Using My Movies for iPhone, iPad or Android as Dune Remote


The My Movies application on your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone can be set up to act as a remote for the Dune media player. The advantage of doing so is mainly that you will be able to view your collection on your device as usual, and then start playing the film you choose directly from the application. A fully functional remote control will launch and you are good to go. Assuming your movie of choice is on your local storage, it will start loading immediately.

Throughout this guide there will be illustrations in the form of screenshots from My Movies Collection Management for Windows and My Movies on an Android 4-based smartphone. Functionality is the same on the iPad and iPhone, but the screens will look slightly different.

Note: If you have not set up a Dune meta-data index in My Movies Collection Management for Windows already, please do so. You can see our guide on how to do that here.

Initial setup

First you must set up the collection management program to allow for online storage of local harddrive and storage paths, and you must also allow for online storage of media player path configurations. In My Movies Collection Management choose "WebService" and then click "Configure Online and Mobile Collection". In this window you must activate the two options at the bottom, to allow the Dune player to acccess the data necessary to locate the movies you wish to watch. 


Set up your device

Open the My Movies application on your tablet computer or smartphone and enter the "Settings" section.

Find the "Remote Control" option and click it. In the next menu click "Disabled" to open a menu where you can choose between "My Movies for WMC" and "Dune Player".

screen2.jpg screen3.jpg
Remote Configuration Screen Select your player

Select the latter and you will be taken back to the "Remote Control" menu, where you will now have to enter some information that will let your device communicate with your Dune Player. Click "Configuration" and then "Add Player", and you will see a screen asking you to name the player and enter its IP Address.



To obtain the IP Address, go to your Dune Player and select "Setup" and then "Information". Here you will find the IP Address of the player, which you will then have to enter into your device to allow it to control the Dune Player. Type in the address and click "Add". It should now be able to find the player. Check the "Remote on Playback" box if you wish for the remote to open automatically when you choose a movie to watch.



Using the remote

When you have returned to your preferred collection display, select a title and use the play icon at the bottom left of the screen (Android smartphone) or select "Play on Dune" from the menu in the top right corner (Android tablet) to play the movie. Below the Android screenshots you will find two similar screenshots taken from the iPhone 4.

screen5.jpg screen6.jpg
Movie Details with playback option The Dune Player remote on Android 4
screen7.jpg screen8.jpg
Press the icon at the top right and select Play  The Dune Player remote on an iPhone 4
The remote itself contains all the necessary buttons needed to control the Dune Player, and you can exit the remote without stopping the movie, if you wish to look up some information in your movie collection during playback. You can always return to the remote using the tab at the top of the screen.

This concludes the guide on how to control your Dune Player using your smartphone or tablet computer. Please see our support forums if you experience further issues.