Installer Program Introduction

Professionals who are using the My Movies professionally by supplying or installing the software for customers are quired to join the My Movies installer program, and through this receives the many benefits that My Movies provides for the professional partners. Supplying our software to customers in any relation, including "helping" the customer to install the software, may only occur by being part of our installer program, without any exceptions.

There is a $250 signup fee to join the program, which covers registration costs, and includes two demonstration licenses (worth $100 each) that can be used on the installers own demonstration and test devices, and moved between them.

The installers name and logo will be shown on in the dashboard of the server solution software, on the splash and about screen in the Collection Management program, and on the about page in My Movies for Windows Media Center.

Installers will when signing up through our sign-up form receive instant access to our installer area, where they can download their installer files, consisting of an XML file, which contains company information, the company's installer id number and optionally a company logo file will be included. This file is applied to each installation along with a license key for the product that is being installed - the license key is purchased by the installer in the installer area.

Once licensed, the software does not require a user account, and any product limitations that normally required points are lifted. Users who would like to contribute to the online service, synchronize their collection to the My Movies mobile applications, or create an online collection can create a user account as normal, without this user account affecting the program functionality.

Product Pricing

My Movies for Windows (All Inclusive), $100.

Licenses are as of My Movies 5 full non-OEM licenses that can be transferred between machines.

Before a license can be transferred, it must be unloaded on the existing machine.

If the software is transferred before unloading, it can be unloaded by the installer through the installer area.

Installers are expected to provide support to their customers, including helping the customer unload licenses if the software needs to be transferred to another machine, in case the software was sold as a license, without hardware. Installers who sells the software as part of a hardware product may choose to inform the customer that the license is tied to the hardware.

End-users may contact My Movies support on to have a license unloaded, in case the original supplier is permanently not reachable. My Movies reserves the right to end business with companies who choose to not support their customers.

Signing up as an installer

To sign up to the installer program, use our sign-up form, which will give you instant access to our installer area, and to installing My Movies.

There are discounted license prices available if license credits for $2,000 ($1,600 after discount) or more is pre-purchased. The discount percent increases depending on the pre-purchased amount.

Installer benefits

The My Movies professional program is a requirement when using the My Movies software professionally, but also provides many benefits not available to end-users.

Exclusive Features
Some features in the My Movies application suite is reserved for professionals, and is not available for end-user product purchases. This currently includes the API to use with control systems such as Control4, RTI, Crestron, AMX and others, as well as offline movie disc copy processing, designed for boat usage, where the system can apply data to movie discs copied while the system was not connected to the internet, once a connection is again available.

Extended Branding
Professionals can choose between providing systems under the default My Movies product name and branding, or the software can be branded with your companys own branding, product name, icon and logo, effectively identifying the software as an own provided package. Branding is available at a cost of $500 per installer platform (currently two platform installations exists, one for Windows 7 and 8, and one for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Server Essentials 2012). The product branding can also be extended to the My Movies mobile applications, branding the applications with the companys own branding, and making the mobile applications freely available for customers in the app stores, through an extended license option for the Windows software. Contact us on for details on the branding options.

All Inclusive Licenses
Directly installed My Movies installations for end-users requires points to unlock functionality through the users user account, and will contain prompts with feature lists. Installers instead applies license keys on the installed machines, which are all-inclusive, making all features available on the customers machine, without any functionality prompts or purchase buttons in the software.

Program Logos
An installation made by an installer lists the companys name and optionally logo in the about page of the program, in the Collection Management program, the companys logo is displayed on the about and the start splash screen as an official installer, and the company name and logo is displayed in the settings area of the softwares dashboard.

Official Installer List
The My Movies website provides two lists that serves as an advertisment for your company, and lets partners or customers locate companies, which provides My Movies based solutions. You can choose between being listed as a manufacturer, that resells products to other professional companies, or, you can choose be listed as an integrator who resells My Movies based products directly to end-users.

Free Support
Support that relates directly the My Movies software suite is provided free of charge, no matter which platform you choose to receive support through. Support that does not directly relate to the My Movies software, such as support on hardware recommendations, general Windows setup and similar can be aquired per request. Support is also provided free of charge for partners in relation to questions on our API's, if you have partners that are developing drivers for the software.

Priority E-mail Support
E-mail support for professionals are handled with highest priority, through our support e-mail, which is exclusive for professionals.

Phone Support
Within our office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM in the GMT+1 time zone), our installer support phone is available on +45 30 95 07 32.

Skype Support
In sitautions where you need quick instructions or have questions that requires instant attention, we are also available through a Skype text chat or call, using the Skype account "" within our office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM in the GMT+1 time zone).

Customer Support
Your customers generally refers to you for support, and in case you are unable to resolve the support issue for your customer, you can contact our support for help. Your customers can also as any direct My Movies customer, get free support on the general support forum within same terms as direct My Movies customers.

Remote Assistance Support
Should any of your customer machines have problems related to the My Movies software, that you are unable to resolve, or, that we are unable to instruct through our normal support channels, we offer to freely connect to your customers machine through TeamViewer with in our office hours (Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM in the GMT+1 time zone) and resolve any problems there may be with the software setup.

Feature Request Priority
Feature requests received from installers will get a higher priority than requests received by end-users. Installer requests are prioritised based on how many units the installer can sell, and the requests are typically not single user requests, and therefore the requests can get a higher priority.