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Windows - Upgrading My Movies 3 or 4.

Important Information

Users who have a license for My Movies 3 or 4, or a licensed device supplied by one of our professional partners, you must contact the partner before upgrading. Licenses supplied through our professional partners does not automatically cover an upgrade to My Movies 5. Users who have purchased points as an end-user is not affected by this.

Users upgrading from My Movies 3 or 4 to My Movies 5 must first create a database backup in the Collection Management application, and then uninstall My Movies 4, and install My Movies 5. After finishing the installation, which for Windows 7 users will uninstall the existing database back end, and install a new, use the Collection Management application to restore the database backup you created under My Movies 3 or 4.

Users upgrading from My Movies 4 to My Movies 5 is recommend to watch our introduction video to My Movies 5 to get the most out of My Movies 5, and to understand changes from prior versions. Click here to watch the video.

Similar, we have an introduction page to My Movies 5.10 that covers changes from My Movies 5 to My Movies 5.10. Click here to read that page.