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Windows 7 or 8 Media Center - Notice! Legacy Software

Legacy Software

The My Movies 4 Collection Management software is deprecated, and have been replaced by My Movies 5. It is no longer maintained, and it is recommended to use My Movies 5 instead.

Important Information

The My Movies 4 for Windows 7 or 8 Media Center installer can be used on Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate packages and requires Service Pack 1 to be installed, or on Windows 8/8.1 Pro with Media Center Pack installed.

There is only one installer available, which covers both X86 and X64 installations, as well as Server, Client or Standalone environments.

The My Movies for Windows Media Center installer package contains My Movies Collection Management. You should not download and install both My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management.

My Movies may not be pre-installed on commercial products, nor in any way redistributed or provided to end-users by installers that is not part of our installer program.





Release date:



My Movies for Windows 7 or 8 Media Center



Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro with Media Center Pack
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Ultimate

May 5'th 2014

62.90 MB

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