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Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 4:22:04 AM

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If you believe a series has invalid episode data, such as wrong episode number or season, please keep in mind the following:

1. Please check TheTVDB. Is the episode deemed correct there? As they are our initial source, their policies and moderator decisions should be accepted unless we say otherwise.

2. Episode season and number is based on first air date on the original network in its country of origin only. DVD order and aired order in other networks and countries are irrelevant. If episodes are aired out of intended sequence, then the episodes are still numbered per original airing. In the future we may have a method to deal with this situation, but for now original airing is what matters.

3. You as the end user cannot contribute edits to season and episode numbers. This is a moderator-only authority.

4. Use the "Report Incorrect Data" function to explain the problem to the moderators. Include proper references to back up your claims. This means original network or studio episode listings are the authority here. If your only references are Wikipedia or unofficial fan sites, then the moderators may not accept your change requests. We cannot go about changing things based on dodgy and often conflicting references.

5. Discuss on this forum any questions about how a series should be entered.
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