Migrating from DVD Profiler to My Movies

In this guide we will show you exactly how to export your movie collection from DVD Profiler and how to import it to My Movies for Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone and Android. It is not the most complicated process ever, but it does require a number of different steps to finish.

The guide will be supported by screenshots from DVD Profiler and My Movies for both computer platforms. It is not required of you to use our software for Windows or Mac OS X, as the intermediary is a website to where you upload the export file from DVD Profiler. Subsequently you must sync to whichever platform(s) you use, and you will of course have to purchase our software for your preferred platform to be able to view more than 50 titles. However, My Movies Collection Management for Windows does not have a 50 title limitation, and is available as a free download. Some functionalities do require points though, which can be purchased or earned by contributing to our service. See more details here.

Exporting from DVD Profiler

To export your collection from DVD Profiler and create a file compatible for import with My Movies, simply click "File" and choose "Export Profile Database". In the following dialogue you can name the file what you want and choose the export directory. Make sure to export to a single file, as shown below.


On the next screen you have to choose which elements to export. Of course it is important that you export "All Profiles", so make sure that that radio button is selected. All the options in "Optional Export Data" should be checked by default by the program, but make sure that Notes and Tags are checked, as these elements carry over from DVD Profiller to My Movies.


After a succesful export you should have an XML file in your destination folder of choice.

Importing to My Movies

To import your collection go to https://import.mymovies.dk and type in your account information. Make sure to check the box at the bottom and understand that this import will delete all the profiles you currently have in your collection in My Movies.


After clicking "Log in" you will be taken to the screen shown below. Here you have to choose DVD Profiler in "Import From" and then find your exported collection file. Select your primary and secondary countries, and check "Accept results from other countries" if you have titles released in countries not in your primary and secondary country selections.

It is important to note that your profiles from DVD Profiler will not be imported to My Movies. Your profiles from DVD Profiler will be matched with profiles on our server, and only personal information such as collection ID, notes and tags will be transferred.


Your DVD Profiler collection will then be loaded into the collection associated with your user account at My Movies. On the next screen you will be presented with a list of titles that did not transfer from DVD Profiler to My Movies. DVD Profiler records box set child titles using a disc ID, which is handled differently in My Movies, and these titles therefore cannot always be imported, or the titles in your collection could be manually created titles without barcodes. In rare cases it might also be because we simply do not have the title in our database, or because the title is registered to another country than what you selected to match against. Use this list to add the missing titles manually in My Movies. Only a few profiles in a relatively large collection should miss the transfer, though. You will automatically receive an e-mail containing this information.

Synchronize your collection

In our applications for Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone and Android choose "Synchronize" to update your collection. On mobile platforms this function is found in the "Settings" menu within the My Movies application.


In My Movies Collection Management for Windows, go into "WebService", choose "Synchronize Online and Mobile Collection", and then it is very important that you choose to DOWNLOAD your collection from the online service. If you choose the wrong option, your empty collection in My Movies Collection Management for Windows will overwrite your online collection.



This concludes the guide on how to transfer your collection from DVD Profiler to My Movies. Should you run into any issues, please see our support forums.