Collection Management - Icons in the title list

With the release of My Movies 5, and the introduction of movies in My Movies 5.10 the icons in the title list in Collection Management have been updated. The purpose of this page is to give an overview of these different icons, and to explain some of the more special ones.

Here are all the different icons shown in the list

Bluray Blu-ray Bluray DVD Bluray HD DVD
Bluray Blu-ray disconnected Bluray DVD disconnected Bluray HD DVD disconnected
Bluray Blu-ray disconnected warning Bluray DVD disconnected warning Bluray HD DVD disconnected warning
Bluray Blu-ray personal Bluray DVD personal Bluray HD DVD personal
Bluray Blu-ray personal warning Bluray DVD personal warning Bluray HD DVD personal warning
Bluray Blu-ray warning Bluray DVD warning Bluray HD DVD warning

Bluray TV series Bluray TV season Bluray TV episode
Bluray TV series disconnected Bluray TV season disconnected Bluray TV episode disconnected
Bluray TV series disconnected warning Bluray TV season disconnected warning Bluray TV episode disconnected warning 
Bluray TV series warning Bluray TV season not downloaded Bluray TV episode not downloaded
Bluray TV season warning Bluray TV episode warning

Bluray Movie Bluray Movie disconnected Bluray Movie Personal
Bluray Movie no file Bluray Movie disconnected no file Bluray Movie personal no file
Bluray Movie warning Bluray Movie disconnected warning Bluray Movie personal warning


Disconnected - This means that the element isn't linked to an element in our webservice. So it can't get updates, and it will not be shown in the collection on other devices. This is normally manually created elements that hasn't been contributed or uploaded as personal.

Personal - This is for your private titles and movies, such as wedding movies etc. The personal elements are stored in our online services, so that you can see them on different devices. Currently it is only possible to have personal disc titles. Personal movies are planned to be added later.

No file - This indicates that the element doesn't have a path set to a file/folder. So it won't be possible to start it on any of the players that My Movies can control.

Not downloaded - It is possible to have only a part of a TV series in your collection. The parts for which the data hasn't been downloaded and thereby added to your collection are marked as not downloaded.

Warning - These icons are used when the application needs to give a marking for elements that might need your attention.

Nodes and subnodes

Most of the icons can be seen representing elements directly in the title list. TV seasons and episodes being the only exception as they will always be under a TV series. Some of the icons might also be shown as subelements, when they somehow are represented by the element above them. This can happend in the following circumstances:


Box sets 
several disc titles can be represented in a single box set.


Disc title with movie
when a disc title got Media Type "Movie" it can have a subelement which represent the generic movie data for the movie on the disc.

discWithTV.jpg Disc title with TV series
when a disc title got Media Type "TV Series" and it is linked to specific episodes of a TV series, the TV series and the episodes will be represented below the disc title

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