Video Tutorials - Collection Management for Windows

Contributing to online service

The below videos will guide you through how to contribute to the My Movies online service, with both basic functionalities and some of the more advanced options.


Creating and contributing new title (5 minutes and 49 seconds)

In this video, you are guided through creating a new basic title and contributing it to the online service, in case you are trying to add a title that does not yet exist in the online service

You will see how to create a new manually created profile, add data and a cover to it, and lastly, contribute it back to the online service to receive contribution points.

- Created in January 2009 on My Movies 2.52. 


AV3-4.pngAdding and improving existing title (11 minutes and 31 seconds)

This video shows how a basic existing title from the online service, with a lot of incomplete data is completed to be 100% complete, and shows how contribution points are received for it.

You will see in detail how each part of a title profile is added and contributed to the online service, which can be done each time you meet a profile that is not yet 100% complete.

- Created in January 2009 on My Movies 2.52.


AV5-V2.pngCreating and contributing box sets (5 minutes and 45 seconds)

This video will demonstrate how to create a box set containing multiple child titles, and how to contribute this box set to the online service.

You will see how to create the titles, and be instructed in the basic contribution rules around box sets.

- Created in September 2012 on My Movies 4.04. 



TV Series Episode Mapping (6 minutes and 43 seconds)

For TV Series on DVD to be displayed correctly in the tv series library, the episodes of the DVD must be mapped to the title and chapter structure of the disc. In this video, you will see how to map the episodes of the disc to the structure, by using the Collection Management program and Windows Media Player, allowing the DVD to be supported for the TV Series functionality.

- Created in May 2011 on My Movies 4.00.


Cover Cropping (3 minutes and 55 seconds)

To keep a consistent quality on cover art, it is important that covers are prepared correctly to ensure that borders and scanning edges are correctly removed. In this video, you will see how a DVD and a Blu-ray cover must be cropped to follow the guidelines.

- Created in May 2011 on My Movies 4.00.



AV5-V2.pngRequesting a title locked (2 minutes and 48 seconds)

If you have completed a title, you can request that a moderator locks the title to ensure that no one else changes the profile.

You will see how to use the "Report Incorrect Data" function to request a title lock, after you have completed the title to a state where all data is added, and no items are listed as improveable.

- Created in January 2009 on My Movies 2.52.