Creating Box Sets


My Movies supports grouping titles together to match how they are sold in box sets. This allows you to see your movies grouped together under the profile of the box set container, and get all the detailed information for the movies contained that cannot be entered on the profile of the container.

This page is supplemented by an instruction video on the same topic, which we also recommend for you to watch here.

If a newly added or updated disc title in your collection is registered on our servers as a box set you will be asked if you would like to download profiles for all the titles contained and organize them as a box set. You will be able to see the profiles and all the detailed movie information linked to and displayed under a profile of the box set container in both Collection Management and under the Movies section in My Movies for Windows Media Center.

If the complete box set has not been uploaded to our servers you will most likely find a title profile just for the box set container, but you can easily create and add the necessary movie profiles and the profile for the container if not already available and contribute the full box set. This guide will show you the steps to follow.

Check if the full box set is already available on the server

Users should begin by searching for their box set on the web service by barcode for the country in which it was released. If a title matching the barcode is available for the correct country, then add it to your collection. If the full box set is available a pop up window will open, asking if you wish to add the titles contained to your collection. If any of the titles contained are already in your collection, you will be asked if you wish to move them into the box set. Simply click yes, then add the titles and you are done.

This screenshot shows the ‘Title Is Box Set’ pop up for adding the titles contained in a box set.


If you already have a profile for the box set container in your collection when another user contributes the full box set, you will receive a prompt offering to download the full box set the next time you update the title. However, if you previously declined the update you will need to delete and re-add the title to your collection to trigger the full box set download.

If only the box set container is already available on the server

If a barcode search returns a profile for just the box set container but without any sub profiles for the movies contained, then add the profile to your collection and jump to the "Creating movie profiles" chapter of this guide.

If there is nothing on the server already

Users should begin by creating a title profile for the box set container using its barcode and covers, leaving the invalid data elements for box set containers (production year, aspect ratio, genres, studios, audio, subtitles, cast and crew) blank. All discs in the box set and their disc IDs should be added to the discs tab of the container profile.

Creating movie profiles

Create a title profile for each of the movies contained in the box set using 000000000000 for the barcode even if the movie has its own covers and barcode. Existing 000000000000 title profiles already on the web service should not be used to create the box set; always create new ones. Add the disc or discs plus IDs for the individual movie to the specific movie profile. If the box set includes bonus discs for the individual movies, they should be included on the discs tab of the specific movie they are for and NOT given their own profiles. If the movie has its own covers from a case within the box, use those for the profile; if not, use the covers from the box set container. For the description, enter that from the individual movie rear cover if it has one, or that from the box set cover if not. If no description is present on either cover simply enter a "-" in the description. If a description is available on an internal element of the box set or in an accompanying leaflet for example, that may be used, but evidence may be requested by a moderator to show where that description came from. Sorts for the movie profiles should begin with the sort title of the Box Set container, then a number, then a ":", then the local title of the movie. The numbering should be based on the printed order on the box set covers or discs. If no clear order is given on the packaging or discs, the movies should be ordered by their production year, oldest to newest.

Creating profiles for box set bonus discs

Some box sets include bonus discs that are not for a specific movie but for multiple movies or all the titles in the box set. In these cases, a title profile should be made for each such bonus disc. These profiles should be added after the profiles for the movies. Note, as bonus discs it may be impossible to complete their title data to 100%; simply enter as much correct information as possible and leave any missing data blank. Do not enter invalid or unverified data in order to complete the profile.

Adding profiles to the box set container

Once all the necessary profiles for the box set contents have been made, select the profile of the box set container and click the ‘Series/Box Set’ button just above runtime.


One at a time find and click on each title profile in the ‘Available Titles’ pane on the left to highlight it and click the ‘Add To Series >>’ button to move it into the ‘Added Titles’ pane on the right. Note: the available titles pane sorts alphabetically based on the local movie title, but the actual order titles will appear in your box set will be based on their sorts. You can remove a title by highlighting it in the ‘Added Title’ pane and clicking ‘<< Remove From Series’. Once all the titles have been added, simply click OK and then save the profile. The added titles should now be linked to the container profile and available as a box set from the ‘+’ before the container title in Collection Management.


Contributing the box set to the web service

Select the title profile of the box set container and then click ‘Title’ and select ‘Contribute Title Data and Cover’. From the pop up window select ‘As Box Set’ to contribute the box set to the web service.


Waiting for approval

All box sets contributed to the web service go through an approval process to make sure they meet the guidelines. While a box set contribution is awaiting approval you will not be able to make changes to the container profile, so check carefully before contributing to avoid unnecessary rejections. When a moderator approves or rejects your box set you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.