Product Pricing


My Movies for Windows Media Center, My Movies Collection Management for Windows and My Movies for Windows Home Server does not have standard product pricing as you might be used to from other products. Instead, product pricing is based on a point structure, where you as a user can choose between two purchase scenarios, or a combination of both - one being a direct purchase of points, and the other option is to contribute data to our service and receive points for doing so. This pricing structure is a little more complicated than an ordinary pricing structure, and it is suggested that you read through this page before making a purchase - the pricing structure is created to benefit users who spend time contributing to our community, and that way can receive all of our Windows products for free as an alternative to purchasing.

My Movies for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac OS X exists in the different app stores as a Free version limited to 50 titles, or as paid-for Pro versions without limitations. These applications are with the exception of My Movies for Mac OS X not affected by the point structure in any way. The exception is My Movies for Mac OS X, where the limit of 50 titles can be lifted using points, as a benefit to users who contribute to our service, but can also simply be purchased as a Pro version without any limitations.

Free functionalities

The basic functionalities in our Windows products are free to use, and only requires a user account - this means that you can enjoy many functionalities without purchasing anything. If you would like to use one or more of the extended functions, you must use the feature table to identify the amount of points need for the features you request - notice that the mentioned points are not commulative, meaning that three features that requires 1,250 points only requires 1,250 points and not 3,750 (3*1,250 points).


The benefit of purchasing points, or contributing data to receive points is that the points not only covers functions in one of our products, but for all of the products in our Windows product suite. This means that if you aqquire 1,250 points for features in My Movies for Windows Media Center, these points will cover all features in My Movies for Windows Home Server that requires 1,250 points also.

Points are attached to your user account, which again can be used on multiple machines within the same household. This means that if you have one Windows Home Server, and five Media Center PC's, you only purchase points once, and use the same user account on all of your machines. This means that purchased points can be seen as what is normally referred to as family licenses.

One time purchase

There will at no time be any functionality in any of our products that requires more than 2,500 points - each 25 points can be purchased for $1. This means that if you make a one time purchase of 2,500 points ($100), you are sure to have all functionalities of all of our Windows products available on all the machines you have in your household, given that you use the same user account on all of them. You will with 2,500 points also be able to use My Movies for Mac OS X Free without any limitations. Making a one time purchase is as simple as creating a user account, either though the programs, or by signing up on our forums, then use the point purchase page to purchase the amount of points you require.

Furthermore, while we only guarantee the functionalities on all current major versions of the product, the purchased points are expected to cover all future updates of the products - users who purchased points several years ago still have full functionality available today, where with ordinary product pricing structures it is expected to purchase updates each time a new product version is released.

Feature Table

If you do not wish to make a one time purchase of full functionalities (2,500 points, $100), you must use the feature table page to read through the features in the program that requires points - again, it is important that you notice that any amount of points cover all functionalties that requires up to that same amount of points, meaning that if you have 1,250 points, you can use all functionalities that requires 1,250 points or less.

Production Evaluation

If you want to evaluate one or more features, you can at any time create a 21-day trial of 2,500 points - given that 2,500 points is the maximum amount of required points for any feature, this means that using the trial will have the full product functionality available within the trial period.

Contributing Data

If you would like to contribute data to our service, and receive the points without paying, it is recommended that you refer to our documentation section to watch the videos on how to contribute, and to read the contribution guide. The contribution guide is a set of guidelines that data is required to follow to be allowed entered into the service, and it is important that you do not contribute data until you have carefully read this guide.