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My Movies for Android

My Movies 3 for Android - A significant upgrade to My Movies 2

My Movies 3 is significantly improved new version of the My Movies 2 application for your Android phones and tablets. My Movies 2 have received free updates for four years, and My Movies 3 is an upgrade that must be purchased - click here to read details on why My Movies 3 is not available as a free upgrade.

This page is created to give our existing users an introduction to the new features in My Movies 3. Upgrading is optional, and the existing applications will continue to be supported - there just will not be any further updates, which also means that we cannot guarantee operation on new devices or Android versions. Users of My Movies 2 can purchase My Movies 3 in the Play Store, and log in using the same user account that they used in the previous applications, and their entire collection will seemlessly synchronize to the updated application.

By installing the free version of My Movies 3, users of My Movies 2 will be given a 21-day grace period where the application can be evalualted with the entire collection - after the 21-days, the application will fall back to a limit of 50 titles. We are certain that users will love the new My Movies 3 application, but we hope you will try for yourself using the limited free My Movies 3 application. The details of some of the most significant updates are available below.

Wall view customisation

One thing we have learned over the years of providing collection management applications is that you can never make everyone happy - design, look and feel of an application always comes down to individual preferences. With My Movies 3 we have combined a very comprehensive set of customisation options for you to have the main wall view to appear just as you prefer it.

Users who would like many small covers on the screen can now configure the view to display such small covers, all the way down to where they can mostly be described as small icons, and users who likes scrolling big high resolution covers can now configure the view to show just a few covers on each row. Additionally, you can configure how much space you would like between the covers - should they be easily separated and distinquished with a good amount of spacing, or should they be grouped tightly together without any space between them? It is up to you.

You can also choose if you would like to hide the text titles displayed below the covers, and only display the covers themselves - for some users the titles are very important, and for others the cover is all they need, and the title just obstructs things.

We have also adjusted how special format covers are handled, so that they are no longer stretched to fit in a poster size box, and, for Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD titles, you can now choose if you always want the added HD graphics displayed for these formats, even if the cover size does not meet a standard case size, in which case the application by default does not display the case graphics, to avoid stretching - if you prefer the graphics to always be there, despite the stretching, you now can have it so.

Prompt for personalisation customisation

In setting, you can choose your preference for "Prompt for personalisation" when adding new titles to your collection. By default, the application will prompt you only for which group you would like to place the added title into, such as "Owned" or "Wished", but by enabling "Prompt for personalisation", you could have the application prompt for additional data, such as purchase details.

However, by enabling "Prompt for personalisation" in My Movies 2, you will end up being prompted only for a sub-set of available personal data fields, and, often you would be prompted for several fields that you specifically are not using at all.

With the option to customise prompt for personalisation you can now specifically choose which fields you would like to be prompted for when adding new titles, and in which order they appear. This allows you to perhaps enter in purchase details, but not an estimated value, and perhaps a location and a category choice, customised for your specific usage.

Additionally, you can also configure pre-defined values for the fields, such as a typical purchase place, a different default group, or a category you typically would assign to new titles.

Details page customisation

There are much detailed data available on the profiles in the My Movies service, ranging all from specifics about cover types and digital copies on Disc Title releases, budget and revenue on movie profiles to airing date and time of TV Series, and much, much more - but sometimes, you are not really interested in all this specific data, and only would like to see a sub-set of the available data, and the importance of the different informations should also be reflected in the order you see the informations on the details page.

To let you customise specifically what you would like to see, and perhaps more importantly, what you do not want to see, we have added the option of customising the details page, allowing you to order the various sections of data, as well as ordering the fields in the sections, and hiding the fields you are not interested in.

You can also benefit from disabling the "Collapse personal details" in "Settings", "Interface customisation" which by default is enabled - combining this with hiding the personal data fields that you are not using, you can avoid having to choose between clicking "Show more" to show your personal data on the titles, and having a long list of fields where you typically only use a small sub-set.

