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Some features in our product suite require a specific amount of contribution or purchased points to function, up to a maximum of 2,500 points. Contribution or Purchased points is My Movies' way of providing users with advanced add-on options without creating a specific commercial package.

The benefit of this method is users who prefer to take part in improving our service by contributing to our WebService can do this to earn contribution points, and this way get the add-on features for free, while users who prefer to purchase a product suite instead can make a points purchase, or users can combine the two options.

Since we would like any user to be able to instantly try the features that require points, we offer a 21 day trial, which upon request using the button below temporary adds 2,500 points to your user account. The 2,500 points will automatically be removed from your account after the 21 days.

Notice! You can only request the 21 day trial once.

Click the button below to add the 2,500 points to your account for 21 days. After requesting the trial, open the "Account Status" page from the WebService menu in the Collection Management program, or in My Movies for Windows Home Server, press the "Update" button after logging in to the WebService from the general My Movies tab in the consoles settings area to have the client detect the added points.

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