My Movies 2 for Mac OS X - What's new?

My Movies for Mac OS X

My Movies 2 for Mac OS X - A significant upgrade to My Movies 1

My Movies 2 for Mac OS X is significantly improved new version of the My Movies application for your Mac. My Movies 1 have received free updates for more than five years, and My Movies 2 is an upgrade that must be purchased if you wish to upgrade - click here to read details on why My Movies 2 is not available as a free upgrade.

This page is created to give our existing users an introduction to the new features in My Movies. Upgrading is optional, and the existing application will continue to be supported - it will just not receive further updates. Users of My Movies 1 for Mac OS X can purchase My Movies 2 in the Mac App Store, and log in using the same user account that they used in the previous applications, and their collection will seemlessly synchronize to the updated application. Notice! My Movies for Mac OS X allows the user to have offline titles or locally edited data - to transfer such data to My Movies 2, the upload personal data option in My Movies 1 must be used prior to upgrading.

By installing the free version of My Movies 2, users can evaluate the My Movies 2 application with 50 titles from their collection. We are certain that users will love the new My Movies 2 application, but we hope you will try for yourself using the limited free My Movies 2 application. The details of some of the most significant updates are available below.

Completely redesigned interface

The user interface have been completely redesigned, and now fully follows the more modern interface of Mac OS X - overall, the simplicity and modern feeling of the user interface is much improved. By using the cover size drag bar, you can now also customize the size of the covers and posters on screen.

Direct disc title personalization

Data edited on disc title* profiles, both global data and personal is now directly uploaded to the online service, and when creating personal titles, these are directly uploaded as personal titles to the online service. This ensures that any data you edit on disc title profiles on Mac OS X, the personalized data is directly available on other devices, including your iPhone, iPad or Android device. *This feature is available only for disc title profiles, and we expect to be able to add it for movie and TV Series profiles in the future as well.

Movie profiles for digtal copies and other formats

Where the prior applications were limited specifically to DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and legacy HD DVD titles, My Movies 2 introduced new generic movie profiles, to be used for all formats in your collection that are not of the previously mentioned disc title formats. You can use the new movie profiles to track digital copies purchased through online services, titles recorded from TV, or you can use the profiles to track any other formats you have in your collection, such as legacy VHS, LaserDisc or other format titles.

TV Series profiles for digital copies

With detailed data for TV Series, including episode listings and episode details, you can keep track of your TV Series in digital copies, titles recorded from TV or similar. Add the TV Series to your collection, either manually, or import a TV Series catalog from storage, and select which episodes you have in your collection from the various seasons, and click to mark which episodes you have watched. To ensure you can easily start tracking TV Series where you have already watched many episodes, you can mark the latest episode you have watched as watched, and the application will ask if you would like to also mark all prior episodes as watched.

Extended data on DVD and Blu-ray TV Series discs

Your disc titles on DVD and Blu-ray containing TV Series will now allow you to browse details of the TV Series, and browse details of the individual episodes contained on the disc title, and mark them watched individually. The extended data may not be available on all DVD and Blu-ray titles containing TV Series in your collection.

New usage scenarios

By including new groups "Digital", "Interested" and "Seen" the application extends the scenarios where you can use the application - where you previously used the application to track your collection of disc based titles, you can now also track all your digital content purchases - but it does not end here - when watching trailers in movie theaters, you can add the movies you are interested in to the "Interested" group, and, you can track the movies you watched in movie theaters as well as movies you own.

If you are using streaming services such as Netflix and others, you can also use the application to keep track of movies and TV Series episodes you have watched.

Extended sorting options

The sorting options available when browsing your collection have been significantly impoved, with many new sorting options, also including sorting options where a title can be listed in more sections such as genre and director sort. The sorting options available have been more than doubled compared to the prior version.

Select different backdrops and posters

You can now select your favority backdrop for disc title profiles, or backdrop and poster for movie and tv series profiles. Your preferred choice is also stored in the online service, affecting also your Collection on your mobile application.

The prior My Movies for Mac OS X application have been freely upgraded for the past five years, and while still supported, the application will not receive further feature updates. Users of the prior application can continue to use the applications as they do now - all services around the applications continues.

We have several improvements and new features planned for My Movies 2, and all future development will be on this application.