The difference between "Disc Title" and "Movie"

The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between the terms “Disc Title” and “Movie” in the My Movies software suites


My Movies has in many years been a software suit with focus on the user’s collection of physical discs, and the physical movie media in general, specifically DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD. Some of the general movie data, shared between different physical discs, such as backdrops and movie theater posters, has been registered and used in the background, but in general the focus has been on the identifiable discs titles.

With the growth of streaming services, and pure digital versions of movies, it has for some time been a wish from several My Movies users to be able to have titles in their collections that isn’t represented as a disc title. To fulfill this wish, and to open up for some future possibilities in the software, a lot of work has been put into moving the general movie representation from the background into the front end of the software, where it can be seen both as a standalone entity, and as an entity that is connected to the disc titles in the users collection.


Disc Titles
These are physical discs, normally represented by the barcode on the cover, or the unique id on the physical disc. In My Movies this is a disc of one of the following formats:

- Blu-ray

The disc titles can differ in that the covers can be different graphically, they can have different language descriptions, and they will normally have different barcodes. The disc titles also differ in the country they are released from. Finally the actual content on the disc titles can differ in movie version, subtitles, spoken languages, extra material etc.

Used as an example is the movie Avatar, where the My Movies online service contains more than 500 different releases of Avatar on disc, due to multiple formats (DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D), multiple editions (Limited, Collectors, etc.) and existence in many different countries. The picture below show examples of different disc titles for the movie Avatar.

This is not a physical media, but instead the general movie, which can be seen in the cinema, through online services, on the DVD/Blu-ray etc.
Being the general movie, it doesn’t have release countries, or a barcode. It will have some general data such as original title, production year, running time, and genres. There can also be language specific data, such as description, trailer and posters. There might also be country specific data for a movie such as parental rating, and release date.
Additionally, general movie profiles does not include information such as audio track formats and subtitles, as this is not general information about the movie, but something that differs depending on the specific movie format in your collection, where disc based titles have these informations specified.
Where the disc titles have their covers, the movie instead got the posters for the movie, and the popular backdrops.

For the different Avatar disc titles shown above, while they differ, they all represent the same movie “Avatar”, and instead of the more than 500 different disc title profiles, the movie profile would only exist once.


Movies will be available first only in My Movies for Windows. This is only temporary, and it is the plan to implement it within short time, first on iOS and shortly after on Android and Mac.
It is our hope that the users on Windows will be helpful by contributing data for the movies through Collection Management. Read more about movie data contribution here.


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