My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution

Home and Essentials Server Solution

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution - Media Servers Made Easy 

My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution is the ultimate software suite for Media Servers, available for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Server 2012 Essentials, making a Media Server the automated and easy operate able cornerstone in entertainment hungry households.

Fully automated copying of Movie and TV Series Discs* and Music CD's

Traditionally, copying movie and TV Series discs, or audio CD's is a manual process, often done only by the most technical person available in a household, not only making it a time-hog for this person, but also queuing up newly purchased discs until this person have time available.

Using the My Movies Home and Essentials software, copying of discs becomes a fully automated task, where a disc is inserted into the device, and then popped out again once copied*, making it simple and easy available for everyone in the household. The waiting time to watch purchased movies or listen to purchased music is now down to the disc copying time, making the copied discs automatically available on all devices throughout the house.

Movie Meta-Data Retrieval

Copied movie or TV Series discs are automatically identified and stored with high-quality meta-data from the My Movies online service, which contains more than 750,000 titles and more than 275,000 unique discs. Our disc title based data service is expected to be the by a large margin best available in both coverage and data quality.

Unidentified discs can either be reported unidentified to our staff, or be contributed to our data service using our Collection Management software. Data will automatically be added for unidentified discs, if the disc later becomes known in our service.

Music Meta-Data Retrieval

Copied audio CD's are automatically identified and copied tracks is embedded with meta-data and cover art from a combination of high-quality data providers, including GD3, FreeDB, MusicBrainz, and covers from our own service. Advanced matching functionalities merges the data from multiple providers, ensuring a high quality of data embedded into the copied tracks.

Monitor Folders for Added Movies or TV Series

The automated folder monitoring functionality can overview storage folders for copied in movies or TV Series file or folder structures, and automatically identify the titles to supply them with meta-data, and make the titles available to connected clients.

Different Hardware Options with NAS Device Support

The software can operate either with internal storage on the server itself, or it can work with external NAS devices, allowing it to function on either a small disc loading device for use with a NAS device such as QNAP, Synology or similar, or it can feature on a full storage server with different amounts of internal storage.

Video Conversion for Mobile Devices, DNLA, Apple TV and More

Once movie or TV Series discs have been copied to the server, the included video converter functionality can convert the full disc formats to formats compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or Windows Tablets, to Apple TV compatible formats or to universal formats compatible with multiple devices including DNLA servers.

Discs can be converted to one or two separate formats for different usage through the many included conversion profiles. Configuration options are available for preferences for audio track and subtitle languages. Once the video conversion is finalized, the original copied disc can be removed or kept for full quality playback.

Batch Copying with Nimbie Disc Changer Support*

The most important barrier when starting to use a Media Server is your existing collection of titles. Using the My Movies Home and Essentials software, you can connect a Nimbie USB based disc changer for either CD and Dvd's, or a Blu-ray model for CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs, and copy discs in batches of one hundred*. Once the collection is imported, you can go back to using a single disc drive(s) for additions.

Unidentified discs can either be copied and reported unidentified to our staff, or be ejected to the rejection bin of the Nimbie, and be processed manually. Data will automatically be added for unidentified discs, if the disc later becomes known in our service.

Storage of Advanced Meta-Data for Media Players and Media Centers

Besides functioning as a back-end data for My Movies for Windows Media Center solutions, the software can store high-quality movie meta-data for many different media players and media center software's, including HDI Dune, Popcorn Hour, Mede8er, Netgear EVA, TViX, Windows Media Center, XBMC, JRiver Media Center, SageTV or Media Browser.

Generic folder images and backdrops/fan-art images can also be stored in the movie folders. Data can also be embedded into MP4/M4V files used with Apple TV, DNLA devices or other compatible devices.

Mobile Application Integration

Using the My Movies for iPhone, iPad or Android applications, you can browse your movie collection to avoid buying duplicates.

By connecting the device to the Media Server either in-house or out of the house, you can view the progress and history of copied discs and via the video converter included in the server software, you can download converted movies for direct playback on your device. Converter profiles for different device models or universal profiles are supplied with the software.

Open Data API

The software includes an open XML based data API, allowing for integration with third party control systems, or can for advanced users be used as back-end for own created entertainment solutions or control systems. Control4 integration based on the API is available from a partnership with Extra Vegetables, and integration to systems such as RTI and Crestron is available through partners.

Online Movie Collection

Included with the software is the My Movies online collection. The online collection gives you a website showing your movie collection, allowing you to share it with family and friends, letting them see which movies you have in your collection, or you can use it to check yourself if you are not by your own computer or have your mobile device in hands. 

The Online Collection can be configured to be open for anyone to view, or you can password protect it, allowing only people that you share the password with to access the page. Copied discs or movies or TV Series picked up by the monitoring functions is automatically added to the online collection.

Professional Installation
If you would like what the My Movies product suite offers in an integrated solution, we recommend purchasing a pre-built product from one of our professional integrators. The integrators offer My Movies as a default integration in their products, or as an add-on option when purchasing. Typically, the integrator offer a full product package revolving around home theaters. Visit our integrator site to see an updated list of integrators and contact information of these.

* Due to legality in several countries, My Movies do not backup copy protected DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles. Users in countries that allow circumventing CSS and AACS copy protections when backing up their movies can install SlySoft AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD to remove these copy protections.