Mede8er Meta-Data Storage on Mac


The My Movies for Mac OS X software can store and maintain meta-data for Mede8er media players, and the jukebox functionality included with the Mede8er.

The Mede8er jukebox functionality allows you to browse your titles by cover art, displaying a small data summary on screen when browsing, and display of a presentation photo containing meta-data details for the title  when opening the details for a title.

This gives you the option to combine your Mede8er media player with the movie import and maintenance functionalities of the My Movies for Mac OS X software.


The below configuration guide requires that you already have imported or added your movie collection to the My Movies for Mac OS X application.

  • In the menu, select "My Movies Pro" or "My Movies Free" depending on which version you use, and click "Preferences", and then select the "Metadata" button. Click the checkbox to enable storage for Mede8er. Unless you are a power user, leave the template option at its default value "My Movies Default".


  • Check the "Storage path access" area, which lists all of the locations in your database that you have titles pointed to. If any of the paths is red or yellow, My Movies for Mac OS X does not have access to store meta-data in the path in question. Press "Get access" on any red or yellow marked path to give My Movies for Mac OS X access to store meta-data in the storage area, and then select the folder in "Finder" and press "Open", which will turn the light green.

  • In the bottom of the "Storage path access" area, click the "Update all" button and let the software go through all of your titles to store or update the meta-data for the Mede8er.

  • On your Mede8er, open the "Setup" section from the main screen, and navigate to the "Misc" area. Browse down and configure the "JukeBox View" setting to "On". This screen is displayed on the image below:


  • In the "Media Library" section on your Mede8er, browse to the network share where your titles are stored. Having located your share, or a sub folder in a share, we recommend you use the "Menu" button on the Mede8er remote control, and select "Add to Favorites", as you can then later on have easier access to your share from the "Favorites" section on the home screen of the Mede8er.

The meta-data for the Mede8er will now be stored or updated each time you add or edit a title using the My Movies for Mac OS X application. You will when browsing your folder, see the cover art and details as per the image below:


In the root of your share, a "Mede8er.db" file is stored, which My Movies directly adds or updates, meaning that you do not have to use the "Scan" function available on the Mede8er to go through your folder and read the stored files. Notice that one "Mede8er.db" file is stored per each root share, meaning that if you have multiple NAS or storage devices, you will have multiple jukeboxes.

When opening a title from the folder browser, you will see the a movie details page such as the image below. The movie details page stored by My Movies can be customized, and other templates can be applied for a different look. Please see the "User Customization" section in our forum.


The Mede8er devices does not currently support launching playback from remote devices, which is a functionality we know Mede8er is working on adding to the player. Once this have been added, it is planned to add both remote control functionalities, and the ability to launch movies on the Mede8er directly from the My Movies for iPhone, iPad and Android applications.