now restarted by the service user, after it has been updated, and the machine have been rebooted. Not doing this could leave the server in a state where it would not take in discs to copy.
Fix: TV Series episodes were not correctly coupled to mapped disc titles in some scenarios.
Fix: It was possible to make multi select in the search results when adding titles. This is now removed.
Fix: Playback from UNC paths could fail on Windows 7 Embedded, as it did not have a patch that Windows 7 SP1 had. This attempts to bring back some old code to correct that.
Fix: There were no messages sent if movie monitoring did not add a title because it existed as a duplicate.
Fix: Copy button in tray popup was displayed, even if disc copier was disabled.
Fix: Copy button in tray popup could overlap text. It have been moved.
Fix: Icon wasn't changed for TV Episode when the episode was contributed.
Fix: Incorrect storage of a country could lead to country data resetting.
Fix: Filters created could due to parental control settings exclude some titles by default.
Fix: TV Series wasn't registered in a group when added to the users collection.
Fix: If monitoring was disabled, and changes was made in folders, and it was later re-enabled, it did not run full initialization.
Fix: Import/monitoring of TV Series folders now ignores VIDEO_TS and BDMV/STREAM folders.
Fix: Copy disc status in Windows Media Center showed a starting date, when time should be plenty.
Fix: Minor check to ensure against an exception when database becomes unavailable.
Fix: Video converter storage path could be empty when re-opening settings dialog.
Fix: Adding a folder monitoring path could prompt for credentials twice.
Fix: Maximum 10 alerts are now sent for duplicate TV Serie episode files
Fix: Improvements to folder monitoring to better handle when devices becomes unavailable and then available again.
Fix: Various improvements to the login procedures for external storage devices.
Fix: To improve sync speed titlelist is no longer updated while doing download of collection.
Fix: Expand option disappeared for some disc titles in title list, when they were saved.
Fix: On collection download box sets are now shown as box sets in the title list instead of standalone titles.
Fix: Upgrade database call could throw an exception of DB server was unavailable.
Fix: Minor updates to external credentials log on, to ensure to retry failed connections better.
Fix: Reset collection numbers function could crash if database had some broken TV Series data.
Fix: Some titles did not have the correct title set passed to the video converter, meaning it processed largest file, and not the meta-data marked title.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 6

Fix: We made a mistake affecting users when creating new databases. Sorry.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 5

Fix: The Collection Management application could crash using the connect to dialog, if the server could not be logged into.
Fix: Folder monitoring on WHS could add duplicate titles under some specific circumstances.
Fix: Folder monitoring could crash if an invalid title existed in the internal database.
Fix: There was a problem with using the change data function, and changing to a manual typed title.
Fix: The filter editing dialog could have ratings that were listed duplicated.
Fix: If the video converter and disc copier had same folder selected, the conversions would fail with an error.
Fix: Blu-ray 3D tickbox was available for disc titles there were not Blu-ray.
Fix: Changes to folder monitoring to better handle operating on shares on local folders.
Fix: An exception could occur when opening TV episode details.
Fix: Changing language to English, and contributing English for TV Series, was not possible if the language didn't exist for the Series.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 4

Change: Some minor adjustments to when a title gets a 1080 and 720 badge.
Change: The installer now catches a reboot required error code and informs user.
Change: Updates to functionality details dialog.

Fix: Changes to Media Center start menu was not applied correct.
Fix: If there was a broken database creation, it could leave behind a directory that gave problems when creating a new database.
Fix: It was not possible to select audio and subtitle languages in extender transcoding configuration.
Fix: If the user changed credentials for a server, it gave issues connecting.
Fix: Users with Dune meta-data enabled, and a local path selected for storage could get a prompt for missing external credentials.
Fix: The installer attempted to enable file streaming when installing as client, if the database server was previously installed.
Fix: Some machines did not have public videos and public music configured correct, which could lead to an install error.
Fix: Monitoring now warns if there is a path that it cannot access.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 3

Fix: The Collection Management program no longer had the ability to remember sort due to functionality change in a third party library.
Fix: There was problems with the online and offline title lists in Windows Media Center when viewing the media library.
Fix: Some users got a message that a prior My Movies database server was detected, but that the version of it could not be determined.
Fix: Some users get SQL Server installation errors, which in some situations are resolved when installing with an interface. The installer will now ask to install with an interface if installation fails.

My Movies for Windows 5.00 Build 2

Fix: If there is a leftover database file, the system should now be able to back that up to a different filename.
Fix: There was a problem when selecting WMA as music disc copier format on Windows 7 and 8.
Fix: There could be connection problems from My Movies for iPad and My Movies for iPhone.
Fix: Category collection view could fail to be displayed due to an invalid SQL.
Fix: Issue that could cause double copying when software was operating as client.
Fix: There could be a problem storing the index for Dune of it was on another device than the local server.
Fix: The software made some autorun adjustments also on desktop PC's that was not ideal, and could cause problems when installing the first time.
Fix: Dashboard display images for copied movie discs and monitoring was not merge into the new database format. This can lead to clients not displaying the images in the properties windows.
Fix: There was a 2500 point requirement check from the Pre Release in the dashboard login.
Fix: There was some strings missing in localization, which showed as localization errors when opening the feature list dialog.

My Movies for Windows 5.00

- Initial release of My Movies 5.