Batch edit of personal data

In both My Movies 2 and 3, you can click and hold a title on the main collection view to highlight it, and from the upper right corner menu select "Loan To" or "Delete" to perform these options on multiple titles at a time, or, you can use "Select All" to select all titles, and mark all titles watched at once, which can be of benefit when initially having indexed an existing collection, where you most likely have already watched all the titles.

These batch options we have extended significantly in My Movies 3, allowing you to click and hold one or more titles to highlight them, and edit all personal data fields for the marked titles at once - this can be to add or remove multiple titles to or from a specific category, to input a location for the titles, to move the titles to another group or to put in notes.

With these extended batch edit options, several operations on your collection will be much quicker, instead of having to open and edit each title individually.

Online storage of filters

One of the most important things when upgrading from one application version to another, and when you get a new device is keeping your data. Created filters in My Movies 2 until version 2.31 was stored only locally on the individual device, which meant that you would have to re-create stored filters on your different devices, and you would have to re-create them in case you got a new device, or if you had to remove and re-install the application.

With the introduction of My Movies 2.31, the application will store your filters in the online service, allowing the filters to transfer from My Movies 2 to My Movies 3 when upgrading.

Additionally, filters created on one device running My Movies 3 will now transfer to other devices also running My Movies 3, when running under the same My Movies user account. Despite the changes applied to My Movies 2.31 to allow your stored filters to transfer when upgrading to My Movies 3, filters will not be transferred between different devices running My Movies 2.

PDF reports of specific titles and order

In My Movies 2, PDF reports were found on the "Settings" page of the application, and would always generate a full PDF report of everything in your collection, by a few pre-defined sorting options - this meant that titles in your "Wished" group would be reported along with your owned titles, and similar.

With My Movies 3, we have significantly improved the PDF report functionality, which is now found in the upper right corner menu on the main collection page in the application. The PDF reports will now be generated based specifically on what you are currently displaying in the application, and in the order the titles are displayed - this allows you to select a specific group, such as "Wished" and generate a report specifically for these, or, you can choose your "For Sale" group and generate a report of titles in this group.

Similar, you can use filters to create PDF reports of specific items of your collection, such as a report of only 4K Ultra HD titles, or only titles with a specific audio format - it is all up to you.

If you would like to print a PDF report of some custom selected titles, you can click and hold one or more titles to highlight them, and then choose the "Create PDF report" menu item to create a report specifically of these items. integration is a popular service for many users of media solutions such as Kodi, Plex, Infuse and others - it allows for users to have a single solution for tracking watches and ratings, and allows multiple media solutions to stay synchronised in terms of what you have watched and when, and on your personal ratings of titles.

Besides loading watch history and ratings from, titles that you mark watched or rate in My Movies will naturally also be marked watched or rated in the service, allowing the data to be visible on your other media solutions.

You can also use your existing solution to add movies or TV Series profiles to your collection in the My Movies service, either for new users to help transfer an existing library, or on-going to automatically load content added to your other media solutions to your account in the My Movies service.

The integration and configuration can be found on the "Settings" page of My Movies 3.

Additional minor functionality

Besides the individually highlighted features, many other improvements is available in My Movies 3, with some examples below:

- The amount of covers shown on the flow view (when device is rotated) can now be customised.

- Additional HDR information on 4K Ultra HD release.

- Additional Region Code information on DVD, Blu-ray.

- You can now choose to list persons by their last name, in addition to first name in the "Persons" section.

- The title counter is adjusted to display both currently displayed titles (as in My Movies 2) as well as a full collection count.

- Improved on-screen help informations in various places in the application.

Future support and updates

There will be a minimum of three years between paid-for upgrades of My Movies, and while still supported, the prior applications will not receive further updates once a new major release is released. Users of the prior applications can continue to use the applications as they do now, on their current device and OS versions, but while all services around the applications continue, it is not guaranteed that OS updates or new devices will not break functionality.

By using the latest version, you ensure that you can continue to use the application on upcoming OS versions and on new devices, and you support our continued development and service around the solution.