Manufacturers delivers products for integrators with the My Movies software installed. As integrator you can offer you customers a complete product package through cooperation with a manufacturer.

The advantages of purchasing through a manufacturer is that you can enhance you product suite with a complete and thoroughly tested product. The manufacturers supply training and support of their products. The My Movies support only delivers support to our own software and not to any hardware you may install the product on. Purchasing through a manufacturer ensures you support not only on the My Movies software, but also the hardware and use of My Movies software with the particular hardware. The manufacturer also has a much deeper understanding of your particular customer segment, than My Movies does, and therefor has a better understanding of your needs.

In cooperation with a manufacturer you can ensure that your customers receive a quality product.

Below you will find an updated list of manufacturers. The list contains manufactures who have been active in connection with My Movies within the last three months.

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