Why is My Movies 3 not available on the Amazon App Store?

With the release of My Movies 3, we have decided not to release the application on the Amazon App Store.

Over the past period, we have seen device manufacturers porting Android, and creating their own store, Amazon did this several years ago with the Amazon Marketplace, and lately Huawei is doing the same because of a trade conflict between United States and China, and other manufacturers have attempted to do the same before also.

Maintaining releases on multiple stores, including app updates, graphics, descriptions and similar, besides keeping up to date with app reviews and similar takes a significantly efford from our side - combined with the fact that when receiving and payments from Apple and Google, we receive one payment monthly to process in accounting, where Amazon handles payments and VAT individually for each country their store is available in, meaning the time we spend on maintaining both the application and accounting in relation is too high compared with the income it provides.

The combination of these things have lead us to decide that My Movies 3 will be released only on the Google Play Store - we are aware that this means that users with Amazon Kindle devices are unable to upgrade to My Movies 3 on these devices, for which we are sorry.

Notice! Users of My Movies 2 who purchased the app in the Amazon App Store will be able to upgrade at a discount on the Google Play Store - but the application is not available on devices where the Google Play Store is not available, such as the Kindle devices.