XBMC Meta-Data Storage on Mac


My Movies for Mac OS X gives you the option to store and maintain metadata about your titles to browse through your collection in another context. The My Movies for Mac OS X software can store and maintain meta-data so that you in XBMC can browse the collection you have created in My Movies. This guide will help you store meta-data for your titles and view them in XBMC.

To store meta-data for your titles it requires that you have already imported or added your movie collection to the My Movies for Mac OS X application. If you have not added your movies to your collection, you can point a title to a movie through the 'Disc/Tracks' tab in the 'Edit title' window or you can add folders through the 'Folder Import' function. Titles must be stored in individual folders to be able to store meta-data.

Store Meta-data

1. To store meta-data you must open My Movies for Mac OS X and open 'Preferences' from the top menu.


2. In the 'Preferences' window select the 'Metadata' tab. Here you can chose different types of meta-data, for this guide you must check the box next to 'Store meta-data for XBMC 12 (Frodo) or later.

3. In the 'Storage path access' area you will see a list of all the locations in your database that you have titles pointed to. My Movies for Mac OS X needs permission to store meta-data in these folders, but if the indicator next to the path is red or yellow, My Movies do not have access to store meta-data in this path. If this is the case click the 'Get Access' button on the right, which will open a 'Finder' window. Select the folder in which your titles are located and press 'Open'. Now the indicator turns green showing that My Movies have access to store meta-data.

3. When all indicators are green click the 'Update all' button in the bottom of the 'Storage path access' area. The software will go through all of your titles to store or update the meta-data.

4. Once the update is finished the meta-data is stored in the folders of your titles. The files added to the folders are: 'fanart.jpg', 'poster.jpg' and 'titlename.nfo'.

View data in XBMC

The meta-data is now available in XBMC. Through the movie library you can browse through your titles and start playback.

Media info view

In the 'Movie Information', which is accessed from the menu or by clicking 'I' on the keyboard, you can you see the details of the title, start playback or view a trailer if one is available and change the art work.

Movie information view

Mobile client as remote control

It is planned to add a XBMC remote control functionality to My Movies mobile clients, enabling you to control XBMC directly from your My Movies mobile client.